first Check Repacks tab before requesting.
if you didn’t find what You looking for post the game Name in a commont below
. but
Do not request repack for a game which is not release or not cracked yet







  • Lauri

    Dear sir

    Could you please make data5.bin and data6.bin files of Call of Duty Ghosts repack available? The problem that many of us encounter (ISDone.dll error) comes from one of those files, as I’ve monitored. Please. 1,6GB upload can’t be that bad for you 🙂

  • Emad Moner

    battefield 3 + all dlcs please

    • coliotte

      Uploaded .

  • Abdou Maiza

    Please,I want a working CS:GO because i couldn’t find any working CS:GO
    And if you included online i will be so happy
    Thank you !!

    • coliotte

      You will not gonna find any .

      Sorry but you gonna have to buy it from steam if you wanna play it .
      its very cheap btw

      • daf

        I have a launcher stopped working error.

  • Motasim Masood

    Please upload the GTA 5 Cracked version…..i will be so happy


    • coliotte

      thre is no PC version of GTA 5 yet
      May be next year :p

      • Motasim Masood

        Thanks for ur reply….
        but i already downloaded PC version…..that works only online mode……for offline mode needs crack but crack need Survey to download….

        • Lauri

          That’s because it’s fake.

          • Motasim Masood

            wow….nice thanks for ur concern……<3

  • Dillon Shepard

    Can you upload XCOM Enemy Within with the base game(Enemy Unknown) together? Please! I really want it! But if you have found XCOM Enemy Unknown COMPLETE Edition, it’s even better! Either one works! Thank you very much!




    Can you post skyrim repack with single direct download link?

  • Mohd Nor

    Can you upload Simcity 2013 ? Everything from piratebay seem to be broken.

  • legend 115

    can u convert n upload the ps3 game Infamous. i hope u all can do tht.. tanx

  • Spartan

    TitanFall for PC??

    • Lauri

      It’s MP only, how do you think you’re gonna play it?

  • Han Xin Xin

    Unable to savegame~ Pls Help T_T

  • icraftg


  • gredsi

    BIOSHOCK BURIAL AT SEA 2 (full with dlc burial) or only dlc to extract to your prev release bioshock repack DZ
    THX !!!!

  • asdsad

    Burial at Sea 2

  • Lovely

    Can Anyone is going to provide bin files for cod ghost so we can fix isdone

  • HyperTsuna

    payday 2 with latest update

  • Guest


  • jjmotox


  • Hero

    Hitman absolution with latest updates and dlc
    battlefield 4 with latest updates & dlcs combined with multiplayer

  • Lovely Sidhu

    can u guyz plz provide torrent of call of duty ghost with bin files so i can fix isdone error

    • yazeen

      Did you try installing isdone.dll file? 🙂

      • Lovely Sidhu

        isdone.dll is bullshit i tried everything now i need a torrent which contains .bin files COD Ghosts repack 17gb

  • yazeen

    I would like to see Battlefield 3’s ALL DLCs only pack compressed to 4GB, There are torrents but are sized 9 gb above with 0 seeds. please do it i will be very thankfull 🙂

    • Troy

      +1 for this.

    • ghost1295

      i really want this!

  • syed

    pls make darksiders 2 for pc it would be a pleasure

  • MR.COD

    PLease Upload Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Repack

  • Lovely Sidhu

    can u guyz plz provide torrent of call of duty ghost with bin files

  • DZucco

    Any chance of uploading “Child of Light”?

  • Helmi Muharram

    Child of Light?

  • dauoul

    would like to see titanfall :c)

  • ragil

    would like request ARMA 3 Multiplayer

  • kelvin

    Spider-Man Web of Shadows

  • kelvin

    Spider-Man 3

  • Concridon

    Castle Crashers pllleeeeaaaassse!!!

  • Ashwin

    Spiderman Scattered Dimension

    • djelloule

      it works only with a hight cart graphic

  • AndrianRB

    My friend…… hallo… please make a repack game “SimCity 2013 Newest version with in all dlc unlocked”……. thanks….. I’m waiting for it

  • sun

    dynasty warriors 8 xtreme legends complete edition

  • Bazzzzzzz

    can you do half life 2?? thats fun!!

  • McDicky

    Bioshock Original

  • highsky

    Can you do Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends Complete Edition please

  • VIrgina Aulia

    Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends Complete Edition please…

  • jay

    Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends Complete Edition please.

  • Ganja farmer

    Who doesn’t want a Repack of the Starcraft II series with the possibility to play skirmish/LAN/online, that would be MASSIVE

  • Alex

    why won’t you upload inFAMOUS Second son game is preety cool

  • Jorge Araújo

    Dreadout pls 🙂

  • Jason Ong Aik Min

    Fortnite pls :3

  • vyshnav

    Diablo 3 upload

  • Dave

    Strike Suit Zero and Team Fortress 2, please please, upload 🙂

  • Maheshomf

    Please repack Tesla effect game

  • raj

    gta 5

  • TeamDBZ

    Killer is Dead-CODEX Upload This Game 12.76 GiB

    • Jason Ong Aik Min

      thats huge file game that gonna take time to convert into pc console, wait end year or next year dude

  • Fakaras_98

    Can You Upload this game Firefighters 2014 ??

    Please 🙂

  • Concridon

    Day Z would be nice! 😛

  • SteezyPrime

    A Yugioh game for the pc would be great =)

  • jay


  • Бла Бла

    Killer is Dead

  • sniper


    • coliotte

      Mp only :p

  • aiden

    watch dogs………..are u working on it dzrepack?????????????

  • Wheatley

    upload Dark Horizon…..

  • ahmed

    could you upload stronghold 2 1.4.1 with no cd/dvd exe works with windows 7,8 and 8.1

  • konradodavinci

    Could you please upload Kill The Bad Guy?

  • Ashwin Dham

    Could you please upload batman arkham origins cold cold heart dlc

  • ChuckNorrisLover

    upload the state of decay lifeline dlc

  • Бла Бла

    sleeping dogs please

  • Vladutzu

    You can make textures? They do not understand anything. Please.

  • vanhelsing1616

    can you add bionic commando2009


    Titanfall would be cool m/

  • killer12

    Titanfall !

  • Steve

    Plant Vs Zombies Garden Warfare would be nice

  • Amr Yousef Fateem

    spellforce 2 faith in destiny

  • Mert Kerem Belen

    pls upload battlefield 3 install.bat

  • djelloule

    i am a big fan and i am aged 14 wolud you pls get team fortress 2

  • nikk0

    Can you kindly upload GTA IV + EFLC the one without mods please

    I really like the original one. I have never played it and I always wanted to play it

    thank you !

  • Footsack

    Can you kindly upload GOD 3 please? I have been looking for this game.

  • Footsack

    “God of War 3”

  • Youssef Osama

    assassins creed 3 plz (direct link)

  • Youssef Osama

    splinter cell blacklist (direct link)

  • Zed Legacy

    i want GTA 5 plzzz…

  • ganja farmer

    Starcraft 2 LAN?

  • Ahmad Mousa

    counter strike source v34
    just cause

  • toni

    please repack enemy front.

  • shezas

    fix the textures of wolfenstien otherwise close this website

  • Basim GX

    people can someone answer me why you removed murdered soul

  • Silan

    I want marvel ultimate alliance 2.Please with direct link,,

  • raihan

    Grid Autosport please…

  • xBesoz

    Left 4 Dead 2

  • DavidTeo

    football manager 2014 full version pls ..

  • hashim

    plant’s VS zombies garden warfare

  • Sandesh Karki

    crack for fifa 2014 please?

  • Peter Petrus Shinyama

    God of war for pc- if possible???

  • Steve


  • Sulaiman

    Sniper Elite 3 !

  • Ashok Raj

    Plant Vs Zombies Garden Warfare

  • Steve

    XBOX 360 Games, Please

  • Seecker

    Some Harry Potter PC games please… if possible! Please

  • Ali Baloch

    gta 4 original 2008 version please i want it badly i dont want repack

  • ivan11duke

    crack for plants vs zombies garden warfare!! please DZ !!

  • Dillon Shepard

    Divinity Original Sin, make it as ‘repack’ as possible! 😀

  • Chase Aveta

    I know this might be difficult but The Last of Us on pc…..if possible??

    • ZombieHimself

      Never ever possible

      • coliotte

        sorry its for PS3/4 only

  • Peace

    yuri revenge, is it possible?

  • ZombieHimself

    The Stanley Parable

  • Julius Silalahi

    fight night round 4 pc please

  • Alex

    Can you put “Dying Light” Demo for PC, please please please please please please please please DZ?

  • sunil

    sir ii needed split second racing game which can play in lan please

  • amdse

    lionheart kings crusade …can you upload this game plz

  • Gamezilla

    oddworld new n tasty

  • Uvazeni Zabac

    Halo 4 for pc plz

  • Dominic Njoroge

    Spec Ops: The Line

  • Shadow


  • Sir Amuleon

    If you can get to it, I must ask for Lost Planet 2.

  • kimarith

    Ultra Street Fighter IV repack

    • coliotte


      • kimarith


  • burhan

    dying light please and age of incarnates in torrentz

  • Galuh

    Warrior Orochi 3

  • xDeadcain

    factorio but its still in alpha

  • Sam

    Dying Light PC Please!!!!!!! 🙂

  • ragil

    Codename Panzers Cold War Pc

  • kimarith

    Sacred 3 + Dlc pack repack

  • SAI


  • ragil

    Diablo 3 please

  • camaro

    Please upload the repack version of Saints Row IV Game of the century edition. Please!

  • C Khai Ruddin

    Plant vs Zombie Garden Warfare…Please 🙁

  • dan

    hi, i would like to request dragon age 2, blades of time, and dead space 1 thanks =D

  • kimarith

    Metro 2033 Redux repack

  • ahmed

    GTa 5 Please Please 😀

    • Patrik

      already on

    • coliotte

      in 01/2015

  • cHRIS


  • cHRIS


  • ragil

    can u upload the sims 4

    • coliotte

      alerdy Done that

  • shivam

    please upload dirt 3 ….need it badly

  • Jack

    Dying Light Please!!! 🙂

  • Patrik

    The Sims 4

    • coliotte


  • Honey Singh

    nfs the run direct link pls

  • fifa guy

    plant vs zombies garden warfare pc version

  • Puma2265

    Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition

  • Alex

    Dying Light demo pls

    • coliotte

      we dont upload demos

  • Imedha

    Wolfenstein-The-New-Order-(2014) fully zipped version plz

    • coliotte

      alerdy uploaded

  • Norton Rivera

    CAN U UPLOAD FABLE 3? pls? tnx!

  • Norton Rivera


  • Norton Rivera

    PLS! PLS!

