Dragon Age Inquisition RePack


Your New Adventure Begins. Thedas needs heroes, and it’s up to you and your party of warriors to save the land from darkness in BioWare’s Dragon Age: Inquisition.



About the Game

Your New Adventure Begins.

When the sky opens up and rains down chaos, the world needs heroes. Become the savior of Thedas in Dragon Age: Inquisition. You are the Inquisitor, tasked with saving the world from itself. But the road ahead is paved with difficult decisions. Thedas is a land of strife. Factions constantly war with each other even as a larger demonic invasion has begun. And you? You and your band of champions are the only ones who can hold it together. It’s your job to lead them… or fall.

Enthralling, Choice-driven Narrative – You’re not just deciding who to send into which battle in Inquisition, you’re making important decisions that shape the future of Thedas. Each choice carries weight, and your actions can lead to a variety of outcomes. Inquisition is a highly personalized journey, where one wrong move could set in motion a series of events that alter the physical aspects of the world itself, making your Thedas – and your heroes – feel truly unique.

A Massive World to Discover – The world of Thedas has never been bigger or more detailed; it’s wide open, and ripe for exploration. Discover enemy keeps ripe for the taking. Unearth hidden caves filled with lurking creatures. Thedas is vast and dangerous, but uncovering its secrets can spell the difference between victory and defeat.

Intense, Strategic Combat – There’s no wrong way to play Dragon Age: Inquisition… except for the way that gets you killed. Fortunately, the optional strategic view gives you a god’s-eye vantage on battle. Time stops while you plan in this view, but if that’s not your style, you can just barrel ahead, crossbows blazing.

All Updates Cracked

Direct links                              

- extract the rar files inside the game folder 

–  enjoy


Direct Link






OS: Windows 7 or 8.1, 64-bit
Processor (AMD): Quad core @ 2.5 GHz
Processor (Intel): Quad core @ 2.0 GHz
Memory: 4 GB
Graphics Card (AMD): Radeon HD 4870
Graphics Card (NVIDIA): GeForce 8800 GT
Graphics Memory: 512 MB
Hard Drive: 26 GB
DirectX: 10
Internet: 512 kbps up and down


OS: Windows 7 or 8.1, 64-bit
Processor (AMD): Six core @ 3.2 GHz
Processor (Intel): Quad core @ 3.0 GHz
Memory: 8 GB
Graphics Card (AMD): Radeon HD 7870 or R9 270
Graphics Card (NVIDIA): GeForce GTX 660
Graphics Memory: 2 GB
Hard Drive: 26 GB
DirectX: 11
Internet: 1 Mbps up and down

* Xbox 360 controller supported
* 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card



  • Sam Welch

    sooo excited to play this everyone in my group of friends has been talking about it XD

  • Guest

    Which crack do you use? skidrows v2 one out doesn’t work for many of us.

    • first this cracks are made by 3DM not skidrow .

      any way you can use any Crack you want and i think that 3dm will make a v3 and v4 ….. :p like alwayse

      • 3DM has a new crack (When you start up the game it tells you there is a new one) they Give you also a link. But my Chinese is not that good >.< XD

  • Dje Santos

    DX 10 Really??

    • no i dont think so sorry

    • SyedNawaz

      DX10 work. but keep the effect quality medium or below. Else game will crash. If such happens delete ProfileOptions_profile in documens > Bioware>Dragonage>Save

  • Coolstan

    wow nice!

  • yes finally its here yeyyss cant wait to play it
    hey its true that this game is playable in dx10??

  • Harry Huab

    Dzrepack Upload the Final Fantasy 13-2 PLEASE

  • Zahira

    Can you please upload FF 13-2?

  • kn1fe

    the installation is longer than I expected. Is this normal? An hour already passed.

    • Black.s19

      yes it takes up to 2 hours to install

  • pain

    dzrepack admin, this DA is a normal version or inquisition deluxe edition?

  • Ngân Hà

    some thing wrong about this crack!!!

  • Ngân Hà

    Anyone play this repack?

    • Black.s19

      a lot of people played this repack, it’s no different than AGB’s repack and the others repacks

      • Befuddled

        I’m new to dz’s repacks. It wants me to input a product code and i can’t find one so have i installed it wrong or is it in the files somewhere?

        • Black.s19

          that’s because u haven’t cracked the game

  • Keo

    Just somehow, Origin keeps on popping out..

    • Oussama Bennany

      me too solution plzz 🙁

  • Satan

    do not download this game if your computer system is weak and poor

  • Akiro

    have crack yet?

