Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Repack

At its core, Infinite Warfare returns to the roots of the franchise where cinematic, immersive storytelling takes center stage as told through an unfolding large-scale war and epic battles that deliver an authentic Call of Duty experience.

OS: Windows 7 64-Bit or later
Processor: Intel Core i3-3225 @ 3.30GHz or equivalent
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2GB / AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 75 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 11 Compatible

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare
Call of Duty Infinite Warfare
Call of Duty Infinite Warfare
Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

  • Zay Ye Htut

    I love U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Devil Bawa


    • zaim muafi


  • george mathew

    when will the link be available

    • i will post

      Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered before this one

      • george mathew

        I waiting for this game .I hope it is uploaded soon

  • Raj Khatri

    Please release your repack without multiplayer as we can’t play multiplayer on a cracked game.It will save space as well as time.

  • Gen

    you’re the best coliotte…

  • elfarus

    @ wt time u post the link

  • donz

    This is what i have been waiting for and kind of expecting fast upload from dzreack and you guys are doing great.
    Thank you a tonnnnnnn

  • chandelier61

    where are the links ?

  • repack is ready But uploading is taking forever
    will post tomorrow

    • Sameer Abbasi


    • Mgun Murugan


  • Rizwan Moiwala

    what will be the size and when it will get uploaded coliotte. because reloaded is giving 63 gb file

  • Misafir Çocuğu

    English language upload please 🙁

    • Erhan

      burda ne işin var :d

      • Misafir Çocuğu

        Ben heryerdeyim. 😊 buldum. Video bile yayınladım. Like atar mısın videoma. Youtube ‘Misafir Çocuğu’

  • Mgun Murugan

    repack will be around 40-42gb.. other repack teams shrinked to 45 gb.. thats the lowest


    where is battlefiled 1????

    • Mgun Murugan

      repack is only for cracked games

  • some people started sownloading this repack directly from our server without our permission Since we didnt post the links here officially
    the iso files has been moved now so the download process will stop for them so don’t complain About that Until i do some tests and post it here

  • donz

    Coliotte when can we expect this repack??

    • Torrent Links ADDED

      • donz

        Thank you soooo much
        you are a life saver

  • lab u DZ repack team..especially Coliotte..:D

  • Rizwan Moiwala

    Thank you very much coliotte.

    • you are more then welcome 🙂

  • chandelier61

    Torrent’s links are 404 not found ? Where’r the links?

  • Mohammad Samiul

    If you have more time.. Try to upload google drive too.. I hope it will more op than other download speed 😀
    But I can get 6000 kb/s from archive server. Still google drive more power to share 🙂

  • batuhan


  • Samet

    türk varmı burda 😀

    • Erhan

      olmazmı ! heryerde

    • bugra2941

      he hazır türk varken gençler bu repack de kayıp varmı yani multiplayer felan?

    • kasap46

      Her yerdeyiz çok şükür

  • Eso

    Kbagi not working, in codiw folder is only mad max.iso,

  • Jes

    i can not find your torrent file..

  • maheshomf

    thanx a lot guys, can u provide split links of 1gb or 2gb?

  • Jay Don

    BF1 pls 🙂

  • Waseem Jan

    Thank you very much uploader

  • sasuke peach

    kbagi pls upload :d

  • Alex Kosiak

    No Zombies?
    Either there’s no zombies or I’m just getting an error?
    Which one is it Coliotte?

    • Alex Kosiak

      Hah it seems he won’t answer as he’s too scared..oh well.

  • Ravi kumar

    RIP KBAGI ,,,admin plz reupdate this dead zombi link..

    • uploading on it for 2 days that thing is so slow
      it’s at 65% now

  • Hiten

    dz server and archive is really slow? usually i get full speeds.

  • Dave Smallz

    i just downloaded it and the setup file is not working?

  • Dinker

    Thanks. Working great.

