GTA IV 2013 edition RePack – 8GB

GTA 4 Maximum Graphics   REPACK   14 GBistorically GTA games have focused heavily on mission-based play, requiring successful completion of fixed tasks in order for players to progress through the game, but this has changed to a great extent in GTA IV. Players will experience an entirely new and exciting emphasis centered on the blending of on-mission and off-mission play, resulting not only in an increased sense of realism, but more interesting and unrestricted gameplay.


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If you have issues with crashing or any other issues, please download this before you ask questions:

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Remove any other GTA 4 and Clean The registry

Game Fixes

Exception EFCreateError in module DSOUND.dll at 000116C5.

Cannot create file”C/Program files 86/Grand theft auto IV/asilog.txt”. Access is denied…..

1.go to the game folder and create new txt file name it asilog.txt the game as admin

 “I have win 7 64bit. After logo what say Grand Theft Auto IV i get black screen and nothing happen. i try open it as admin and change compatibility but it dont help”

Goto c:\users\(user name)\Appdata\localockstar games\gta 4 folder and delete the contents of settings folder.
now start the game..

ISDone.dll or Unarc.dll error means that
something wrong with installation make sure you have more than 20GB of
free space on your C:/ drive. If you do. go to utorrent and recheck the
– How to recheck using utorrent :…


GTA IV FATAL ERROR: Out of video memory

Another Fix

seculauncer:failed to start application[2000]

uninstal Microsoft C++2005 and instal the right vcredistx86

Run it as Administrator

This happens usually due to graphic drivers conflicts,remove useless drivers(for example graphic design tablet drivers).The problem may also occurs when you run GTA at a resolution that is different to your windows resolution. GTA tries to change the resolution and crashes

the game is crashing when i click launcher

if a game is crashing,then it has to be AntiVirus,it must have deleted files like razor.dll or any othere files in the game directory

i can’t change the graphic options, have tried to run as administator too. anyone an idea?

click space to save after you change graphic options

how to change this ~ Lovely ~ camera, when im driving??

use c

how to add new cars without replacing old cars
The main character is skinned like Leon from Resident Evil – is it possible to return it back to the original character?

Arrow Crossfire setup wont be useful in this Game so, remove crossfire


-Tips, If you don’t like the motion blur, press P ingame.

-Tips, If You lag to much or play the game at a certain FPS lets say 24fps and want a big boost, press (RShift+F10) to disable Occlusion (Sharp Shadowing). You will have to do this everytime you start the game and or pause it.


What is GTA IV 2013 edition

It is same Old GTA IV of Version 1.04 with HD Texture pack with Directx 11 Support.No mod is Applied

Why is the Game Version 1.04 instead of 1.07

Many people have reported crashing of game after updating to 1.07

Can i play Multiplayer

Nope.Only Single Player

Does This Include GTA:Episodes From Liberty City

No.Only GTA4

What about Texture Quality

One of The best Graphics You have ever seen.You can play with Directx 11. please Watch Gameplay



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error seclauncher failed to start application 2000



Direct Link

Down :/













CPU: Intel Core i5 2,9 GHz, AMD Phenom X6 2,1 GHz
RAM: 3 GB Windows XP 4 GB Windows Vista
VGA: 1024MB NVIDIA GTX560 / 1024 MB ATI 5870
OS: Windows Vista – Windows 7 – 8
HDD: 21 GB
Sound: DirectX Compatible


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  • Zurieee

    Why the game is crushing after intro? i turned av off and run as admin, any ideas?

    • coliotte

      Remove any other GTA 4 and Clean The registry

      • coliotte

        And update Your gpu driver . if this didn’t work . try to change your windows to win7ultimate x64

        • Zurieee

          I turned off av before, I cleaned registry using cc cleaner and I’m using win7ultimate x64

          • alpha

            its works with Me just fine . i just install it and run it
            i think you’re not lucky dude :p

    • coliotte

      did you turned off the av before installation or after ?

  • Giselle Toh

    Where is the software folder ? I am facing the Dsound.dll error . Please help me . There is no software folder in my gta iv game folder …

    • coliotte

      no need for softwares . Dsound.dll error means that something wrong with installation make sur you have more then 20GB free space on your C:/ . if yes . go to utorrent and rechack the download

  • Stefan

    My game is moving very very slow!! I mean i play the last games of the 2013 year without a problem at max settings,and this repack is very laggy and slow performance at the smallest resolution!! How to fix this??