  • Hasan

    Pls Upload Final Fantasy XIII-2 🙂

  • Oussama Bennany

    origin pop up help plzzz 🙁

  • SwagMaster

    Origin Fix pls.

  • gonnacry

    i gonna cry origin make a uptdate noo ;(
    pls pls fix this

  • Panji Sujaya

    its corrupt

    • player

      same problem for me in coregames repack so it’s not only in dzrepack :/

    • try force-recheck using utorrent and make sure you have more than 23gb in your c:/ drive for the temp files

      • Panji Sujaya

        im using direct download link, because in my region downloading files with torrent is suck

        • i dont want you to download the whol game
          just fix the file you downloaded from the direct link using utorrent

          • Panji Sujaya

            but i dont know what kind of file is broken

          • Radyt Scorpian Novembry

            makannya pake torrent, lagian download pake IDM , error tanggung sndiri. jgn protes ke admin

          • Panji Sujaya

            yg protes sp -_-

          • Panji Sujaya

            problem solved , i decided to redownload the whole game and it works thanks before 🙂

      • umair

        i have 19gb in c can i well be fine ?

  • Origin Sucks

    Getting Origin Authentication Error. They should stop that platform, no one likes Origin.

    • download ‘All Updates Cracked’ link above

      • Help pls

        After downloading it what do we do ? It keeps showing the same problem , Origin Authentication Error .

  • koolboi22

    Im playing this game fine on high!
    windows 7 x64
    amd fx 8350
    sapphire toxic r9 270x

  • Tom

    Does anyone know how to install the All Updates Cracks?

  • Panji Sujaya

    Another problem , i got origin pop up update…then i close it and trying to run the game using launcher.exe buat its stopped working

  • alibabi

    I cant seem to get the game to run, everytime i click launcher nothing happens. it shows up in task manager for a sec then closes

    • Plotik

      try start as admin

      • Whitehoof

        I tried to run as admin. Doesn’t work either. I downloaded this torrent and installed it but it just doesn’t launch..

        • Daniel Beego

          same like you

    • Tjay

      Hey tell me if you get a solution to this cause i have the same problem

      • alibabi

        So i got it working, i completely uninstalled, then i ran the install as admin.Once it was done installing i copied all the contents from the all updates cracked folder into the game directory. then i ran the launcher as admin and it worked!! Thanks for the upload!!!!

  • ashemmi

    cant really get it working…

  • Kab

    I’ve unloaded the crack into the game folder and am trying to run through launcher, but the origin sign in keeps coming up. Anything I’ve missed?

    • John

      Dont turn your antivirus off… there’s a nice surprise inside

  • Amr Yasser

    is this digital deluxe edition ?

  • Z

    DragonAgeInquisition.exe crashes whenever I try to run the game with Launcher.exe. I installed the game and copied all the files from allUpdatesCracked into the game folder. What’s the deal?

    • You’re using the wrong version of the crack. I was using the v3 crack for hours until I decided to switch it up and use v2… it fixed everything. No Origin, started up just fine, etc.

      • Z

        Thanks, this solved the problem! Stupid broken new crack…

  • I figured out why it doesn’t open for some of us. It’s really, really simple. You ready for this?

    You’re using the wrong version of the crack. I was using the v3 crack for hours until I decided to switch it up and use v2… it fixed everything. No Origin, started up just fine, etc. Framerate could be higher, but I don’t mind so long as it’s above 30.

    • shadow

      where can i get the v2 crack??

    • 2:04

      v2 crack included in the allupdates crack? or you have to search for it?

    • dragonagedoesn’twork

      Origin or new version of crack window opens with all the 4 crack. No matter which I use.

  • Gamma

    EA log in pops up every time it try to lunch the game ….even though i played it for 2 days now without problems …

  • Grick

    Hey, I can’t get the current crack to work. Can anyone link me to a previous version of the crack that did, like v2?

    • dragonagedoesn’twork

      In the all updates cracked there is a crack folder which contains al the 4 crack versions.

  • Chris

    This DZ version doesn’t come with a crack? It installs fine, but launches Origin and then requests activation with Origin….fail.
    Trying the Skidrow version now.

    • dragonagedoesn’twork

      What about the Skidrow? Does it work fine?

      • Chris

        Yep, the Skidrow crack worked fine. Had to turn off Windows Defender as it gives false positives and deletes the files, but then just copy and paste the entire contents of the RAR file to the game installation folder. Works perfectly. Game only works with my Xfire GPU in windowed fullscreen though, if I put it full screen, it’s just black. Bug in the game though rather than the crack

  • E-Side

    For the people saying the crack doesn’t work you probably have an antivirus or Microsoft Security Essentials tagging part of the crack at install or start up.