    • coliotte

      mp Only can not be cracked

      • Norton Rivera

        it’s that so? by the way thanks! 😉

  • Norton Rivera


  • SAF

    If possible then skyrim plz plz

    • coliotte


  • uzair

    max pyane 3

    • coliotte

      ok i will work on it

  • Tanjidur Rahman

    GTA 4 2014 Extreme Edition … <3

    • coliotte

      Wait for GTA V on 01/2015 😀

  • patric

    Planetary annihilation PLZ 😀

  • jack

    H.A.W.X.2 (2013) Repack KaOs 2.67GB

  • ren

    the last of us

    • coliotte

      it’s for PS3/4 Only

  • MyLord

    stronghold crusader 2

    • MyLord

      thanks very much

    • Socotoly

      yeah we want it so badly!

  • safayet

    can i get Commandos 2 : men of courage??

  • The gamer N’1

    plzz plzz plzz titanfall pc

    • coliotte

      its mp only game can not be cracked

      • The gamer N’1

        try to crack it

  • Darshan

    SIMS 4 deluxe edition Origin is asking for product key. what should i do ? Give me proper step to install and play it without any error plz.

    • coliotte

      go the sims 4 post and download the update + the crack

      • Darshan


  • Anthony Thompson

    vampire the masquerade bloodlines

  • Daniel

    Hi DZrepack team can you do a repack for Dawn of War Dark Crusade and Soulstorm please I have the cracked version last time and now it is corrupted . I really want to replay this game so please help me. TQ

  • Abdul Cholik

    Can you upload Blockscape beta, please?

  • Connor

    Hi, Can you please upload Fifa 15?

  • hajim

    please upload fifa 15 pc …ultimate team edition

  • buma

    Please make a complete repack of DYNASTY WARRIORS 8 Xtreme Legends Complete Edition with newly released DLCs and
    Updates.I have been searching a repack with all DLCs & Updates ,but I
    can’t find a single one in the web.Please Please Consider this
    admin.Another thing Please upload it on KiCKASSTORRENT .

  • Gen McCarthy Mitilev

    Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor

    Please 🙂

  • kimarith

    Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishments repack

  • Vipul

    Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishments repack

  • Rahul Shukla

    please repack
    Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishments

  • buma

    Hey Admin,

    Please can you upload two new “DLC SUIT” of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 game one is “End of the Earth” SUIT & Other is “Electro-Proof” SUIT.

    Thank you

  • Mohd Shah Fadhir

    Shadow of mordor pls ^^ heheh

  • palash sharad

    hi DZrepackteam, i m your biggest fan in the world….plz upload
    FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Edition gamer for PC….plz accept my request and upload the game for me…you are the best and no.1…thanx in advance

    • palash sharad

      plz plz plz plz plz make the repack of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Edition plz plz plz

  • darksider

    titanfall repack plsss

  • Thomas

    FIFA 15 pleasee

  • Esam

    The Testament of Sherlock Holmes
    Splinter Cell Double Agent

  • Aiden Pearce

    Dark Souls 2 The Crown Of The Ivory King DLC

  • yoyo

    cs:go every time i try to join to server i get me to home in the game what i do to play it online

  • juohan

    fifa 15 …please

  • Desperate

    Please upload Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition

  • juohan

    cmon main upload fifa 15 ,..PC game

  • Darshan


  • d26

    Assassin’s Creed 1 😀

  • Norton Rivera

    when the NBA2k15 will be out? HOPE YOU CAN UPLOADED.. thanks 😉

  • Norton Rivera

    aNd by the way the FINAL FANTASY 7 REMAKE… THANKS A LOT..

  • silverscorpio

    Alien Isolation please.

  • Mark Reyes

    can you release nba 2k15 repack? thanks!

  • Grognak

    NBA 2K15 please.

    • Rahul Narang

      yess…nba 2k15 repack single link 😀

  • kimarith

    Final Fantasy XIII repack ty

  • Norton Rivera

    NBA 2K15 is out HOPE u CAN UPLOAD sir… 1 LINK direct DOWnload!!! THANKS SIR!!!.. 🙂

  • silverscorpio

    Ryse Son of Rome Repack Please

  • Guest

    titanfall plzzzzzz really need

  • Romulus

    Pls repack total war shogun 2 gold edition there’s no working version out there at all.

  • The gamer N’1

    Do You have a keygen of titanfall for Pc of You get one send it to me plzzz

  • Alien Isolation pls

    Alien isolation pls

  • Guest

    Plants VS Zombies Garden Warfare please

  • silverscorpio

    Borderlands The Pre Sequel Please.

  • FIQ


  • LuMiA

    Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare pleasee !! I really want that game !!

  • Andrei Cojocaru

    Repack The Evil Within PLEASE!

  • raf184

    The evil within please repack it !!!

  • The gamer N’1

    me too Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare pleasee !! I really want that game !!

  • Rahul Narang

    NBA 2K15 Plzzzzzz plzzzz

  • Khalid Atia


    • coliotte

      uploaded 12GB lossless

      • Khalid Atia

        you’re the BEST <3

  • Shankar

    any info abt The Evil Within? Keep up the good work

    • coliotte


  • Wally

    The Evil Within plus a Direct Link please!

    • coliotte


  • FIQ

    FIFA 15 please! Im crying right now…

    • HydeFromT70s

      don’t stop…

  • Anwar

    deadpool with direct link please

  • Anwar

    wwe2k15 when it comes

  • Anwar

    minecraft with multiplayer please

  • sparks

    Alien: Isolation please for pc

  • sparks

    plus direct download link please

  • kools2014

    is there a starcraft II: The Heart of the swarm here?

  • sparks

    any update on Alien: Isolation

  • anwar


  • Kamal

    If you don’t mind. Could you please upload left 4 dead 2 the latest version. TQ. XD

  • Yehia

    Can you please upload update patches for Metro Redux last light that works on ur vr?

  • Remoid Zednanref

    Uhmm requesting for… can you please upload the DLCs for Dark Souls 2.. Crown of Sunken KIng, Iron KIng And Ivory KIng.. thanks


    deadpool please

  • FIQ

    Admin please…FIFA 15!

  • LG

    batman arkham knight please!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LG

    alien isolation

  • M Fandy Sanjaya

    hay admin.. 🙂
    can you release texture fix for wolfenstein?? thanks before

  • anwar


  • swap

    fifa 15 plz plz plz plz

  • Abhishek Thakur

    Hey Admin.. I love your site… It provides cool stuff in a single link. can you please upload following games:

    Dying Light
    the crew
    far cry 4
    assassin creed:unity
    tom clancy’s the division
    the witcher 3
    infamous:second son
    metal gear solid ground zero

  • FIQ

    come on man…I’ve been requested FIFA 15 so many many many time already!

  • buma

    Admin My Humble request is can you upload ” Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes ” I Really Wanted to play this game.
    Thank you !!!

  • shankar

    hey since a reloaded version of the sims 4 is out i am expecting a repack soon,,, and thanks for all the repack..

  • Josh John


    Please upload Spider man Shattered Dimensions pc cause the reloaded one is too large for me……. and thanks for other repacks. I’m playing the amazing Spider man 2, The Sims 4 and Watch Dogs and they work great


    hey Admin can we get spider man shattered dimensions or deadpool please enjoying the other games by the way like Naruto storm revolution, borderlands the pre sequel and others

  • ragil

    The Sims 4

  • Bante

    Legend Of Korra

  • swap

    FIFA 15 C’MON

  • Fekry Farok

    report fake
    Halo 2 &3

  • raden prayitno

    the legend of korra please :))

  • |RJ|

    alien: isolation

  • Brock Lesnar

    Can you upload old game like prototype 2 please? thanks

  • Med King

    alien: isolation

  • Christian Martino

    Can u pliz include the update #1 add nba 2k15… thanks anyway

  • al

    titanfall for pc

    • The gamer N’1

      this game is only multiplayer it cannot be cracked buy it it’s 39$ with tax it’s 42 or 43$

  • Sutiono

    Newest pack costumes Dinasty Warrior 8 Xtreem Legent complete Edition

  • Akhmal

    Can you add Prototype 1 ?



  • guiltygearz

    Civilization Beyond Earth pls its already out for days on torrent please do a repack on this thanks

  • Rafif Apta

    dirt 3 :’v

  • bug.ikki

    Legend of Korra.

  • fred

    call of duty advanced warfare

    • The gamer N’1

      it will be availiable in 14 or 15 novembre

  • Amirul Ashraf

    romance of the three kingdom 11

  • FIQ

    Fifa 15

  • Awsm

    Lords of the Fallen Please Thank you 🙂

  • Docttor Slem

    Plz sir Lords of the fallen ASAP

  • Ryhel Labrador Ignacio

    i want shadow of the beast tnx!!!

  • #Door Kickers please

    Door Kickers would be nice, because i didn’t find ANY crack for this game so please do it

  • funk

    Plant vs Zombie Garden Warfare Pc Version crack please

    • The gamer N’1

      colliote will say: haha this game is only multiplayer like titanfall just buy it it’s 29 $ or 30$

  • limey666

    IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad

  • The gamer N’1

    do you now ??? guys if this team cracked a mp game like titanfall or plantes vs zombie garden warfare they will be the best crackers in the world isn’t this is true guys !!!!!!!!!

  • limey666

    IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad….. plzzzz

  • Jerry

    Pes 2015 please

  • Rokib Hasan Sagar

    Do you have “Forza Motorsport 5” full version for PC?

    If you can, please upload & share.

    Thanks 🙂

  • DarK_illuSioN

    Project Cars – Build 831 *3DM*

  • chimpoola

    A split repack for CoD Ghosts with SP and MP with English Language Support.

  • chimpoola

    Battlefield 4 SP with all applicable dlc’s

  • djelloule

    pls put simcity and csgo operation breackout

  • djelloule

    alien isolation
    team fortress 2

    • FIQ

      TF2 free on steam mate

  • Sonicblack X

    serious sam 3

  • EC-X

    request FIFA 15

  • Valente

    advanced warfare link


    Request FIFA 15 PLEASEEEEE!!!!!

  • Christian Martino

    Football manager 2015 please!.. 🙂

  • Abby

    The Binding of Isaac Rebirth and Plants vs zombies garden warfare please… ;D

  • Talha

    Assassin creed unity please make the repack very lowest size 🙂

    • Tred

      i think it will nearly equal to 20 to 25 GB

  • Tred

    Please at least tell us the estimate size of Assassin’s Creed Unity After Repack

  • Shanu

    Pls Provide me
    Prototype 2

  • Zahira

    Can we have a Valkyria Chronicles Rep :3

  • Mac Poor


  • Crazily Prince

    When Evolve comes out please make that a priority xD

  • kimarith

    Valkyria Chronicles repack ty

  • sahil

    plzz fix advance warfare direct link

  • Inglorious Wally


  • angga nugraha

    sniper elite nazy zombie army plisssss

  • Darktuner

    Play can u upload the Game Evolve i waiting soo much time for it

  • justin

    dragon age inquisition come on we need it

  • johnny

    nba 2k14 please

  • sabo

    DA: Inquisition !

