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  • Blaster Rajessh

    I want spider man 2 stream. when I get started the game it is asking the strem

  • Blacksabeth

    If i download any game thought your provided torrent link only…them all are in rar format so i think there ll be a password can u please tell me is there a password or not…if there is tell me

  • Basim GX

    murdered soul is gooooone whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • bilal nawaz

    i am havig problem with blackops 2
    can any 1 help plzzzzz

  • Khalid Atia

    PLEASE ………………………………… LONGING FOR IT.

  • andre

    password descompact grid autosport??

  • Pll3

    admin pls help the repack for dark souls II is not working its stuck at 0.0% only time is elapsing

    • just leave it open for 1 to 2 hours

  • khan

    evil within direct link “item not available” plz refresh the link admin

  • Rishav Kumar

    will u upload wolfenstein the old blood ??

  • HK

    guys please add a search and a sorted game list in alphabetical order. this would make easy to find what we need. 🙂

  • pranish shrestha

    I get this error while installing fifa 14 which i downloaded from your site “an error has occured when unpacking! unarc.dll returned an error http://code:-1
    Error: archive data corrupter (decompression fails)
    os :- windows 8 64 bit
    game :- 32 bit

  • Suhar

    Do u hav any plan of making a forum site !! it will be good as people can contact u immediately by that and easily they get reply

  • Wong Jeehenn

    Please Fix WWE2K15 Direct Link !

  • hey wwe 2k15 stuck at 29% , please fix this
    mega link for new installer is also dead so please reupload it
    or else our time and downloaded files become useless

  • Мохамед Ахмед

    Please Fix GTA V Repack Direct And Project Cars And WWE 2k15 Direct Please

  • ahmed hamdy

    please fix direct link gta v please

  • ahmed hamdy

    fix direct link gta v please

  • Мохамед Ахмед

    Guys Whats Taking all that time to fix the Direct Links for (Project Cars , Mortal Combat X , WWE 2k15) Please Fix It As Soon As Possible i Need To Download All Of Them Before 1 July

  • vitor sousa

    please can you have The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Patch 1.04 ?

    • added with V 1.07 and 15 DLCs

  • Hâchêm Zîdî

    pls i have problem i install it and didn’t work just my prosseceur read it for a few mintes then it doesnt open can u help me ?

  • carlos alexandre

    GTA V direct link off, please fix it

  • Abdallah Fathy

    the witcher 3 link is dead pls re upload

  • danny kim

    hatred.exe pulls up steam and cannot play

  • Rex

    having problems with LA noire
    same issue
    LANlauncher – >install game -> setup.exe not found
    did all the instructions

    i have .net framework 4.0
    no idea how to activate net 2.0 and 3.0
    latest rockstar social and everything
    but nothing…

    did i miss something?
    help please

  • akim45

    No password to extract .rar file for The Witcher wild hunt

  • tom Prégardien

    Hello dz team i have a problem with the gta 4 installation it says failed to unrar please help me :c

  • Matt

    Hello Coliotte, just installed gta v, great job! i wanted to know if you know where i can install a savegame into the gta v? normally i is in the documents folder? Thanks