    Check for items tagged as Obfuscator and that’s probably the piece of the crack your losing and need to bypass Origin.

    What really sucks is Dragon Keep only works on legit versions so you’re stuck with the default world state. Unless you know someone with the game willing to set up a world state save game for you to play.

    • Kumar

      Everytime i extract the crack i get a pop up saying “detected threats are being cleaned”. I think it is what you are talking about how the firewall blocks the crack. How do i turn it off?

  • nigs

    cant find a crack folder? never had a problem with something like this before

  • Youssouf Archi

    after do all things from updates to crack after launch show the orgin plz fix

    • iori

      put the crack instal directx and vc and launch the game it did work for me

  • meow

    none of the cracks are working, they all open origins. what do?

  • Visiom

    I have a problem. Game is running, and once every 30 minutes it’s crushing. Any ideas how to fix it?

  • zzz

    after i download this repack, do i need to download that crack?? or everything already inside??

  • ToJA

    Please can you give me name this music in instalation?

  • carstenlarsen

    hi can someone please help me i got all the cracks and have installed the game but i cant get the game the start without origin’s popping up first (i have tired all the 4 cracks) either im a total idiot and cant find out how to use it or else….. well i dont know 😛 ^^

  • Tom

    DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO MAKE THIS WORK ? All the cracks and updates dont work and still open the origin activation error!

    • lol

      Mine , put the crack and it works . no bullshit , it just work

      • tom

        doesnt work for me though, can someone make a vid about this?

  • gink


    • GreekGeorge

      The game path can be anywhere lol! I installed in in C:/Games and it works

  • Ron

    Help when i launch the game its says its not compatible with the version of software i’m using ? i’m using 32bit.. does this game can only play with 64bit ?????

    • Solokn8

      yes. it only work on 64bit

      • Ron


  • Wirch

    Whenever I try to launch the game, it doesn’t do anything. No error, no missing .dll, anything at all. ]What am I doing wrong?

    • prince

      Same with me! :(( nothing happens.

      • salim AliLeChE

        install all vcredist and directx who are in the folder “_installer”

        • stew

          This let Dragon Age start up for me but it crashes after going through a couple of graphics.

          • Wirch

            Didn’t even work for me. Still does nothing.

        • prince

          i’ve already done that. still nothing happens. Mine contains only one redist folder. how about yours? does it have 2012 and 2013?

          • salim AliLeChE

            it has four folder “vc2008sp1” “vc2010sp1” “vc2012” “vc2013”

          • iori

            2012 and 2013

    • 1:13

      run as admin

      • Wirch

        Did that, nothing still.

        • Amarullah Zainal Abidin

          You replace all the folder and files from the crack folder and accidentally delete the important files from the original folders. It happen to me too. Now I can play happily.

  • salim AliLeChE

    does it work with :
    OS:windows 7 64-bit
    Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core 2.60GHz
    Graphics Card (NVIDIA):GeForce 210

  • Teddy

    I’ve been downloading the rar file thrice already but I end up getting a CRC failure error while unzipping.

    • George

      I think your HDD needs disk a check, is it old?

  • kamina450

    i try with all the crack but i have always the origin activation page….i don’t know why

  • Tom Thanh Lam

    Greatly appreciated if someone tell me how to bypass Origin activation page, please. I’ve tried every solution possible and nothing is working.

    • Solokn8

      disable your antivirus 3dm dll is missing

      • Tom Thanh Lam

        I’ve done everything. Now it says that DAI stopped working. What do I do, now?

    • GR

      I used crack V3 over the one included and no origin poped. 🙂

      • Tom Thanh Lam

        I used all the cracks and none of them seemed to work.
        It told me that DAI stopped working.

        • Amarullah Zainal Abidin

          Dude, don’t blindly replace all the crack folder into the game folder. you need to replace the files one by one into the specific folders or you will delete the important folders/files within the folders. Try check the size of the folders first (Eg: Data Folder from the crack and Data Folder from the game, almost 20Gb different if I am not mistaken). Check the file size and you will understand.

          But you still need to install DirectX and C++ from the Game folder first to make the game working.
          It is also important to download and install the Origin from the website to make the game work.

  • Miguel Rodrigues

    I’m feeling kinda dumb right now and it never happened to me before but i really can’t find the crack file. Can anyone help me out? ^.^”

    • Solokn8

      disable the antivirus

  • GeorgeGR

    I just used crack V3 over this and it worked like a charm. No Origin opens (i posted this again dunno why mod deleted this..)