  • abdullah hashmi

    archive server not working i am stuck at 70%

  • fasi
  • fasi
  • Muneeb Ahmad

    Thanks a lot coliotte! Downloaded and installed on my msi gp62 2qe. Playing at 1920×1080; video settings normal. During installation processor usage !>12% even after enabling HT and using 7 cores; still installation time was only one hour. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you so much for your feedback !
      You made My day 🙂

  • donz

    Work like charm….thank you so much dzteams…
    keep it up.

  • Fethi Ben Kheridla

    archive link not working :'(

  • abdullah hashmi

    Come on man archive ink not available i am stuck at 72

  • abdullah hashmi

    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz fix it right now plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • jason maasdorp

    archive server down cant resume with idm…please check thanks

  • doctor proctor

    archive server down. Damn I’m stuck at 99.7%. Sigh…
    Please Heellpp!!!

  • Ravi kumar

    hey admin plz fix kbagi or archive sever soon,,,COZ we all stuck mid download…..

  • Hon Kwanor Maxwell-Colby

    …Admin plz help
    …Direct x encountered unrecoverable error…

    • ……………. try to reinstall direct x ?

      • Hon Kwanor Maxwell-Colby

        ….i have done that already….

  • GRippo

    admin pls fix archive server !!!!

  • basilis

    please fix KBAGI server thenx

  • ahmed neim

    plz archieve server not available and stopped downloading at 17 gb
    help plz

    • il venditcatore

      continues with the torrent

      • Waseem Jan


        • il venditcatore

          continúa con el torrente

      • ahmed neim

        How is that

      • ahmed neim

        How is that

  • Alex

    Pleaseeeeeeee Fix tje archive server my download is at 99,48 with idm and it want to continue please Fix it please
    Ps: y’our the best DZ REPACK TEAM

    • you cant resume for our server
      if you are using idm just make sure to click NO when a windows pop up and ask you if you want to download from the start

      • ahmed neim

        it wonnot continue with your server
        it doesnot downloaded with imdb

        • ok calm down i’m working on it

          • ahmed neim

            thanks alot you r the best

  • IamBeei

    Yeah, archive server is gone. Help coliotte!

  • fasi
  • fasi ji
    • ahmed neim

      plz dz server not download with idm with me while archive server dowload with it
      do you know how to solve that

      • working on fixing that

        • ahmed neim

          thanks alot for help

  • Rizwan Moiwala

    Can you please upload far cry primal, please

  • am re-uploading Guys
    don’t worry 🙂

  • 2 new links will be posted here in 1 hour

  • Jonathas S C

    This version is the Deluxe Edition?

  • Ravi kumar
  • Ravi kumar

    thanks admin for updating kbagi link,, now i’m getting 5 MB/PS + speed……….thanks alot for your help

  • archive added

  • doctor proctor

    how to resume download from the archive server anyone? I’m downloading with IDM. It seems that it could not continue downloading perhaps due to the different address

    • i actually just checked and i can resume from any link
      since it’s the same file for all of them

      can you Show me what error IDM give you ?

      • doctor proctor

        Nevermind. I’ve managed to continue and finally installed the game. However, the game crashes soon I started the New Game and shows : Disc read error. assetfile29.pak. Can u help me with this please?

      • doctor proctor

        OK. I’ve reinstalled the game & it worked. TQ so much Coliotte as DZ Repack admin for this repack. You’re the best. Regards from Malaysia.
        Thanks again…

  • Guguk

    Stuck on 11% installation.what should i do?

  • Rizwan Moiwala

    ok so can you upload THE CREW please

    • Trolli

      The Crew was free on Uplay on semptember… where have you been? + its online game only.

  • Donald Tramp

    is dzrepack server down atm?

  • Trolli

    Torrent is super slow xd.

  • Ilham A. Pane

    I’ve installed the game, but the game crash and shows :Disk read error: ‘common’, please help

    • doctor proctor

      It happened to me once. Try reinstall the game. It worked for me.