  • HQGroup

    dragon age inquisition please

  • yahia

    ya khawti kach dragon age halbouna

  • varen dreth

    Escape Dead island.

  • Rylie

    Shadows Heretic Kingdoms Book One Devourer of Souls Upload it please.

  • Ichigo

    PLZ!! Fifa Street 4

  • Oussama Chemkhi

    Can i get the crew? plzz

  • Hassan Dogar

    Will THE CREW crack be available?

  • JennyLucy BooBoo

    Can you Add Age of Empire 2 HD+Addons,Age of Empires 3+Addons and Age of mythology Extented edition Pretty Please 🙂


    Hey admin…, will company of heroes 2 ardennes assault be available in here ??

  • Pulkit Mehta

    Can I have FIFA 15 Crack

  • jack

    pls lego batman 3 beyond gotham repack for my son pls

  • Mark Willliams

    Plz upload left 4 dead 2

  • Mark Willliams

    Upload some lego games plz

  • AhmadOQ

    Battlefield 1942 PLZ !!

  • fareez

    Please, please upload some other new games like dragon age inquisition, tales from the borderlands, this war of mine, etc2..
    Thank you.

  • Mark Willliams

    Lego Batman 3 ?? Plz

  • Mark Willliams

    LEGO Batman 3 – Beyond Gotham Repack by [R.G. Mechanics]

  • Mark Willliams

    LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (2013) PC | RePack By R.G Меchanics

  • Mark Willliams

    LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4[PC]

  • Mark Willliams

    Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 (PC)

  • leo

    total war: rome 2 emperor edition [PC]

  • ĶậÐïrőu FT’Polic

    Titanfall :'(

  • cire

    Valkyrie chronicles PC

    • cire

      Valkyria* Chronicles PC

  • Vjele86

    Football Manager 2015 PC

  • Rajat


  • Vipul Vaidya

    fifa 14 crack … plss

  • sam

    assasins creed rouge once it rleases

  • Ted Guy

    Fireworks Simulator

  • Bert

    Dragon age Inquisition

  • Fred

    DZ, can you please upload Setup-3.bin of Assasssin;s Creed Unity to Mediafire, Mega? Only that data is corrupted.

  • awais

    Where is The crew

  • nick

    Start Craft 2 : heart of the swarm please.

  • Smart Bacha

    fifa 15 crack link please

  • fuelairbomb

    far cry 4 coop crack would be great vote if you think so 🙂


    Where is the crew dude…

  • as

    the crew please

  • samg27

    upload the crew plese

  • blakze

    setup3.bin for amazing spider man2

  • JK29

    Can you do a Repack for The Crew … I feel like the game is interesting Thx you beforehand :3

  • Gareeb Banda

    Any game for intel HD 3000 laptop integrated -_- ?

  • Abhinav

    I have got repack version of COD Advance Warfare. Please someone help with installing the game as i am a newbie.

  • Ahmed Reda

    battle feild 3 is online

  • Vincent

    How about Final Fantasy XIII-2? How come nobody has it listed as an upcoming crack anywhere?

  • Lucas Restle Lucen

    FIFA 15 repack plz

  • Raider

    Please reupload batman arkham origins….Please…I just got a new PC and wanted to try it….Please admin!!

  • marvelsoldier

    final fantasy 13-2 please!!! small repack

    • Zahira

      Yes, i so want the repack too

  • marvelsoldier

    Dragon age inquisition crack was released ,please repack that also!!! small repack

  • simz29

    fifa 15

  • Ahmad Alie Imran

    Sim city pls City of tomorrow . Updated Version. Please

  • dragon age inquisition please repack it plssss small repack i hope we all can download the dragon age inquisition before dec 25 plsssss upload it 😀

  • JennyLucy BooBoo

    Please Add Final Fantasy XIII-2 PC Repack

    • BLoody Vivre


  • Hassan Dogar


  • aiden pearce

    please upload the crew…!!!
    waiting for ot frm so long

  • iCore7

    Plsss Upload a Batman arkham origin city GOTY Edition Many Thanks in Advance

  • joe

    Please Upload NETHER

  • GreekGeorge

    ~*~*~Dragon Age Inquisition~*~*~
    (including Patch2+3DM crack)

  • Mark Willliams

    Dragon Age Inquisition PLEASE

  • Zahira

    I DEMAND you upload FF 13-2 pretty plz

  • Hassan Dogar

    Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes Pleeeeeaaase!
    Thank You! 🙂

  • Hassan Dogar

    Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes Pleeeeeaaase!
    Thank You! 🙂



  • Bambambam

    Please do Alien: Isolation

  • Zahira

    I’ll keep spamming till you upload Final Fantasy XIII-2

  • sam

    fifa 15

  • kido



  • kido


  • sam
  • EnzoEnzki

    Final Fantasy XIII-2 Please T^T

  • Zahira

    The people want Final Fantasy XIII-2, and by people i mean me

  • kido

    Final Fantasy XIII-2 please for our christmas!!!!!

  • iCore7

    Assassin Creed III (Updated to v1.6 & + All DLC)
    Batman Arkham City GOTY Edition
    Batman Arkham Knight
    Many Thanks

    • lg

      i Total agree with you

  • MuhammadAmirulZaki™

    hello! may you upload the Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Limited Edition with the DLC?

  • TheLord

    Can you upload a direct link with PS3 emulator for

    Gta V
    The Last Of Us


  • DS

    Dz..i want make a request for starcraft II….there are no starcraft in this found it..thanx

  • sam

    the crew please

  • aiden pearce

    man please please pleezzzz upload the crew

  • maurix


  • Mùhâmméd Sâmhêrâs

    the crew ? upload waiting for dz repack

  • Ymart

    alien swarm non-steam please. I love you from the bottom of my heart man. happy holidays. 🙂

  • aiden pearce

    give us the christmas present man……upload the crew…plzz..!!!
    merry christmas

  • Ma Fi Qalbi

    can u upload inFamous Second Son for pc….i hope u can upload it ….please …

  • Sanchit Sharma

    please upload plants vs zombies garden warfare . it’s around 6gb , please upload it with a suitable crack

  • help my

    lara croft and the tempel of Osiris please

  • Always RESPAWN

    its A oldie But can we get Halo Combat evolved for pc plez

  • lilbidS kanoS

    Could you please fix the Batman Arkham Origins link.. The link is not working. Thank you.

  • ashu

    Upload GTA 5 as soon as possible after the launch…

  • XileMC

    please upload ace combat:assault horizon :))

  • Amaljs255

    can i get gta v

  • Terenas

    Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD-SKIDROW torrent

  • Doni

    Please upload shogun 2 total !! and its expansion fall of samurai

  • Mohammad Ahmad Alboush

    one piece pirate warriors 2

  • helpmy

    assassin`s creed rogue

  • wan amir

    simcity please

    • wan amir


  • Swagger

    deadrising 3 all dlc

  • Her0

    Dying Light pleaseee!! It will come out this late January 🙂

  • amr

    Please repack assassins creed 3 on one link

  • wiktor

    simcity 2013 please… ive been looking nearly everywhere for it

  • saivy

    Can u make a repack for Assetto Corsa if possible,please

  • ggg

    fifa 15 plz

  • Ahamdoq

    Plants Vs zombies : Garden Warfare PC plz , And thanks

    • Laksamana Fadian Zuhad Ramadha

      Me too. Plant Vs Zombie Garden warfare please, admin. But if u can’t, it’s not problem. U’ve done a great service though. 😀

  • Zennithy

    Please make a repack for Starcraft I ( 1998 ) with or without Brood War (Expansion).

  • Laksamana Fadian Zuhad Ramadha

    Hi, admin
    Can i get Diablo 3 From this great web site. I’ve strugled by visiting so many sites to find this game. Hope u can serve it for me. Thanks in advance. 🙂



    • Keir Boyko

      you do realize the crew is an online only game? u do know a pirated version would not work online due to the updates that keep downloading. but hitman absoulute would work online.

  • Cooper

    Kenshi 0.71 pretty please

  • lilbidS kanoS

    Resident Evil hd Remaster

  • kimarith

    Resident Evil HD Remaster-CODEX repack

  • Evan TheStaker

    Dear DZ Team !
    resident evil 6 ..

  • Criminal

    Resident Evil HD Remaster

  • Hansel

    The Witcher 2 : Assasins of kings

  • spidey

    cod advance warfare installation issue

    • spidey

      isarc extract problem

  • Jack Lantern

    Please give torrent link of cod ghosts

  • Al Rasheed

    Please Portal 2 please 🙂

  • Akhmal Capcom

    hye.. request game one piece from xbox or ps3.. game name is “one piece: the pirate warrior..” thanks..

  • Rhaileigh Saman

    One piece Unlimited Cruise 2 WII [PAL] please. . . Direct link!!! Thankyou

  • Christian Martino

    fifa 15 is cracked by 3dm why not available here?

  • Codename47

    fifa 15 plz

  • gerger

    please re upload the dragon age inquisition ohhhh pretty please :(((

  • raj

    gta 5 pc

  • Muhammad Waqar

    Please upload crack of plans vs zombies garden warfare and the crew please……………..

  • arun

    batman arkham night

  • Boat

    please reupload the dragon age inquisition crack… thanks

  • Manjit Das

    Please Upload the game “Dragon Ball XenoVerse” which is going to get release at 27th February 2015 for PC… I would be thankful to you…. 🙂

    • Razer

      I’m excited with this game 🙂

      • Manjit Das

        Yeah! ME TOO!!!….

  • Gama Yaskara

    request game one piece pirates wariors 2 repack version !

  • Ronald Puzon


    NFS Most Wanted+Update and all DLCs.. Thx

  • Zahira

    Can you upload Evolve please?

  • hasi010

    i installed fifa14 n its nt!!

  • Stevirick


  • lilbidS kanoS

    Alien Isolation

  • Krazymonkey151

    State of Decay Lifeline

  • Passionate Blogger

    Please upload The Sims 3 All in One Edition which contains all expansion packs and all updates.
    Thanks in advance & keep up the good work!

  • Altairecreed

    Can you please add a repack of Final Fantasy XIII ty.

  • kaneki

    Please upload Tom clancy’s The division repack

    • Nikhil Nihal

      Are you nuts? The game is to be released later October in 2015.

  • Keir Boyko

    dont know if u have it, but can u do a repack of final fantasy xIII-2 Return of Lightning? i miss fighting as her, and she is heavenly gorgeously hot.