  • joseph ligin

    its very laggy for me also and my laptop runs on windows 8

  • pwave

    i have downloaded over 5 different versions and its the same error every time any one have any ideas ?

    • coliotte

      Your problem from Direct x not the game . try to update it

      • mohana

        ((((((((KERNELBASE.dll )))))) this is mine its not D3D9.DLL

    • Rahul

      just remove the d3d9.dll file from gta4 directory… it will work 100%

  • Musakhan

    Will i be able to play this game on this Specs?? Dell Inspiron n5110 Core i5 2.4GHz 8GB RAM Nvidia GT525m 1 GB Dedicated Card

  • Guest

    The game installs to 6.5% then gives an error that says corrupt archive – tried to install on two different PC’s. Please help – I really don’t want to download this all over again.

    • Guest

      One PC has Windows 8 and the other Windows 7

    • Guest

      An error occurred while unpacking: archive corrupted! Unarc.dll returned an error code – 7
      ERROR: archive data corrupted (decompression fails)

      • coliotte

        ISDone.dll or Unarc.dll error means that
        something wrong with installation make sure you have more than 20GB of
        free space on your C:/ drive. If you do. go to utorrent and recheck the
        – How to recheck using utorrent :

        • Guest

          But where is torrent?? I used the direct link for downloading.

          • Guest

            Ah sorry I see torrent at top. Ok, I will try to see what I can do. Thanks.

        • Aleks

          Unfortunately it didn’t work..

        • xfods

          what if that doesn’t work, too?

  • hgh

    doesnt work, i lost many to download this shit,

  • chris

    any solution for this.. game not responding after intro… just hang

  • Jasjeet Singh

    GTA IV FATAL ERROR: Unable to create depth render target- Please re install DirectX and/or install the latest video card driver.

    It shows after my games launches what should I do?

    • coliotte

      Did You Do what the message says ?

      • Abhilash

        yes. It still shows the same message. What next? :/

  • Alexandru

    does this version work on a laptop?

  • gumah

    Game load into main menu but whan I hit start it crashes just after loading

    “grand theft auto iv has stopped working” Win 8 PRO fresh instalation

    • le0ti

      have the same problem, have you fixed it?

  • nomy

    game is ruuning in low resolution …..:( whats the solution for that?

  • Brandon Hendrick

    i have i7 16gb ram and gtx 660 2gb but when i launch it it says i exceed recourse requirements and forces settings on low and wont let me change them

  • k4ma

    who is this guy?!?
    what did you do to Nico???

    • yoyo992012

      Yeah!! Could you please guys give us the original playerped.rpf file for the original Niko skin??

  • PES2013


  • tim

    ven i start its nothing wrong but when i get some part out of the bay everything just disappeares like im driwing on nothing how to fix???

  • Sahariar Kabir

    cls-srep.dll was not found. Now what to do 🙁

  • yoyo992012

    could any body tell me how to remove icenhancer?????????it is giving me a GAIGANTIC pain in the ass!!

  • mohana

    man it dsnt work

  • Aleksandar Rančić

    I rechecked torrent, delete all GTA IV files from registry,also delete it from Control Panel (Program uninstaller) and still dont working..(ISDone.dll) unrac.dll -1 error..My hdd is 500gb more then 350 are free space..I don’t know what to do..Any fix?

  • Manish

    It says file is corrupted after installing 53.5%

  • sam

    If i want episodes from liberty city i have to download a new game again

  • darp

    When i solve the Traffic load, appears the textures problem u.u

  • bibhuti

    my gta iv was not running .what can i do?


    first thanx for upload such a good game like this. but i have some problem please help me to solve it
    1. its running so slowly, and i do as u did, i use window 7
    2. waht happen with niko, how i restore to original niko, please help me, link to youtube that u give not help me

    please send me the solve answer to email [email protected]

    thank you and best regards


    first thanx for upload such a good game like this. but i have some problem please help me to solve it
    1. its running so slowly, and i do as u said in tutorial but nothing happens, i use window 7
    2. what happen with niko, how i restore to original niko, please help me, link to youtube that u give not help me

    please send me the solve answer to email [email protected]

  • Jose

    Man, GTA IV is not working in my PC. PS: I have a good PC win 7

  • Sothon

    My dearest

  • Sothon

    my dearest I have install and recheck the torrent many time. and I also try to run compatibility too… it still show unpack error with

    An error occurred when unpaking!
    Unarc.dll returned an error code: -1
    ERROR: archive data corrupted (decompression fails)

    • Madhav Sethu

      did u get this error fixed……if yes please mail me what to do…[email protected]

    • user

      open the setup as win xp
      i did that and everything work great

  • Sothon

    all user… I have install gta 4 now it work please User win 8 and 8.1 disable your windows defender or antivirus ….