  • gink

    cant even crack fifa or lord faleen..dont help downloaders properly..go and get fecked

  • ling

    I’ve done everything correctly (I think), no antivirus, no firewall activated, downloaded allupdatescrack but it keeps popping the Origin screen. I’ve tried with every single crack but none of them worked. Any solutions?

    • Amarullah Zainal Abidin

      Dude, don’t blindly replace all the crack folder into the game folder. you need to replace the files one by one into the specific folders or you will delete the important folders/files within the folders. Try check the size of the folders first (Eg: Data Folder from the crack and Data Folder from the game, almost 20Gb different if I am not mistaken). Check the file size and you will understand.

      But you still need to install DirectX and C++ from the Game folder first to make the game working.

      It is also important to download and install the Origin from the website to make the game work.

      If you still facing this problem try to run as administrator. the game will start few minutes latter. Yes MINUTES.

  • Jay

    When i try to download thru IDM or FDM the file size is 0 bytes and it always gives me a error.

  • FTK Brave

    does this include DLC’s??

  • eddiebro123

    help… any offline mood.. update and still online mode

  • Mark

    it wants me to download origin…..what do???

  • eddiebro123

    yes i can play now.. thanks guys… your rock..

  • swag

    Product code? what to do when it asks?

  • Amarullah Zainal Abidin

    Best Dragon age Game ever. Love how the world work. I am going to buy this game to support the game.

  • xtedted

    trying out the game.. if its good, im going to buy the original game ^_^

    • gr


  • darklamia

    i cant play the game, when i extract the crack folder, the game folder change its icon to some kind of “lock” icon

    • darklamia

      ok, i just solve the problem right now, but there’s another one, when i try to run the game, its suddenly become black n the loading logo appear (i think), then its terminate by itself, can anyone help me?

    • iori

      extract the crack folder open it and copy all and past into the game folder and instal vc and dirX launch the game and wait 1min it works ……

  • 2:44

    can you give us the new update for this?

  • eddiebro123

    turn off or delete antivirus and it work ,, that what i do..

  • Harry Huab

    Is it Stuck or still loading ? please help guys -_-

    • 5:30

      usually it takes up to 2hrs to finish installing.. after that run the crack “Launcher.exe” as admin, it works fine with me

    • Jackson

      I got stuck on cas_20.cas . Did it finally end up loading for you or what?

  • Harry Huab

    Origin Appears -_- PLEASE Help how to fix this

  • Araska

    So I take it that this just doesn’t work. No one here seems to be able to get it to do so and no on over on KAT has either.

    • 5:30

      just run the crack as admin.. I got no problem at this game

  • Justin Lloyd Gray

    Asks to activate game. Even after with crack. Needs a product code. What’s the work around or a key gen I can get?

  • Anon

    Run launcher.exe to play the game…

    • AnonIsAnIdiot

      You and I and everyone knows that doesn’t fix the problem, moron

  • Zomg

    Im running Windows 7, got Dragon Age repack version and even download the v3 crack to be sure. I unpacked it and install the crack, all the files are there including the 3dmgame.dll. I run the Launcher.exe as adminstrator and nothing happens. Anyone got a clue how to fix this?

    • t リズイ

      so… it’s not just me

    • Aice

      Same here, tried the V3 crack, and just the clean install by DZ alone, no action when I run the launcher. With or without antivirus. Will keep on trying

    • Aice

      UPDATE: Managed to make the game run.
      1)Download the 2.5 update and crack V2
      2)Install all the VC++ redist in the _Install folder, or download from Microsoft. For 2008,2010s1,2010s2,2012,2013.
      3)Download the Core files, should be somewhere around.
      4)Copy the crack contents into the installation folder
      5)Copy the update contents in the installation folder, make sure you replace everything.
      6)Copy the core folder contents in the installation folder
      7)Select all files in the installation folder, in properties, uncheck read-only. Apply changes
      8)Run Launcher.exe as admin. If you have NVIDIA Videocard, download the latest drivers (Past 340, at least)

      Hopefully this helps someone.

      • Anon17279012

        Core files?

  • Frustrated Guy

    I installed the Update 2.5 and the new crack V4 Realeased today . AND IT STILL DOWNLOAD WORKS!

    • Marquis

      Hi man ! could you please tell me where you find the crack ?
      whn i extract and plsy, after choosing my player, i was in a no mans land i’m in a empty valle borded with mountains and nowher to go 🙁

  • Other Frustrated Guy

    Why when i try launch the game it launch Origin ? i need origin to play , + there is no readme or what for install ? wtf ?

    • Name

      run launcher.exe not the other one.