  • Dante7

    can you make repack of agarest 2

  • younes bahamed

    pes 2015 pc

  • wadsley420

    Anyone else wanting Oddworld’ New ‘N’ Tasty???
    Can’t find it anywhere

  • Grim13

    Forward to the sky

  • awek

    Counter Strike global Offensive last version patch + (sp+mp)

  • zhawa_65

    please upload :Titanfall Digital Deluxe Edition include all Expansion Pack.,
    Thanks in advance.,

  • King


  • kimarith

    Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode 1 repack

  • Razer

    Battlefield 4

  • Anony

    can you upload dbz xenoverse tnx

    • Razer

      Yes, yes yes please upload DZ TEAM!! Thanks 🙂

  • Jeff

    yo guys can you please upload cities : skylines?

  • Krush

    Please upload DIABLO 3

  • Krush

    and Deus Ex Human Revolution too .thnx

  • rize

    admin can you upload setup3.bin of dying light please

  • Jatin Narula

    Plz Dragonball Xenoverse make it’s repack

  • Pippon68

    Could you please upload FIFA 15 please.

  • Anonymous

    Admin.. I want to request ‘The Crew’
    Please I hope you accept my request. Thank You

  • F8nD

    i love your repacks…
    so could you please upload

  • jaap

    assassins creed rouge!

  • lokesh

    plz upload dragon ball xenoverse plz plz plz

  • Nasr Beshary

    i want regestar sniper 3

  • gregotracker

    dragon ball z xv

  • ameer hensem

    i want to request Dragon Ball: Xenoverse and Homeworld Remastered Collection
    please ….thnax for your effort

  • i have installed cod ghost downloaded from your link and now its showing content package not available while the game about to start.

  • Guest

    i have installed cod ghost downloaded from your link and now its showing content package not available wheneveri about to the game about to start.

  • i have installed cod ghost downloaded from your link and now its showing content package not available

  • Vishal

    The crew and portal 2

  • AoiDark

    Can make repack of tokyo school life please

  • d’DUy

    One Piece Pirates Warrior 2 or One Piece Pirates Warrior 3 Repack Please,,,,

  • potato

    cod black ops2 try again

  • Huzaifah

    La Noir

  • Ron

    Cmon guys…. i know you want Magicka !!!!!!!!!

  • Ricardo

    Magicka Yes !!!!!!!

  • JunJun

    i need to agree with this folks…..
    indeed Magicka must be repack…..

  • Arnab Kundu

    please upload Resident Evil Relevation 2 episodes 1,2 and 3..

  • Musad Amir

    please hear us….

  • Nery

    i want to request magicka for the sake of the world …

  • Ledric Samson



    please upload counter strike extreme v9


    God Hand..

  • Asheesh sharma

    please upload EA Cricket 2014

  • محمد عاطف

    resident evil revelations 2 please

  • Ashiha

    Would you please repack magicka cuz i want to play it and the rest of the world

  • Nafim

    FIFA 15

  • Harry

    Hi can you do a repack of DYNSATY WARRIORS 8 EMPIRE PLS PLS GOD BLESS!

  • Sander

    Simcity 5 Please I Wait Soon

  • Ruuga

    Could you upload Marvel Ultimate Alliance please?

    • Ruuga

      oh, nevermind I found one.

  • Vivek

    would u please upload “legue of legend”

  • dawd


  • Isyraf Imran

    Silent Hill 2 plz

  • Cmdr Jameson

    ELite Dangerous please please please 🙂

  • gamerz

    ghost recon future soldier. with all the dlc available. please.

  • L

    Life is strange, with ep 1 and 2

  • CMK

    Plz upload theif-master theif edition

  • Gelchork

    Please upload Battlefield Hardline crack!!!

  • Roma

    plz upload magicka

  • midas

    battlefield 4 high compress repack rip single player only cracked

    • guest


  • Neil

    L.A. Noire Pls 😀 by Team Bondi and Rockstar Games High Compress Repack RIP

  • bali

    mortal kombat X

  • ethanshuman

    Mortal Kombat X

  • Daniel Pc-boy

    please city car driving 1.4 maaaaaaany thanx

  • marvelsoldier

    smalll repack of Dark Souls 2 scholar of the first sin

  • Zombiee

    Red dead redemption

  • Sonkagu

    How about . Forza Horizon 2 . Or The Crew ?

  • adityas sinha
  • sahil

    what about db xenoverse

  • ZOmbie23

    Plant vs zombie garden warfare please

  • pishook

    f1 2013 repack “2013”

  • jaap

    mortal kombat x!!!!!

  • maestro97

    plants vs zombies garden warfare plzzz admin plzz

  • avns

    Infamous Second Son

  • AAfaq Khan

    Infamous the Second son and GTA V … Plzzzzzz

    • Infamous is exclusive to playstation

  • Zapata58

    Assassin’s Creed 2 Repack please 🙁

  • sach

    please upload THE CREW working version

  • Aneesh Paul

    Please upload GTA V direct link. My physical copy is at home, and torrents are blocked in our college.

  • AAfaq Khan

    Upload MaxPayne 3 Plz

  • Dewanshu Verma
  • vulthuryol

    please upload ELITE : DANGEROUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Apoc

    Hey guys with the direct downloads i have a 20mb connection and im only getting 1.7mb per second download from the direct links is there any way to speed up the connect on your side?

    cheers guys

  • kurows

    Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare Please

  • HunterSpectre

    Hey guys I have a request for Call of Duty advanced warfare .. now I downloaded the repack one and I know it doesn’t have multiplayer or exo survival since it’s loseless…but is there a way I can unlock them with ? like opening them and test other cracks and stuff or maybe even try and play with NPC “BOTS” ??
    if there please respond 🙂

  • Ezio Thapaliya

    Please DZ can u repack wwe 2k15 pc…..

  • Rohan Kulkarni

    Please Make WWE 2k15 pc

  • coolday

    WWE 2K15 repack

  • ff_guy

    WWE 2k15 + dlcs repack ?

  • AAfaq Khan

    We Need u to UplOAd WWE 2k15 For Pc …

  • Mohamed Ramadan

    hi where’s wwe 2k15 repack ? we need it from u

  • waleeed

    upload DMC 5 repack.

  • μονόλιθος μόνος

    re-upload all updates of “ac unity gold edition”
    i downloaded the game from this site
    i want all the updates
    but the link is gone
    please, i need them

  • asitha

    plz upload skyrim version 1.9 update

  • muhammed

    please Upload Battlefield hardline Crack


  • johnjohn

    pls upload football manager 2015

  • prem kumar

    please upload Don Bradman Cricket 2014 With full Online multi player working pls i am tired of searching other sites pls i beg you

  • Nas

    plz upload infamous second son

  • dsf

    Upload bioshock 1

  • Shailesh Kannan
  • Shailesh Kannan

    Hello i’ve downloaded WWE 2K15 and extracted the ISO file and setup.exe is deleted and i could not able to recover please send WWE 2K15 setup.exe file to my E-Mail: [email protected]
    I want to play the game PLZ

    Hello i’ve downloaded WWE 2K15 and extracted the ISO file and setup.exe is deleted and i could not able to recover please send WWE 2K15 setup.exe file to my E-Mail: [email protected]
    I want to play the game PLZ

    Hello i’ve downloaded WWE 2K15 and extracted the ISO file and setup.exe is deleted and i could not able to recover please send WWE 2K15 setup.exe file to my E-Mail: [email protected]
    I want to play the game PLZ

  • Shailesh Kannan
  • Shailesh Kannan

    Hello i’ve downloaded WWE 2K15 and extracted the ISO file and setup.exe is deleted and i could not able to recover please send WWE 2K15 setup.exe file to my E-Mail: [email protected]
    I want to play the game PLZ

    Hello i’ve downloaded WWE 2K15 and extracted the ISO file and setup.exe is deleted and i could not able to recover please send WWE 2K15 setup.exe file to my E-Mail: [email protected]
    I want to play the game PLZ

    Hello i’ve downloaded WWE 2K15 and extracted the ISO file and setup.exe is deleted and i could not able to recover please send WWE 2K15 setup.exe file to my E-Mail: [email protected]
    I want to play the game PLZ

  • F8nD

    Please reupload the direct link of WWE 2k15…
    I hav already dwnlded 10gb of the game and its saying that item not available…

  • skulptura

    When ready could you please upload
    —Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain—

    as a lossless REPACK if possible just without the online features it does come with which is MGO.
    It should be released September 1st, so about 3 and a half months away.
    Thanks bro, if you will can you put a countdown timer on the main page like you have with The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

  • skulptura

    MGS V The Phantom Pain

  • Wiktor

    guys what about ARK: Survival Evolved its coming out on jun 2015. looks like a lot of fun

  • Hello Sir…I m new here..i just want to ask that i m downloading far cry 4 single rar which is 13.7gb through idm. Sir r u sure that my file will not corrupt while downloading this such big file…Please Tell me as soon as u can.
    Thanks!! 🙂

  • Taufiq Faryadi

    can we please have tell tales game of thrones episode 4? 🙂 thanks

  • Prateek Thapliyal

    guys the link for Crack of the “Dragon Age Inquisition” is not working for three months. Could you please fix that.

  • gnosisfirst

    Please I just want a repack for this game: Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix.I’m new on the site.Thanks.

  • gnosisfirst

    I have a suggestion: why dont you introduce a search tab on the site so that we do find games easier?

  • sabedaz

    Please i would love to play Fantasy Grounds 2 with a full license.

    Thx u guys are great!

  • ghost

    why did you remove the search section from your website ?. . now its almost impossible to find any game that is not on the front page

    • i didn’t now thanks for leting me know i will put it back now

  • Yonathan Ash Tlau

    Is there any crack in battelfield hardline? Please can you help us?

  • FAIL BEtter

    hi guys i cant seem to find a working metal gear solid v from the dz team as i do not trust other torrent sites … it will waste my time downloading and the game would not work so i will happily wait for you guys to post another link ty .. great job guys <3 <3

  • ajey16

    please reupload battlefield 4 #really appreciate

  • Trapp

    any chance of seeing *rFactor 2*?

  • Rishav Kumar

    will u please upload batman arkham city GOTY edition setup

  • ilikedzrepack

    can u upload ‘one piece pirate warrior 2’ and ‘j-star victory vs’ and ‘remember me’…dz repack is the best site of gamers,thanks

  • prab7

    Plzz repack Batman Arkham knight as soon as possible..

  • papas giorgos

    dragonball z xenoverse

  • Hitch

    can you guys please upload battlefield 3 mp+sp on solidfiles server ?

  • Bryan O. Agustin

    titan fall full version please

  • Nurmanchester Nurmansyah Punya

    lego the hobbit pls

  • rasyid

    salam alekum,masyallah i want to play the hunter so bad,could you upload the hunter repack with crack offline,thanks so much brother,alhamdullilah…

  • danny

    dragonball xenoverse DLC 3

  • always


  • Romeo1

    Im waiting for the Mount and Blade: Bannerlord. Im really excited about it will be release soon. I hope you can get it crack early as soon as it release. It will be the best game i bet. I love M&B: Warband already.

