First. turn off your anti virus before starting the setup and if u are using windows 8.1 or 8 search for windows defender and disable it


As You Can you see in the pic : 0.2% from the game files was missing . Utorrent will download the missing part and fix the game for you



Note :  “steam_api.dll”  is missing    means that Your antivirus Deleted the Crack you can disabled it and renistall the game

if i got a message like  “d3dx9_xx.DLL was not found” ect..) For example that means Direct x is not installed on you computer
Any way Here you can Download  all Softwars you need to run video games 


  • Shiva Prasad

    i had already downloaded the battlefield 5 hard line ,3 months ago( not cracked version) when it was released and was instructed to wait untill crack comes…now they have released a cracked version of 26 gb. so i have already 25 gb of game(not cracked version). so can i get a crack for the uncracked version?

  • Psyco Genesis

    Need Help plz. Batman crashes on startup with the following issues: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: BatmanAK.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 558cc218 Fault Module Name: KERNELBASE.dll Fault Module Version: 6.1.7600.16385 Fault Module Timestamp: 4a5bdfe0 Exception Code: 00000001 Exception Offset: 000000000000aa7d OS Version: 6.1.7600. Locale ID: 2057 Additional Information 1: a3ae Additional Information 2: a3ae88277e0b9813aade179bed4c6e60 Additional Information 3: 53b2 Additional Information 4: 53b2914c7e0ca136436e7ea45e025d53

  • William Oliveira

    i need help with gta 4 extreme edition, it dont opent, it says:
    Seculauncher:failed to start aplcation. [2000]

  • Balaji Bazz

    mgs5 not opening

  • David

    Crack for MGS5 on Windows 10 please guys as game not opening thanx.

  • Mohammed Muhsin

    mgs5 phantom pain stopped working on windows 10 pls help fast!!!!

  • jack

    hey guys help with mgsv5 after long hours of game my save data ges deleted happedne more time help pls

  • Jimmy teck

    “Failed zlib call error” HOW TO FIX???

  • Jimmy teck

    GTA V HOW TO FIX??? THIS “Failed zlib call error”

  • Rotimi Israel

    how do i fix XINPUT1_3 in PES 2016

  • James

    Can somebody tell me how to fix (0x000007b) error message for PES 16

  • Abdallah Abusara

    hello DZ Repack Team i just get that problem when i installed GTA IV it was in 70.5 than it showed to me this massege so how can i fix it

  • Sreyas Rajesh

    i intstalled fifa 14 and used the crack v5 but the game closes after showing messi plzz help

  • Sujan Thapaliya

    how to fix missing msvcr100,dll error???

  • Melvin Hartoonian

    hi, can someone please tell me how to fix the following?
    “the application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). Click OK to close the application.

  • Habib Khoury

    hi the application didn’t open when i press enter or right click open can anyone just tell how to fix it ?

  • Ayman Salem

    i need help with gta v

    • nishan

      switch off the firewall of antivirus if u have one. or try restarting , i had the same problem

  • dafe

    pls can you upload PES 2016 data pack 3 for us to download. thanks

  • Geo Deuce

    i have a problem with saints row iv… at first i dont know what does it say then i press ok and an error pops up about SaintsRowIV.exe

  • Gangster

    I have a problem with GTAV

  • Out Fall

    Please Help

    Why did this happen

  • Ramkumar Srinivasan
  • DVR

    Guys Guys Guys, pleaaase help me. I got error that “it is not found any source for ISArcextract” (quite similar) at 0.6%. i downloaded this game twice with 2G network. Can u imagine how frustrating it is??? Please help me

  • mehdi

    guys help me please
    the gta 5 setup tooked 1 day to reach 49%
    please help me

  • ILORI, Ayomide A.

    my PES1026 IS ASKING FOR sdkencryptedappticket.dll to load but I have been playing it fine before. what can I do to resolve tis. I have uninstall and installed again. HELP PLEASE

    • ILORI, Ayomide A.

      please help to fix my pes2016. if I start the game, it will seems as if its loaded and disappear , not loading. I have install sdkencryotedappticket.dll and it doesn’t seem to work

  • Matheus Juste



    gta 5 setup take too much time & after reaching at 28% says stream error i hv i5 HP LAPPY SO WHAT CAN I DO NOW M TOTALLY UPSET NOW FROM ALL THIS PLZ TELL ME THE SOLUTION

  • Syed Ikram Ullah Hussaini

    how to fix “MSVCRR100.dll” error in Sniper Ghost Warrior ?

    • download and install VC++

    • Marsi Mann

      idiots play games with no brains

  • Robby Smales

    Search Dlls and download all main ones like I did and put in c:windowssystem folder then restart pc to register startup which is easier to do. I have lot Dlls downloaded and always install if do new setup, and saves time as well. If send email I will send link to download all the ones which are mainly used in games any wndows x64 bit and some also do x86;):)

  • Marco

    Hi there!

    I followed all the steps of installation of the game “LIVE LOCK” and when I try to start the game is locked as shown in the last photo … All black with a symbol running …

    What is the problem ?! I think I have the minimum requirements on my computer to run the game …

    I thank all the attention you have given …

    Best Regards,

  • Haroune Gourribbi


  • Damilare


  • Damilare


  • Mark

    I cant do any any of the surveys in my country 🙁

  • Jagan Chand

    i want to fix wolfenstein sound prob in pc.. whr can i get it …?.

  • R4dd

    Unable to find an INI file.Please reinstall Skyrim SE

    i installed it 2 times with my AV disable,same problem appears.

  • Ciornei George

    invalid pointer operation how can i fix this?

  • Rojeep Man Kayastha

    wwe 2k16 gets stuck in steve austin. how do i get in the game???

  • Arka – kun

    how to fix Shader model 5.0 dragon ball xenoverse 2

  • Sunday frank

    I bought the disk of pes 2017 tried installing it but poped up this error “fix data cyclic redundancy check” so what am i suppose to do next

  • DaZe FoTiS
  • shalalala mumu
  • Atif Sharieff

    gta 5 crack plz …no cops arrive in mission 1 story mode

  • Atif Sharieff

    gta 5 crack plz …no cops arrive in mission 1 story mode

    • мurdock

      download new crack and patch

  • Nwosu Nicholas

    my controller does not work with Dz Repack Pes 2016

  • navya

    i downloaded csgo but when i start the 4g launcher a message box appears saying “update is required” and i cannot move further. whay should i do?

  • Bolaji Azeez Folarin

    pls my pes2016 would open and immediately close back what am I gonna do to make iit play

  • stephanie paris

    hello admin. my pes 2017 is not installing properly ,it installs fake shortcut for me but it dosent launch ..what should i do plss???