  • HelloNeedHelp

    content was removed,,, all links ? please reupload ,,,, 🙁

  • ahlu sunnah

    shit, it running too slowly


    when I run the game perfectly fine on my laptop im running 64bit windows 8.1 then it freezes at use of this product?

  • Abhilash

    it still shows me ”GTA IV FATAL ERROR: Out of video memory” after i completed the procedure! please help!

  • adam

    does this include gta balad of gay tony

  • beowulf

    wha includes this 2013 ediiton???is this a modded version?or just normal gta 4?with or without two main dlc??

  • andy

    it starts but after 1 or 2 min it closes and say gta IV has stopped working!!!!!……..PLS Help me!!!!!!

  • Q

    It won’t allow me to save another asilog.txt file to the game folder. Could you please help?

  • Anvie Mendez

    why still error like this please help me, my laptop has 6gb ram 2 gb video card windows 8…. and the last time i run it its very slow

  • hehehehe

    Do Not Download Cause they are fooling us it does not work we are wasting data in downloading this shit i have 6gb ram,nvidia GeForceFX 5900 ultra windows 7 still its saying out of memory!1

  • nice one

    worst repack i ve ever seen GL… everything bugged, play as leon? wtf? really bad

  • PasoveCZ

    Thanks for issues help 🙂 you are best dz!!!

  • Mohamed Omar

    guys can i play with my nvidia 9800 gt oc edition with 1.4 GB vram and 512 mb ram and i meet the other low requirments

  • cmd

    i have a problem my computer spec. i7-2630qm 8gb ram , 2 gb nvidia gt 540m i start game and then computer is very slow i try to all about fix your explain but i didnt solve my problem

  • Tom

    Hey, I thanks for the repack but i can’t install it.

    ISDone.dll An error occurded when unpacking!
    Unarc.dll returned an error code: -1

    ERROR: Archive data corrupted (Decompression Fails)

    I Tried cleaning the registry, turned off my antivirus. uTorrent says 100% finished, i did recheck, I even deleted the torrent and redownloaded it
    Tried compatibility mode too with XP Vista and 7. It seems like the download itself is corrupted. It least it is for me.

    • Tom

      BTW i have 59 GB free

  • Viable66

    crushing- / GTA IV FATAL ERROR: Out of video memory/Exception EFCreateError in module DSOUND.dll at 000116C5 =====hope fix will work

    • Timi

      Just turn your antivirus completely off and real time protection. That is what disturbed mine.

  • shake1021

    script mods not working

  • Ráp Bờ Đập Phá


  • pennknig

    Installs and runs fine thank you.
    I cant save without the x-box live account, and when I do this it asks for a ser#.



    • pennknig

      Deleted,,,Can’t save the game,
      Draw distance is FU loading the textures and map…..
      This torrent
      is messed up, DL something else.

  • neeraj

    does it run in win 7 ?

  • adi

    i downloaded it .it installed perfectly but still it is lagging very much
    what should i do?

  • Adnan Assfoor

    does it work on HP ENVY 6 ?

  • hello, I’m getting an error message.
    I have 230 GB of free memory in c: drive but installation not done
    please help me?

  • Inxhcx

    I can´t install the game, I have the ISDone problem, I tried to solve the problem but nothing works. Help Please

  • Nouman Aftab

    why i see this? plz help

    • coliotte

      update direct x

  • Hesozam

    seculauncer:failed to start application[2000]
    Tip does not work, and there is no fix to download… Pls help

    • deepak

      me too same probs

      • you

        i think either download crack or directx

    • eliron

      i have the same problem nothing work please help.

  • Louis

    Hello there, I’ve done downloading the game, I’ve followed all of the “fix” and the steps to work the game. But, For some reason i got stucked with 27.2% of installation the path is C:/Grand Theft Auto IV/pc/audio/sfx/speech.rpf

    Please help me as soon as possible

    • Rizki

      got same error

  • norcalpete

    I have downloaded the game and did the fixes for the game and it loads up and when you start the game this error comes up. I don’t know if you can see the picture I posted of the error

  • Sammy Masnificent Githuthu

    I have downloaded the game but after installing it gives an error: Exception EFCreateError in module DSOUND.dll at 0000116C5 cannot create file C:Program Files(x86)Grand Theft Auto IVasilog.txt Access is denied please help

  • zain

    the screen is zooming in and swinging as I start playing the game please help

  • Yash


    An error occurred when unpacking…!! Unarc.dll return an error code:-1
    ERROR: archive data corrupted (decompression fails)

    Please help!!!!!!