  • ahmed

    can u upload a repack for blur

  • Joshua Jimenez

    Dangerous Elite plz

  • roughdominator

    mass effect series with all the DLCs plz! 😀

  • Neptune

    Please, can you add :

    1. Star Wars Knights of the old republic

    2. Star Wars Knights of tke old republic 2

    Pls only Steam Version, because only this version work on windows7 perfectly and newest patch included..

  • sweetlin

    please upload THE CREW repack

  • Romeo1

    Fallout 3..?

  • Romeo1

    Fallout 3 full please…

  • Dduii Mmiee

    mortal combat ?

  • Ahmed1997

    Hi … Can U ReUpload BattleField 3 + All DLC & Multiplayer

  • Noke92

    Can you upload King arthur role playing wargame

  • Kirk Lai

    ultra street fighter v pls

  • Kirk Lai

    and need for speed the newest

  • Kristijan

    Can you upload Life is Strange episode 4 pleasee?

  • Bachir Ice

    man pls uplode bataman crrack is out

  • kalc


  • Kelvin Yap

    can u provide me assassin creed unity the crack file? as when i update the patch, it replaced it.

  • shady

    Dirt 3 PLz 🙂

  • Aryan

    I would like to have two newly released games namely
    I will be glad to have the perfect bug free repacked gamea with crack.

  • Arbijter scheele


  • Abdullah Azzam X-friends

    I would like to download and play Final Fantasy XV
    Thus game is awesome has a perfect graphics and stylish stunning game it’s like Devil May Cry

  • Andrew Solomons

    Hi there can you guys get TITANFALL for PC please thanks.

  • Abdullah Azzam X-friends

    i want u to repack final fantasy xv
    this game is awesome stylish
    please !!!

  • KonniSekai

    Fairy Fencer F plz
    codex’s crack’s out today

  • MaYers Dz

    search engine …. im looking for serious sam 3

  • maestro97

    hi guys plants vs zombies garden warfare please!!

  • GodArc

    plz update the patch 1.08 of witcher 3 asap cant wait for the update

  • blank

    bonecraft please!!

  • witcher 1.08

    witcher 3 1.08 plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Ivo Juan

    god of war 3 please

  • Dan 1960

    Batman Arkham Asylum 64 bit Does anyone know where I can download a good copy of the game

  • ashish

    Please upload batman arkham city

  • donz

    in battlefield hardline ..there is a bug in ep 8 when nick and boomer are thrown into a jail,the guy just enter through the door inside without opening and start shooting nick and diet eventually,can move farther from there,….any fix please help….

  • toinks

    final fantasy type0 hd please.. tnx 😉

  • Raman Bawa

    tom clancy’s future soldier

  • Aashutosh Joshi

    I downloaded your WWE 2k15 repack it works fine but when I copied the multiplaye steam Crack and launch the the game it says This

    • Zahira

      Have you disabled your anti-virus?

  • Ronald Zhupa

    can anyone help me? I have a intel hd graphic processor 4600 and the game wwe 2k15 doesn’t work well. when i click it says: insuficent video memory which is insane because it is core i 7

  • Dhvanit

    Please repack zombi game

  • Jan Michael

    please make final fantasy type-o repack pls soo plsss .. thank you very much! ^_^

  • Suvrajit Poddar

    battlefield 3 repack plz

  • Anirudh Pathak

    please add fifa 2015

  • addyuga

    zombi please..

    • ali


  • Game Freak

    Trine 3 Please….. 🙂

  • Dubem Chukwurah

    pls can u reupload final fantasy xiii 2 (with english voice)

  • Dubem Chukwurah

    pls repack finalfantasy type 0


    Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Game of the year edition thank you.

  • F8nD

    I Love Your repacks and want to complete this game without any bugs…
    So, Could you please upload BATMAN ARKHAM CITY GAME OF THE YEAR EDITION…

  • Mohamed Ayman

    GTA V new direct links plz

  • yashrao

    batman arkham knight is giving me sum problems…its like giving me a notification like steam is offline now and to play the game i have to get back online…please help[!!!!

  • RC

    dynasty warriors 8 empires cant find a good copy.

  • Zahira

    Why request a repack, if you can’t handle our requests? We asked for a FF type-0 repack. Yet, nothing

  • Amrit Lamichhane

    tmnt 2007 please for win 8.1

  • BrianNye

    Can I ask for the Dark Souls prepare to die edition

  • Age of empires 2 HD

  • DGamer

    Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Repack

  • pertamax

    Metal Gear Selit V : Teh Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Repack Online Working PLS THANKS

  • Shiva Prasad

    i had already downloaded the battlefield 5 hard line ,3 months ago( not cracked version) when it was released and was instructed to wait untill crack comes…now they have released a cracked version of 26 gb. so i have already 25 gb of game(not cracked version). so can i get the crack only for the previously released uncracked version of bf 5?

  • Shiva Prasad

    i have the battlefield hardline game…i just need the crack to play it…please upload only crack

  • Ibrahim Gamal

    Hello my dear DZ Repack Team how are you can i please request that you repack the game act of aggression please?. thanks you .

  • Wiktor

    can i require “miscreatecan”

  • Adrian Luca

    when do you put mad max here?

    • Gory Bloodfest

      when its cracked. the pc game has denuvo drm which will take some time to crack.

  • Gory Bloodfest

    Call of duty complete collection –

  • ashish

    Please upload batman arkham city

  • PhantomChris

    Crack the latest Patch for batman arkham knight. Game is full of bugs otherwise.

  • Misiek1337

    Please upload Ghotic 3

  • Wiktor

    any chance i can ask for


  • Gen

    Hope to have Final Fantasy type 0 repack.

    thanks DZREPACK

  • Ajaz

    Modern Warefare 3

  • Kelvin Soriano

    Server is not online ?

  • GhosT98

    Mad Max please

  • ZVR27

    Call of Duty MW3 please

  • Anto1368

    One Piece Pirate Warrior 3

  • avcr

    i need fix textures for wolfenstein the new order repacke

  • Shalesh Gangwar

    I want a torrent of mad max please….

  • Sobrinhodg

    Mad Max Please!

  • Ashmit

    Mad max is cracked !!!!!waiting for Dz Repack to Repack the game ….do it fast can’t wait get my hands on it

  • Ñåvéèđ Khan

    crack file for fifa 14

  • rahul

    Pleasr upload cod black ops 2 zm + mp because i have cod black ops 2 which doesn’t contain zm and mp mode

  • Izzue Deen

    Mad Max Game (2015)
    Repack : Lossless


  • أبو العز حمودة

    Please , Make Repack of Mad Max ??

  • Hassan Sohail

    I want to play mad max please upload it!

  • dushyanth kumar

    please upload Mad Max repack with v3 crack

  • Adly Basri

    Please upload For Honor….

  • Adly Basri

    Tom clancy the division please…..

  • Vinicius Loreto

    I downloaded the metal gear and the phantom pain when I play the prologue at the end of the mission the game crashes what I do

  • Srikant Naik

    Tom Clancy The Division plzzz do fast we all r waitng…………..

  • Kay

    Madden Please

  • yesgameess


  • apple

    devil may cry definitive edition plss

  • Ramy Ibrahim

    dears team i need GTA IV in Style GTA V

  • Elieser Portuondo

    where can i get the soundtracks forom the installers.

  • Gohan Watson

    FIFA 16 please

  • Dedy Rosaldy

    when will the mad max come to this site?

  • Ammar Imran

    can get repack f0r starcraft 2?

  • Krishna Bhujel

    cant open campaign on arma 3

  • Elieser Portuondo

    Can you get FIFA 16 + crack or just the crack

  • Menath

    Can I get call of duty black ops 2 repack

  • Sabtain Khan Niazi

    can i get tom clancy the division?????????

  • Nazuar Fahmy

    one piece pirate warrior 3 pls. thank you in advance

  • Gohan Watson

    fifa 16 please please please………….

  • Pot POt


  • Uday Rangveer

    mad max plzzzzz..
    thank you

  • David

    Witcher 3 1.08v patch please

  • sis

    nba 2k16 please

  • Fable 3 please

  • Abdul Hakim

    dirt rally please. thanks

  • DGamer0011

    NBA2K16 please

  • Diptaman

    after 90% of the download is completed, idm is asking for password and login id for dz repack…. plzzz help

  • Deniz Çalık

    wolfeinstein texture missing plzzzz

  • Al Deen Munar

    FIFA16 please DZRepack 😀

  • infamous

    nba 2k16 repack please

  • ansh

    metal gear rising revengeance

  • June Enerlan

    nba 2k16 repack pls

    • can’t be repacked
      game files most be extracted first wich make the installation take up to 5 hours :p . sorry no can do

  • Ahmad El-SaYaad

    Please re-upload Batman : Arkham Knight torrent, I really need it .
    thank you.

  • Aman Khan

    Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 with Expansions. Please!

  • Sweetlin P

    please upload fifa 16

    • i will upload it after a Proper crack is realesed

      • Sweetlin P

        thank you

  • Repack dragon age inquitition goty edtion pls cpy is already crack this game.. thanks

  • carlo

    admin, please upload command and conquer kanes wrath…

  • riadh

    please upload fifa 16 repack

    • i will upload it after a Proper crack realesed

  • Eminem lover

    star wars battlefront beta is out right now … Where are you?

  • Hüseyin Köktürk

    dirt rally with lastest updates please !!!! and WRC 5 !

  • Dark Devil

    how to compress please ??
    i got games but i need to compress highly compresse like 13.00 gb to 1gb like you did in assassnes creed liberation hd please????????

  • Greeniche. Line

    Where Are You dz repack Any news

    • i was Busy with some new projects for our repacks
      also i’ve add some new members to team
      we should be back working this week

  • renan

    Please Upload Blur is a great game for coop

  • ashir

    i download repack verson from u of la noire bt it says missing setup.exe i launched from install dir also downloaded latest social club

    • yeah that old game works on windows 7 only
      it wont work on win 8 or 10

  • Armarant

    Please do Stalker:Shadow of Chernobyl or Stalker:Clear Sky

  • Hildanio Viana

    please post The Witcher 3 + update 1.10

    • ok will do

      • estiver gringoz

        Thanks bro, this site is the best ever

  • baller

    Please do NBA 2K16 (PC)…Thanks

  • estiver gringoz

    Hello DZrepackteam,

    I looked for The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Hearts of Stone Expansion Pack
    in the comments bellow and I did not find it. If no one requested it I am the one doing it now. Can you the greatest and most honorable, savior of the poor, Robbin Hood of the gamer, smartest team on earth gives us tenacious DZRepack’s fans a expansion version that works with DZRepack’s version 1.07 of the Witcher 3 ?? That would be great for players who downloaded the game from here, because I wish I could keep my items and crows that I gathered in the 1st game.