      • Ilham A. Pane

        I’ve reinstall three times, still have a same problems, how do you uninstall the games?there are no uninstall.exe

        • doctor proctor

          I just delete the game folder & reinstall it back. In your case, I’m not sure what is the problem. Maybe the file corrupted during download process.

  • Rizwan Moiwala

    ok so can you upload uncharted 4.please

    • i dont upload PS4 games
      we only support Cracked PC games

  • Ravi kumar

    dear coliotte (DZ-ADMIN) thanks alot for ur excellent work, Game is working just amazing , and i’m getting 90+ FPS

    • awesome !
      Thank you so much for the feedback

  • Rizwan Moiwala

    OK at last I would request for battlefield 1 that was being uploaded but you didn’t upload it.

    • but the game is not cracked yet :p

  • Ricbert Ped

    Ive downloaded it twice but still the same problem with Skyrim SE. It says it successfully installed but when i check the directory, its only 3gb.
    How do I fix this?
    Im on Windows 10 64bit

    • do a force re-check using utorrent

  • Jan Herbst

    Hey Coliotte when I try to run the game after installation it says Disk read error: common any ideas how to fix it have installed it 5 times

  • Augustus Windsock

    Downloaded this game twice, and it still refuses to go past the second “IVCS” screen, the one where the circle is going round and round.
    My PC meets the recommended specs, and is running Windows 10 64bit, any ideas as to why its sticking at this same point every time?
    Any help would be most appreciated.

  • Romen Amstrong

    Ive got an error fatal error filesyscheck.cfg cannot found. any idea..?

    • reinstall the game

      • Emad Mohammed

        the same and i reinstall it

      • Ravi kumar

        Has homefront revolution been cracked ?? if yes plz upload as soon possible….

    • Farofa MuitoLoko

      antvirus off on instalation ?

    • Xennon

      Just start the game trough main folder.. NOT FROM DESKTOP.. I have the same problem and it’s working for me.

  • fasi

    archive server again slow😡100kbps to 200kbps

  • Aghiles Bellabiod

    the game freezes in the intro cinematic
    any help please??!!!

  • Avijit Pandey
    I get Good download speed in the start but after a few hours of downloading it reduces to about 200 kbps while other things are still at 2-3 mbps speed. And if i pause and resume the download it fails saying that your server is under maintenance. When I try to open your website to resume the file from there, even that doesn’t load up saying server is under maintenance . It only opens up only if i copy a particular address from your website and i ping it from cmd then the download resumes with good speed without problems until the next time i pause it. What exactly is the issue? How can i permanently fix it please help.

  • ghost killer

    archive server

  • ghost killer
  • ghost killer

    plzzz fix

    • fix what ?

      • ghost killer

        archive server

  • Farofa MuitoLoko

    all cool here, game runs good, remember to play whit adm setings on .exe direct on folder. Its possible change language ?

  • reuploading archive link

    • ghost killer

      how mutch time take that reuploading archive link

  • Mohit Saini

    hello Coliotte

    I am a big fan of your work.

    Can you tell me weather just cause 3 gonna cracked in future or i’ll have to buy the original game.? i am dying to play that game… please suggest

    • cpy may crack it one day
      btw i got the game on steam when it first Released
      the game is ok
      But i won’t get that excited if i was you

  • ghost killer
    • fixed

      • ghost killer

        thnx very much

  • Albo444

    Multiplayer dont work right

    • lol we do not offer Multiplayer
      you want To play Multiplayer .? buy the damn game from steam!

  • jafar obiri

    1920×1080 high settings 60fps
    coliotte U R awesome 🙂
    only problem cant connect xbox360 controller 🙁
    Keep up the good work

  • jacknezz88

    I already installed the game, but during playing the game suddenly quit into the desktop, anyone here also face the problem like this?

  • ghost killer
  • ghost killer


  • Bruce Waynee

    Bro please fix dz server i downloaded till 80% please please bro fix it i cant re download my speed is bad 🙁 please fix it.