  • Ezio_Altair

    I’m really curious this is happening I tried reinstalling it 3 times, I’ve already read the comments and did everything to make the installation work, I disabled windows defender(Don’t have any other),Force-Rechecked the Download but no luck.
    OS: Windows 8.1 x64.
    Free Space on System(C:)Drive: 7GB
    Free Space on Primary(E:)Drive(The one I’m installing the game on): 688GB
    About the crash: I tried reinstalling the game 3 times but I found something i-e the crash happens randomly the first time I tried installing the game was at 1.0%(or so) 2nd time was 67%(or so) and Now 74%(or so)

  • Salman Siddiqui

    I am getting the Secu Launch Error
    plz chk the SS…

    • coliotte

      install vc++ 2005 + 2008

  • anshul kumar

    anyone got solution for

    Unarc.dll returned an error code: -1

    ERROR: Archive data corrupted (Decompression Fails)

    • Bibi

      if you got pls help skype: akoika2

      • anshul kumar

        after 100 try i deleted it and downloading non repack version.

        • sss

          yes i did the same.. its not working..

  • Ahmed Riyadh

    When I want to play the game get error the application was unable to start correctly 0xc00007b

    • Ramy Ibrahim

      download porgram AIO 210 will fix for you all games error

  • Bibi

    Unarc.dll returned an error code: -1

    ERROR: Archive data corrupted (Decompression Fails) helppp plsss

  • James

    How To Play It At Low Graphic Delete Mod ?

  • Ricky Visser

    getting error
    it is not found any file specified for IsArcExtract

  • Mike

    can anyone fix this?

  • Nidz91

    pls upload in firedrive or direct link

  • Calvin

    I got error “Runtime Error (at 120 : 103) : Could not call proc.) how i fix it?

  • James

    So i still did the recheck why still won’t work?

  • James

    I mean it won’t install, it stuck on 28% then ISDone.dll appear

  • Elieser Portuondo

    can lcpdfr install in to it

  • hamza

    i got error isdone.dll how to fix it

  • Quoc Dat Nguyen

    I got missing texture with this repack version, I have tried many times, but it doesn’t work…!

    • daniel

      me to

      • Quoc Dat Nguyen

        Hey guys. I’ve solved my problems. First of all, I install a clean version of GTA IV without any mod or script, then updated to version, used the car pack named “The Essential Car Packs v.2 GTA IV”, that only replaced about 70 cars. I updated my latest scripthook, used chikimaru traffic load, and then used this commandline:

        -percentvidmem 100
        -memrestrict 681574400
        -memrestrict 629145600
        -frameLimit 0
        -width 1366
        -height 768
        -texturequality 2
        -renderquality 4
        -shadowdensity 1
        -viewdistance 29
        -detailquality 29
        -percentvidmem 100
        -availablevidmem 2100
        -frameLimit 60
        -refreshrate 60
        -DX10 /high

        Now I can play GTA IV in an hour without missing texture. However, when the game use up all my laptop’s RAM, the missing texture problem starts appearing, but not too serious as before and with me, that’s ok!

  • hello please my installation doesn’t complete it said { Changes were not saved, please rerun the setup again}
    So please what are the changes?

    • Dhruv Partap

      same problem here bro.

  • Sourabh

    runtime error

  • Sourabh

    please help

  • teja

    guys getting error while installing plz help me

  • teja

    hello anyone can help me

  • andrija

    ne radi uopste

  • Prince

    support 8.1(os) or not?

  • satvik murthy

    will this contain ENB serise or its just a normal gta iv pc?will it run on amd a8 4gb ram and radeon R5?


    ERRO SECUROM ajuda pfff

  • Cesar ALcount

    it work slowly

    and this screen Appears

  • Mohamed Farahat

    i have an error during setup at 29.7%
    i am using windows 10 x64

  • Mohamed

    ISDone.dll error, someone please help me to resolve this error.

  • Yuvraj Singh

    Error on 53.3%
    Isdone.dll error