    Sorry for the long post. Thank you and bye

    TL;DR: please do The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Hearts of Stone Expansion Pack that works with the DZrepack’s version of witcher 3 , 1.07… Thanks

  • William Tiu

    reupload dragon age inquisition please… thank you… I was able to download it once but it requires the origin game… but my download later became corrupted because I tried to make it ISO…

  • osman

    nfs 2015
    please guys

  • নাম মনে নাই

    plz plz plz upload nfs world…….. plz plz plz

  • alden

    NBA2k15 pls dz……..

  • InhumanRampage

    Hi, could you please make a crack for the upcoming game “Tales Of Zestiria” please ? I’m a huge fan of these series, and I’m sure it would bring a lot of people to this site 🙂 Thanks !

  • santos

    Hi, please upload naruto shippuden ultimate ninja strom 4 en .plz dz……

  • kenny jansen

    samurai warrior 4 please?

  • sibabalo bizana

    don’t you guys have fifa 16 yet. .

  • Marco

    Transformers Devastation 🙂

  • aga

    tales of zestiria

    • InhumanRampage

      Oh yeah *.*

  • ProGamer112

    we need metal gear anthology

  • vamp

    tales of zestiria please please 🙂

  • regetastm

    Pls add Tales of Zastiria and Mad Max repack…

  • Adam

    Halo 4 repack 🙂
    Fable 2

  • David Sugan Nadarajan

    fifa 16

  • Frank_me

    Life is strange and Tales from the borderlands please all episodes are out now

  • Arjay Ajoc Sera

    this game must be old… but i can’t find anything still works across online…. im requesting Lost Planet 2… thank you so much DZ Repack TEAM!!!….

  • Linberge Gendrala

    Guilty Gear xrd please sir..

  • Hari Irah

    MAD MAX…..!!!

  • heehee15

    please can you ul last of us pc game , thank you very much in advance

  • Skyrim Legendary Edition 😀

  • M

    Non repacked gta 5 please. The installer takes ages.

  • M

    Terratech please

  • Ashok Reddy

    Assassin’s creed rogue please

  • sidemen

    fifa 16 or nba2k16

  • Adrian Luca

    wwe 2k16 pc please

  • just another anon

    assassin’s creed unity (v1.5) please. i couldnt find any good torrent (they have deleted most of them 🙁 )

  • Cool Fire

    metal gear solid 5 the phantom pain crack for windows 10
    looked all over the internet
    the game stops working every time when i open it
    can u please upload, i will be very thankful
    if u cant then just tell me when will it be available.

  • Kyou

    Hyperdimension Neptunia: ReBirth3 pleade
    The game will released in 30th oct

  • SanZeev Das

    The Crew For PC

  • kuuhaku

    Hey Dz I really REALLY need Gloria?Lady(DMC3) dlc for devil may cry 4 special edition cant seem to unlock them iwth anything

  • remond

    hi Dz can you reupload dishonored in single link ? , sory for bad english

  • Pawan

    Need for speed 2015 pc plzzzz

  • William

    reupload Dragon Age Inquisition please… especially the direct link… thnx…

  • Róu Ki

    DLC for Witcher 3 please please please 🙁

  • Yunik

    GTA 5 Update 1.0.505.2 cracked version please .

  • xErwin113

    where is the profile folder ?

  • xErwin113

    in GTA V

    • a

      C:UsersUsernameDocumentsRockstar Game

      With 3dm crack.

      With Reloaded crack in


  • kushual

    call of duty modern ware 3 torrent

  • Naufal Zeref

    hi upload hyperdimension neptunia rebirth 3 and samurai warrior 4 ll repack pls 🙂

  • hotboy5u

    I want to request the game Tom Clancy’s The Division

  • Luan Rodrigues

    Saint Seiya: Soldiers’ Soul

  • Mohammad Leon

    Titanfall By EA. PLZ PLZ PLZ……….

  • ausbrah

    Wolfenstein The Old Blood, in a small file size similar to the New Order torrent.

  • Mayank Sood

    NBA 2K16 REPACK!

  • Jan Michael

    please upload adventures of van helsing FINAL CUT please.. ^_^

  • Mehedi Hasan Robin

    Please Up Titanfall

  • moh_map


  • Thabang Lefisoana II

    ultimate ninja storm4 please

  • bandits

    one piece pirate 3

  • Lerik

    Assassin’s creed brotherhood please

  • Berkay

    First,hello and I request for Life is Strange full season(e1-e2-e3-e4-e5),
    please upload this

  • Zack

    Please upload DLC for Mortal Kombat X including the new character Jason, Predator etc.

  • Jan Michael


  • Nipun


    I was interested in “Trackmania 2 Valley”, since I searched all sites, they were dead links. Since You’re reloaded games are most trusted, I request you to please make this game available. 🙂

    Thank you!

  • Johann

    Hi guys,
    I don’k know if Dirt Rallye was already cracked, but it’ll be cool if we could have a repack of it 🙂
    A big thanks for what you’re doing for us

  • Sridhar Majety

    NFL Madden 2015 for PC please.
    Thank you 🙂

  • Nikos RazorAnastaso

    THE WRC please!!!

  • Nikos RazorAnastaso

    the wrc 5 please!!!

  • Taufik Ahmad

    NFS E3 please!!

  • Nikos RazorAnastaso


  • Ryan

    The crew Please !!!!!!

  • Ryan

    the crew torrent Please !!!!!!!

  • Sai Srinivas

    fifa 16 pleaseee

  • Basri Addi

    Triad Wars please….

  • alias786

    Please upload Ori and the blind forest.

  • Karey

    Trying to download Origins The Complete Edition but the website is offline?

  • Nikos RazorAnastaso

    WRC 5 PLEASE!!

  • john vincent capanzana

    NBA2K16 😀 Thank you

  • Subrat Bhattarai

    saints row 2 plz

  • Raj Bodh

    COD Black OPS 3 ERROR: Could not find zone ‘en_core_pre_gfx’

  • Surya Prakash Singh

    Plzz Get the Assassins creed Unity archieve file working again

  • SuperMax

    rise of the tomb raider plsss

  • estiver gringoz

    are u having holidays lately or its just so difficult to pack a game?

  • Mohamed Sameh

    could you please make a repack for batman arkham knight 28/10


    Can You Upload Gta 4 at Low Size

  • nemisis0

    can you upload the crew game

  • Kinslayer

    Could you please upload Just Cause 3 game ASAP!!

  • harman

    please upload tomb raider more games plzzzz

  • Trishant

    Please upload NBA 2K16. I really want to play it!


    Driver San Francisco PC
    Thank You

  • Noisy Boy

    Hey guys can you please give us sims 4 Get Together Expansion pack
    Thank you …!

  • RaHul Singh

    the crew wild run full game

  • Santosh Kisan

    Tom clancy’s rainbow six seige

  • aye

    rainbow six siege and assassin’s creed unity please…

  • manav

    just cause 3 pls

  • Athul Roshal

    assasins creed 1

  • ‫ماجد الشمري‬‎

    just cause 3 pls

  • Santosh Kisan

    The Evil Within The Assignment and The Executioner plz.

  • Malaka Peiris

    Can you repack tom Clancy rainbow siege ultra hd graphics textures???

  • Mustafa

    Can you upload Batman Arkham Knight 17 December Relased Update We need it thank you

  • manav

    just cause 3

  • Kevin Riou

    Hi , I don’t find Mad Max Did you have upload it ? if no can you please upload it . Thanks to you . Good Luck Dz Reapack team
    P.S : Sorry for my bad English I’m french .

  • Romeo1

    Is there any fun crafting and build games here..?

  • Hassan T. Dogar

    Please add Assassins Creed Syndicate Jack the Ripper dlc repack.
    Thabk You!! 🙂

  • Yash

    Jack the Ripper DLC of AC Syndicate requested.. plzz…

  • Yash

    With all its Updates too..

  • Roderik Nemes

    Where are the save files for gta5?

  • Wail Sensato

    titanfall if possible please

  • manav

    Jack the ripper dlc please

  • Wan Muhammad Hazwan

    J-Stars Victory please




    replay to me. i cant see any replay from u in this request tab

  • Edma Edward Bodos

    Heart of Stones expansion pls T.T

  • Varga Zoltan Norbert

    Need for speed 2015 <3 please !!!!

  • Haturu

    WItcher 3 Update 1.10 Please

  • sam

    tom clancy rainbow six siege update version 1.2

  • Agrim Mishra

    Just Cause 3. I know it’s not cracked yet I guess but plz try…

    • sam

      this site does not crack anything…it only provides game with repack format which is already cracked

  • Mayank Sood

    Wwe 2k16 please!

  • DanielTheGamer

    can you guys please do Bully Scholarship Edition, thanks.

  • Al_Jourgensen

    Hello community, Does somebody have Arkham Knight With All DLC´s, specially with the tumbler?

    Thanks in advance

  • Kiran

    Dear sir i want “Halo 4” and “halo 5” ..If you can put these games in your link then it would be easy for us to download…..Hope you will look after my comment

  • Varga Zoltan Norbert

    Need For Speed 2015 Release Date pleasee !!

  • Nimesha

    hey, could you upload Euro Truck Simulator 2 v1.22


  • Xfrim Freeman

    Xcom 2 just released and we need a repack of it please.

  • Ahmed Mubarak

    Naruto Shippudin ultimate Ninja Storm 4

  • Abady Og

    bombshell plezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Haris Javed

    naruto ultimate ninja storm 4

  • Vivaan Rajput

    naruto ultimate ninja storm 4 delex edition plzz sir ultra repack

  • Vinicius Garcia

    Naruto Storm 4

  • Wasim Shabana

    Batman Arkham Origin Repacked, please
    and Dragon Age Inquisition . as well. 😀

  • Rayan Hamdan

    Naruto Storm 4 with low fps fix pls

  • Akshay

    Please post the sniper elite 3 english language pack

  • Ian Center

    Battlefront PC Please…

  • Ahmed

    Rise of Tomb Raider Please


    Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja storm 4 …..pls

  • BH

    Final Fantasy X pls

  • KratosPOP

    mirror’s edge

  • Aldo Alfalus

    inFamous please

  • Relat1vity

    NBA2K16 with dzrepack directlink please 🙂

  • Furkan

    Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja storm 4pleaseeee

  • stev

    Dark souls 2 scholor of the first sin

  • Nabil Demmane

    the rise of tomb reader

  • jery

    Far cry primal

  • Mariano Gamonal

    NOT CRACKED YET¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ do’nt req plz.

  • Meet Shrimali

    far cry primal sir and i searched and i thick the crack is out so please please can you upload it.