  • Enrique Rodriguez

    Hello DZRepack team! I’m having this error when opening setup.exe . Is there a way I can fix this? Thanks for everything you do!

  • ronpaul

    dzrepack server down pls fix

  • Samet
  • Samet

    türkler bi yoruma gelin up up 😀

  • ghost killer


    • John

      The game works fine. It’s most likely your pc that’s having issues.

  • ghost killer


  • ghost killer


  • ghost killer


  • Zearism

    admin..your server down?
    i can`t download anything..please fix it

    • fixed

      • Metal Messiah

        Hi there,

        Thanks for uploading this game. Btw, I’m getting very SLOW downalod speed, via torrent download ? Are the servers up and running ?

        • Metal Messiah

          Does my question not warrant at least a REPLY from your side ??

      • Zearism

        thank you..downloaded and play perfectly..awesome Coliotte

  • Samet
    • trevor af

      resume the download………..just replace the link with the new one….

  • Vishal Tonde

    I downloaded and installed this game… !!!
    Woahhhh… What an awesome graphics… this is the best graphics game I ever play…
    Game is running great…
    Thank You DZ REPACK TEAM… !!!

    • Thank you for Your positive feedback

  • i have been forced to shout down the direct links by the hosting companys because we have Exceededthe limits of our Bandwidth
    we have unlimited Bandwidth Plane however : OVER THEN 900tb consumed IN JUST 10 DAYS !!!!!
    and i didnt plan for that , anyways i have put a temporary replacement for you guys to resume for now
    in 5 days the old direct links will be back to work with no limits no matter what .
    sorry for the inconvenience caused to you

  • Rachit Kathuria

    hey @coliotte:disqus just wanna ask if this is a digital delux edition ??

  • Rogelious

    I’m getting steam_api64r.dll do i download that somewhere else? @coliotte:disqus

    • steam_api64r.dll is part of the game crack
      your av have deleted it
      you need restore it from it

      • basilhs

        I things its rily it’s various . my pc nids format

  • fasi
  • Vishal Tonde

    I completed all missions of COD-IW & COD-MWR both games…
    Both games are great…
    Awesome Graphics…
    Thank you so much… DZ REPACK TEAM… !!!

    • Rachit Kathuria

      just wanna ask if this is a digital delux edition ??

      • Vishal Tonde

        The Call of Duty®: Infinite Warfare Digital Deluxe Edition includes Call of Duty®: Infinite Warfare, Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® Remastered* and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Season Pass**

        but this is only COD-Infinite Warfare… !!!

        • Rachit Kathuria

          Yh ik but got confused since some other uploaded uploaded the game calling it the digital delux edition and to my surprise it only includes iw

  • Samet
    • Vishal Tonde

      Launch game from game folder path… not from shortcut…
      Run as administrator… !!!

      I also face this error when I try to launch game from Desktop shortcut… !!!

  • Raphael Raphael Raphael

    Have Zombies mode?

  • YINYANG404

    Please fix the archive server ASAP 🙂

    • fasi

      kbagi server fast:)

      • YINYANG404

        Actually, mine really fast using the archive server compared to kbagi, and I got only 5% left to complete the download 🙁

  • Texhque

    hye dz ^_^
    Archive server is deleted… please update 🙂

    • fasi

      kbagi server fast

    • Rachit Kathuria

      just change the link to some other working server’s link in the file properties in idm it will resume the download
      may ask you that the date or something was modified so would you like to start from the begining just select no
      it will then resume the download

    • fixed

      • Texhque

        Thx DZ… the game can play ^___^ :-*

  • Dave Jigar

    i too had problem .but then i open from the game folder ,opened in safe game mode , set resolution, sound setting , depth of field.and voila Game runnig super. Cant play zombies and multiplyer mode when opened the game would crash and exit.

    • you Cant play zombies and multiplyer mode without steam
      and you need to buy the game for 60$ from steam in order to do so
      cracks offers sp only

  • re-uploading on archive

    • Miranda Swan

      please do any archive links not working here 🙁

  • Nilesh Singh


  • Daniel Medina

    hello i hope you guys are ok, i got this message when i`m playing the state of the space it says disc error eng_patch_shipcrib_moon and black screen any one could help me?