  • Chandradev Gupta

    GTA 4-unablr to start game -Seculauncher 2000 Error

    Pl help

  • Yasir Sheikh

    Hey DZteam can u repack Forza Horizon 2 pc version and The crew wild run pc version under 10GB. If available then post the link

  • Mayank Sood

    Wwe 2k16 repack!

  • Hildanio Viana

    please far cry 4 with all dlc and updates

  • jatin

    the division

  • Sushant Singh


  • Philips D.

    may i request Rise of the Tomb Raider Repack pls with crack. tnx,

  • Mayank Sood

    Nba 2k16 plz!

  • Sly

    Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja storm 4

  • Dhee


  • shadow shaman


  • ahmed nasr

    Hello , please Upload Game Of Thrones RPG 🙂 . I will appreciate it

  • Mikael Rose

    Black ops II is done, Black ops III is done but I can’t find Black Ops I. It would be much appreciated if you could do this.

  • Syafiq Suhaile


  • dddd

    Call of duty modern warfare repack plz

  • Ronald Djacko

    titanfall and ryse: son of rome

  • Nikos RazorAnastaso

    upload quantum break its cracked allready!!

  • Hannan Zafar

    Please upload Quantum Break PC Cracked please please

    • abdulmajeed

      I have one code for win10

  • Night Baron

    fifa 16

  • Peterso

    Please upload cracked Geopolitical simulator 4: Power & Revolution, EN version! Thx. 🙂

    • Lucas Toledo de Sousa

      Please <3

  • Ghostly_ninja

    please upload the just cause 3 repack for pc…..

  • Rifky Snot

    please The Crew : Wild Run. thanks

  • Deepansh

    dark souls 3 plz

  • Nik

    ea sports ufc
    i know its old. but plz

  • lingeshbolt

    hey guys if any 1 downloaded every parts plz…. plz…. send me any link to download part 2 and 25 it is corrupted plz… dz repacks show ur mercy plz………

    ;[ ;[ ;[ it is for ac syndicate!!!!! send link through cloud,drive,etc….plz………. plz……….it is ur game!!!!!!!!!

  • lucky meghwal

    plants vs zombies garden warfare 2

  • Amir Hossein Roohi

    Pleas upload Infamous the second son it looks soooooo good please upload it

    • this game is for Sony playstations only
      sorry .

  • Mahmoud

    Dark souls 1 plz

  • Morhaf Sami Ghareb

    please Primal and tomb raider :3

  • kira

    pro gamer manager pls! thanks b4

  • Archit Soni

    The Crew Please

    • no cracked . But you can try the game for free on uplay

  • Bhav Tiwari

    need for speed 2016

  • Antonio


  • Ch Bruhan

    how to repack a game just like u beacuse i make a blog like

  • Please Can you make FIFA 15 available for download?? Please share link below this request..
    Thank you

  • ak47

    Please i need battlefield 2 not the battlefield 2 : bad company one but the old one..please..I want to play lan

  • A J Aravind Kumar

    I need Unreal Tournament multiplayer :)… thanks in advance

  • Gangster

    i have a problem with GtaV crack

    • Gangster

      pls help me

  • riyan

    can you repack this game : School Days HQ (English, Uncensored)
    many Thanx (^,^)v

  • zen

    i wan alice madness returns thc with love zen

  • “Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 Is Coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2016”
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WE LOOOOOVE TO LAN THIS GAME and want it SOOOO bad!!!! (I dono if it’s cracked 🙁 yet)

  • TheFourth

    Valiant Hearts: The Great War pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • arpit

    witcher 3 including both expansions

  • sharesnake

    xplane 10

  • Bis

    I want only setup.exe and crack of Metal Gear rising revengeance. I have the rest of the files (bin files).

  • :)

    Please reupload Battlefield 3 Multiplayer because the direct link is dead

  • kk tan

    pls reseed nba 2k16….thanks a lot~~~~~

  • shoru

    the crew wild run plz

  • hachiku kuyi

    Please upload Soul Calibur V please. Thanks. I really like to play that game

  • Sally Saeed

    Sherlock Holmes – The Devil’s Daughter.
    Thank you.

  • extreme1893

    Nba 2k13

  • Essa Mohamed


  • Papoy Banana

    Request >> Dreamfall Chapters 1-5

  • Razer Aspire

    Can i request 2 Days to Vegas?. thnx.



  • Ashish Parate

    Can I request Dz repack team to upload Titanfall 2014 ?
    It is nowhere.

  • darshan patel

    diablo 3


    doom 4

  • Bryan

    NFS – Latest Release (2015)

  • Fares Fellah

    salam . can you please upload “Quantum Break” .
    thank you bro

  • Sujit Manandhar

    Plz upload fifa 16



  • nandhu anandu

    Plzzzz upload titanfall plzzzzz

  • Chaitanya Kumar

    please upload prototype 1 and 2 both parts.

  • Tinashe

    Please upload Quantum Break.

  • Roez Khan

    ArmA 3 APEX anyone?????

  • ApexPredator

    Tom Clancy’s The Division

  • Sumit Dey

    please upload Rise of the Tomb Raider

  • Abhishek Bose

    NFS 2016 Plz

  • alex

    update for THE WITCHER 3 WILD HUNT V1.22

  • Jacques Tucker

    Need For Speed undergrond 2, pl0x

  • farout cooler

    can you add Street Fighter V with all DLC character and latest update plisss

  • Snowy

    can you guys do EDF Shadow of New Despair with the dlcs ?
    thanks guys, appreciate it.

  • khalid khan

    can you ad Command and conquergenral zero hour I am very thankful to you for this re

  • saujanya sharma

    fifa street 4 for xbox 360 plz if u can i cant find it any where
    highly appreciated if request is completed

  • adwa

    the rise tomb rider. if u cant crack it u noob

  • Amine

    Mortal kombat 9

  • Mohamed Soliman

    fifa 15 latest transfers and squad update for 2016summer

  • faroukrmt

    THE WITCHER 3: WILD HUNT (V1.07 + 15 DLCS)
    please reseed the torrent file is dead i reach 97 percent then there is no seeders .. pleaasssse seed

  • manav

    inside,abzu,rise of the tomb raider,doom,homefront the revolution all have been cracked by voksi pls check

  • Harman

    Please upload just cause 3

  • ahamed farook abdullah

    please upload doom 2016

  • John Chima

    please can you get Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

  • Sam Ville

    Total War WARHAMMER we need to repack and crack fix without steam account

  • cloudy


  • manav

    No man sky

  • P4R7H4
  • harikc456

    Final Fantasy IX

  • faroukrmt

    guys please seed old torrent ; THE WITCHER 3: WILD HUNT (V1.07 + 15 DLCS) [DZ REPACK]
    am reaching 97 % pleaasse

  • Amar Singh Sahoota


  • manav

    Quantum break

    • game not carcked just an override

  • Little Boss

    Repack of No Man’s Sky Please

  • manav

    GRAND THEFT AUTO V / LATEST UPDATE + ALL DLCS torrent not working pls check

  • alex

    the new deux ex pls

  • j2

    max payne 3 and mafia 2

  • em1r

    When will the fernbus simualtor availble?
    When we can get it?

  • aze

    ufc 2 if it’s possible please.

  • em1r


  • Nicholas Lam

    Deus Ex Mankind Divided

  • John

    Fallout 4 with all 6 DLC repack please!!!

  • naresh kumar

    sir i need crysis warhead game pc.

  • pcminc

    Naruto storm 4

  • pcminc

    guilty gear X

    • pcminc

      Guilty Gear XRD revalator

  • Dorin Mihalcea

    Call of Juarez: Gunslinger pease!!!

  • dev patil

    plz upload `plant vs zombies repack`

  • walid


  • Tokisaki Kurumi

    Deus Ex : Mankind Divided

  • Gohan Watson

    man provide me the link of injustice god among us.

  • Jason

    there anyways you can get a newer madden game? would definitely appreciate it

  • Mayank Sood

    Nba 2k17 repack please!

  • none1498

    Event[0] please and thank you

  • Ramy Ibrahim

    star war battlefront repack please

  • Ramy Ibrahim

    tom Clancy the devision please

    • not cracked
      this game is mp only

  • Sahil Singh

    Metal Gear Solid V : The Phantom Pain

    • CyanDraGuN

      goto 3dm games

    • we already posted this game

  • Manab Pokhrel

    pes 17 plz

    • did not realsed or cracked yet !

  • CyanDraGuN

    metal gear solid ground zeros

  • Pucchu

    Resident evil revelation 2 complete edition,…………please dz repack

  • atharva

    prototype 2

  • Mayank Sood

    Forza horison 3 and Nba 2k17 repack please!

    • ok will repack Nba 2k17

      • Mayank Sood

        Thank u! Waiting for it! 🙂

      • Mayank Sood

        When can we expct the repack?

  • Ramy Ibrahim

    call of duty black ops3 includ all dlc repack please

    • Shahmeer ALi

      im with u buddy

  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2017
    FIFA 17


  • Bruno Rodrigues


  • elkom

    Request Quantum Break , please….

    • it’s already posted here

      • elkom

        thank you very than you very much

      • elkom

        thank you very much bro

  • elkom

    JUST CAUSE 3 .. Please…

  • صهيب الرومي

    pes 17 and fifa 17 please

  • manav

    Quantum Break

  • aravinthsam

    hey noob bleddy noob just post mafia 3,or gears of war 4 and the xcom 2 these games should be posted tommrow otherwise u will be ************off

  • أبو العز حمودة

    Please , Make Repack of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Game.

  • sunil5555l

    can you repack King’s Quest Chapter 4 ?

  • manav

    mirror edge catalyst

  • manav

    mortal kombat xl

  • Sujit Manandhar

    plz update the download link of GRAND THEFT AUTO V / LATEST UPDATE + ALL DLCS


    Mirror’s Edge 2 Catalyst

  • Yiroi

    Total War: Warhammer please

  • Valentine

    Mafia III

  • Syidi Cham

    Ride 2-CODEX please

  • Syidi Cham

    NBA 2k16

  • asasasa

    Gears of Wars 4 please! Thank you for your awesome work!

  • Mitokashi

    I want to prototype 2 PC and PS3 please ?

  • Mitokashi

    And Watch dogs PC and PS3 ?

  • Genexyz

    Hi, I have a problem on COD BlackOps III.
    Where to post screenshot error from here?
    It says:
    ERROR: Could not find zone ‘en_core_pre_gfx’

  • Curiosity

    can u upload final fantasy lightning return with japanese audio n english subtitles ?? hope u can read this… anywy , you guys are awesome….

  • sakib tamboli

    pleasee upload far cry primal its already cracked

    • Frank_me

      Did you crack it yourself? Idiot.

    • rock

      its noteven cracked

  • Frank_me

    Mirrors Edge Catalyst Please.

  • WikiForce

    Don Bradman Cricket 14 (with all latest updates plz)

  • Rutam Prita Mishra

    Ride 2 Repack

  • Rizwan Moiwala


  • rock

    L.A NOIRE COMPLETE incl DLC plzz

  • rock

    @ coliotte can you upload L.A NOIRE COMPLETE incl DLC plzz

  • atharva

    prototype 2

  • Perfect_Pixel

    “Shadow Warrior 2” repack please.

  • Fawad Kaleem

    FiFA 17

  • Sahil

    forza horizon 3 Full Unlocked repack Please Hurry UP

  • Pbreaker

    Rise of the Tomb Raider <3 *-*

  • Haris Javed

    shadow warrior 2

  • Ashish Shekhar


  • мurdock

    spintires repack please,thanks sir

  • Nishant Sharma

    Fifa 17 please

  • Parteet Singh

    Please upload Max Payne 3 complete with all new updates cracked

  • boreum

    Lego Star Wars Force Awakens?

  • jason scott

    pls upload god eater 2 rage burst full cracked

  • Amol

    Please upload fallout new vegas

  • Max

    Pure Farming 17 or Farming Simulator 2017 please

  • Rishabh

    NBA 2K17
    Battlefield 1

  • Safin

    battlefield 1 pls

  • App Tech
  • Hari Irah
  • Typical Modder

    pes 2017

  • Frank_me

    Witcher 3 GOTY edition if you can please


    sir can u plz repack wolfenstein the new order and wolfenstein old blood plz i havent found those repack anywhere if u can do it plz it will be a pleasure

  • Jack

    Titanfall 2 please!!

  • vishnu prasathj

    please upload fear 3 highly compressed

  • Jack Domo Kun

    pls upload Need for Speed 2015

  • Razer
  • Ahmed Elnaggar

    DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 Repack please 🙂

    • Razer

      Released buddy!

  • Rizwan Moiwala

    please upload far cry primal

  • Rizwan Moiwala

    please also upload the crew

  • Rizwan Moiwala

    and fifa 17

  • Zay Ye Htut


  • Queens Kingo

    we want mount and blade 2 bannerlord please please
    and thank you
    i like this site

  • Queens Kingo

    mount and blade bannerlord please

  • Thantanatos

    Carmageddon Max Damage please

  • Shahmeer

    Call of Duty Black OPS III Repack with up to date and all DLC in one. Please…

  • Spikex90

    Need for Speed 2016

  • KillsWitch

    kumpulbagi links for dead rising 3…
    all other links are dying slow…

  • Babak Makaveli

    hi.please upload Abzu
    the game cracked by voksi

  • Abdell Bobo

    Unravel by EA
    cracked by 3DM

  • Rutam Prita Mishra


  • Babak Makaveli

    Mirror’s Edge Catalyst/ cracked by CPY

  • Bayu Eka Septian

    God Eater Resurrection cracked by CPY



  • Lakers24

    Please re upload or make a repack of assassins creed unity complete edition. Thanks in advance dzrepackteam.

  • mohd

    Hey Please add a repack of the rise of tomb rider game

  • Hydra

    any chance Dishonored 2 will come? It’s protected with Denuvo tho..

  • Presh

    i bought a dz repack pes 2016 but after installing it, it appears that is shows a file is missing. how can i fix that?

  • Zavid Al Rasyid

    and if you will,, Please RePack it

    Thank YOU
    and Many Thanks for DZ RepackTeam for everything.

  • Mayank Sood

    Nba 2k17 repack please!

  • Ashish Shekhar

    naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm 4. The game’s been around for a while now.

  • Tokisaki Kurumi

    So where is dishonored 2.It’s past due date already :/

  • Mabel

    Could you upload ‘Rose of Winter’? thanks

  • watchdogs 2 pls

  • AK47

    Dying light with all dlc pls

  • saru

    Watch dogs 2

  • m16

    please dishonored 2 ….thanks

  • Daniskang

    please reupload mafia 2 setup fix


    Please give the update for your repacks. Updates for the following games are out and we are waiting your version.
    1. Mafia 3 Update 3
    2. Civilization 6 Update

  • doppler

    Hi Admin.
    can you update the links for fallout 4.?

    would appreciated

  • Tramp

    coliotte could you repack deus ex mankind devided? just heard that it has been cracked.


  • Rutam

    Coliotte….CPY cracked Deus Ex Mankind Divided. Now we await you to release its repack.

  • Somiya Ratna Behera

    FIFA 17 Super Deluxe Edition Please!!!!!

  • QâsÎṁ Búťť

    Hi Admin
    the shadow warrior 2 please!!!!

  • Nik Jerry

    can u please reupload Tomb Raider (2013) , item not available in the links, thanks

  • Rutam

    Hey Coliotte!

  • JACK


  • Andira Putra RezpectØrz

    Request Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Please !

  • Jes

    Request Watch Dogs 2 ?

  • El

    Quake 3 Team Arena

  • superman

    Hye @coliote ..
    Can you upload Middle Earth Shadow Mordor GOTY version ..
    Love your game site . No 1 in Malaysia

  • AK

    Hi Please reupload COD-Advaned warfare. The link provided doesnt contain any files.
    Thanks in advance team.your website is the best.Love you guys.

  • i naqi

    Can you upload J Stars Victory Vs+? I’m a fan of anime-based games.Totally thankful if you can upload it

  • Manoj

    Call of Duty Ghost iso repack please

  • sajith

    titan fall data bin.1 file corrupt while extracting need solution

  • Ivan Stajic

    crash bandicoot trilogy with emulator pls

  • McGregor

    Gears of war 4 reapck

  • Batman49

    Dishonored 2 Repack Please ! ! ! !

  • Danish Nathani

    Watch Dogs 2 and Battlefield 1 pc repacks PLZ!!!!

  • shagulhameed a

    Watch dogs 2 Repack plssssssssssssss

  • Sumit

    wwe 2k16 torrent link please

  • Giannis Antetompoulo

    Fernbus 2016 its a good game! Please !

  • Ramy Ibrahim

    Dears, please re upload BF 3+all dlc+MP repack

  • Radwan

    Half Life Black Mesa Latest version

  • Zeeshan Ali Bangash

    Batman Arkham Knight please already cracked by cpy

  • Tanmay Pandey

    Can you please upload watchdogs 2
    I’m very excited for this game
    Please upload as early as possible

  • Superman

    Hye @admin . Can you Upload Dishonored GOTY . Thank You !

  • Kelly Miracle

    please upload star wars battlefront(2015)……’s been a year now please

    • Uncrackable because always online… Sad me


    FIFA 17 plz!

  • Sehal Qureshi

    please fix bf3 last mp update

  • junaid shaikh

    the ballad of gay tony

  • dnc

    Fallout 4 Complete Edition sir

  • Akul

    watch dogs 2 and froza horizon 3

  • Deepansh

    homefront the revolution plz

  • kiran dp

    mafia 2 installer problem
    pls help

  • Walid Chaouaou


  • Jeffrey Fang

    Nba 2k17 full repack please , thank you

  • Wimberly

    Fifa 16 please

  • Krack

    dear admin, please share game Horizon Zero Dawn!!

  • Rutam

    Coliotte, A Very Happy NewYear.
    Hoping a repack soon from your side.

  • Rutam

    Hey Coliotte!
    Need the new BATMAN ARKHAM KNIGHT ALL DLC PROPER repack released some days back by CPY.

  • BedBug

    Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

  • adel maamri

    watch dogs 2 .please

  • Abhishek Verma

    Watch Dogs 2 pc please………..please……please…….please….please…..

  • hamsap

    far cry primal please

  • Anan Mughari

    Mirrors Edge catalyst

  • Craig

    NBA 2K11

  • Trickshot

    Watchdogs 2 cracked by CPY

  • george mathew

    watch dogs 2 by cpy

  • Praful Gupta

    Please release repack of watch dog 2 asap….

  • sam

    please watch dogs 2 and far cry primal asap…

  • lukla


  • Shiva Teja Peddi

    kindly release repack version of don bradman cricket 2017

  • Taong Gutom

    I wonder if dzrepack team is still alive.. its been 2 months that you guys dont release new games..

  • nacereddine

    i want repack for resident evil 7 i think there is crack from cpy & it works

  • Bassam Nagy

    can you upload a torrent file for bf3 16 gb edition and the DLC pack coz some of my files had been corrupted pls don’t ignore

    • мurdock

      i found one bf3 on oceanofgames,try search

      • Bassam Nagy

        i need the same version from dz which they released a time ago because i have some corrupted files and i want to download them not to download the whole game from the beginning besides i have low internet speed

  • Dhaval Patel


  • Wu Xiaong

    reseident eevil 7 repack please

  • shellshock

    Could you guys please add Xcom long war repack in english?

  • rishabh

    Sniper ghost warriour 3

  • pranav singh

    please add the crew the wild hunt for pc

  • Satyajit Patra

    Please add WWE2K17 PC

  • Atif Sharieff

    gta 5 crack plz …no cops arrive in mission 1 story mode
    I have gta 5 of 2015 edition of yours

  • Atif Sharieff

    gta 5 crack plz …no cops arrive in mission 1 story mode
    I have gta 5 of 2015 edition of yours

  • Gabriel

    Please Can you repack Peak Angle, look like very good drift game

  • Papoy Banana

    please repack:
    • battlefield 1
    • resident evil 7
    • watch dogs 2
    • farcry primal

  • Safin

    Battlefield 1 please

  • Tokisaki Kurumi

    Is the site dead? no new post for months

    • shellshock

      Indeed the last one was on nov 24 2016?
      did you try contacting them?

      • Tokisaki Kurumi

        nope I have not since dz is not the main website that I use to download games.

  • laz

    be rich

  • Chirag Chinmai

    FIFA 17
    Need for speed 2016

  • Anchit Mehta

    Please Upload Don bradman cricket 17

  • himanshu prasad

    naruto shippudden ultimate ninja storm 4 please……i have wasted 60+ gb in downloading this game please upload a repack

  • Victor Olofin

    how to launch pes 2017

  • eieiza

    Forza Horizon 3 Pls

  • Shannon Dcruz

    Mount your friends Please

  • Mostafa shokry

    hi guys , any body had batman arkham knight to seed it , the torrent is too slow

  • Shakul Sharma

    sniper ghost warrior 3 when you will release

  • XxMrKhxX

    deadrising 4

  • Eruck Durak

    Star Drive I, (1.15b)
    tis a hidden gem that is nowhere to be found; it really needs to be revived

  • desi boy

    Sir please upload UFC 2

  • tofe

    what is the music name xD
    it is beautiful

  • Rahul

    Can i get only crack for Gta 5 for your version because my antivirus deleted the crack