  • Bhargav Baruah

    Got stuck in the mission Burn Water, towards the end when we exit titan and the Olympus hits my Jet.
    Is it a bug? Can you please provide a solution to it.

    • hmm i finished the game and i didnt face this problem so i dont know what the cause or how to fix it for you

      • Bhargav Baruah

        It got fixed on its own, might have been a system glitch. Thanks anyways 🙂

        • Praful Gupta

          buddy can you tell me how did you fixed it??

  • Rishav Kumar

    @coliotte:disqus – i just have a simple question. i installed your infinite warfare, quantum break & modern warfare remastered. how do i uninstall these games ??
    I can’t find these games in program & features !! nor can i find a uninstall file in the game directory !!
    how do i remove these games ??
    someone please help me 🙂

    • you could just remove the game folder

      • Rishav Kumar

        okk !!
        but, it would be good if u add a uninstaller as well……which deleted traces from registry as well 🙂

        • lol there is no registry to begin with

  • archive links fixed

    • Miranda Swan

      admin, will it affect game ISO if I use direct link when archive link down ? I test and it’s downloading file where stopped with archive link but not sure about affect file parts.

  • Daniel Medina

    Thks for your response however that was not the solution i had to download other version of the game and the problem was resolt.

  • Munzir Khalil

    Can you post the installation instructions ?

  • Deepak

    i like dzrepack alot. it

    doesnt have huge collection as others but every game i downloaded was just single click downloads and every game working flawless. in every others site downloading is a big mess. thanks alot

  • Lokesh Chowdary

    hi i am getting error saying iw7_ship was not found can you help me ?thax

  • Dipesh Gupta

    I am at the point in the campaign after blowing up the fuel tower, and after trying to leave orbit and where i am telling my wingmen that im deadstick and trying to pull up and saying dammit.. I cant, game keeps running, but i stop advancing, never getting any closer to the enemy carrier. I have retried the mission, many restarts and the game keeps hanging up at the same point, i can point the ship up and down and even destroy myself by flying outside the safe zone. Please help.

    • Archive link fixed

      • thanks admin, I’ve refreshed address with direct link and force rechecked with uTorrent after download complete. seems ISO file ok but did not install still. you think it will damage files ?

        • There is no damage, game working perfectly 🙂

          thank you.

  • Ahmed

    Download from the website has stopped and refreshing address has failed!! Any

    • Ahmed

      Ideas…Sorry for the interruption

  • Yunik

    DZ server link expired !

  • Adzie

    error 404 – File or directory not found.
    The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

    i ready download 82% waiting resume please help…

  • Omar Jaban

    i have problem in the end of mission 5, is there any fix for it?
    the aircraft is exploding by itself.
    thank you

    • Omar Jaban


  • Adzie

    please Admin, DZ server link problem…
    error “The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.”

  • Mansoor Kapadia

    ERROR: couldn’t load filesyscheck.cfg

  • Shreyas Gopalarathnam

    direct link dz server is not working. please do something

  • Duschek Marco

    it dosent work,when i start as admin in the main folder

  • Tijay Zacky

    admin please i need your help,, at this stage everything stops work except the guns work. please help

  • Ramon Dizon

    hi coliotte, thank you for the repack. works great, ultra settings 60fps on my 4.6ghz i7 4790k and 32gb ddr3 and gtx 1060 6gb. keep up the good work. however, can anyone tell me how to take a screenshot? prt screen or f12 doesnt work. thanks in advance. also i used the torrent and it was fast. again, thanks a million.

  • Rizwan Moiwala

    Can you please upload far cry primal cpy coliotte?

  • Avijit Pandey

    please fix the archive link it says item not found and even the dz repack server is not working.Please fix it

  • Bapan Bungrung

    can i play at win10pc with i3