      • Jackson

        I run launcher.exe as admin and still get origin popup. Do I need to download a crack separately or something? Where is the crack?

        • Jackson

          I had to end up downloading a crack, windows defender had apparently deleted the crack file, and it was easier to download a crack seperately than re-install the whole thing.


    I got this to work – So the repack version is fine and is complete (no need to download other updates or crack files). It didnt work for me initially and i had to try a few things before it worked. Don’t give up guys!

    For all those having problems please make sure you are:
    1. Install the game with the crack files (launcher, 3dmgame.dll, 3dmgame.ini). If your installation is successful, you should get these files in you dragon age directory.
    2. Disable your antivirus or create an exception in your antivirus so it won’t automatically delete you crack files
    3. Play the game using “Launcher.exe” [NOT DragonAgeInquisition.exe]
    4. IMPORTANT – You must have administrator access. A lot of people are successful because their account in Windows is the Administrator. For those who are, Right click on “Launcher.exe” and click “Run as Administrator”

    Big thanks to the dzrepackteam for the crack

    • Anon

      I try to launch the game through the Launcher.exe and it doesn’t work… no message or anything just nothing.

      • Jonny McKee

        i got the same no idea


      I should add:
      1. You MUST disable your antivirus BEFORE installing the game. Chances are if you are looking at comments, you didn’t do this and your files are gone. You need to either download the crack files OR reinstall the crack file (this time after you disabled the crack file)
      2. Just because you are the ‘administrator’ or have the admin account doesn’t necessarily mean you are running the application with administrator rights.

      • Shubham Simon

        link to the crack files?

  • JennyLucy BooBoo

    Does this work With Dual core processor ??

  • Echo de Ocampo

    why i cant open the game i already do all the thing said but still it happen

  • gOdFaThEr

    Tried everything mentioned here….still cant get pass origin….even with the v4 crack, I still get the origin popup…and the game doesn’t launch…..help please…!!

  • asghar hussain

    game dragon age need origin product code but i do not have it.

  • picako

    Hi I see Origin login widow. Why any crack not working?Antyvirus and firewall are OK, I see DA:I proces in task manager but game not started. Sometimes i see Origin, sometimes EA Activator and sometimes “program has stopped working”. Why? Sorry for my english ;D

    • Name

      run launcher.exe not the other one..

      • picako

        I know i i run it with admin access. Always i can see proces in Task Manager but game not started.

        • wisnu maulana

          same problem T^T

  • Appocaylpse

    guys why i cant get that chest with special stuff ,from DLC? how u get that ,i cant get it no matter how i try =( i have all files of dlc in my folder but when in game nothing 🙁

  • Sean

    games work perfectly for me.. just installed and run the launcher with admin…

  • Zlache

    works exelent really easy installer im gonna get more from u THX a LLOT!

  • Jackson

    Can someone give a step by step process of how to make this work? Is origin necessary, where’s the crack etc.

  • Kuroneko

    direct download not working

  • SEED


  • ShakalakaBaybeh

    ADMIN, pleaseee fix the direct link, THK!! 🙂

  • 7:25

    please crack the update 3 bioware released for pc

  • majsiczek

    I have a problem, it worek all fine at start. but today i reseted my computer and it stopped working , when i try to turn on it goes for few seconds black screen and it goes off. Maybe some1 knows how to repair it?

  • lilbidS kanoS

    It would be really helpful if a admin say something about the direct link, if it can or is going to be fixed.. Thanks

  • 6:39

    still no update for patch 3?

  • Fools

    Obvious fake

  • Connie

    Origin asks for activation key…Please help?

  • Sergio Sampaio

    direct link game is broken

  • Fern Rodriguez

    Funciona de 10 ningún problema, descarga (antes de terminar la descarga desactive el antivirus y todo lo que podría borrar el crak. Instale sin problema, instale el contenido de la carpeta rendist o algo así xd. y Ejecute como administrador al LAUCHER y todo perfecto, luego salí del juego y active el antivirus de nuevo y demás cosas, ya llevo 4 días jugando.

  • direct Link is dead -_-

  • Ion Jauregui

    shows me this error: BEX64
    Firma con problemas:
    Nombre del evento de problema: BEX64
    Nombre de la aplicación: DragonAgeInquisition.exe
    Versión de la aplicación:
    Marca de tiempo de la aplicación: 547df6a5
    Nombre del módulo con errores: StackHash_c970
    Versión del módulo con errores:
    Marca de tiempo del módulo con errores: 00000000
    Desplazamiento de excepción: 0000000000004490
    Código de excepción: c0000005
    Datos de excepción: 0000000000000008
    Versión del sistema operativo: 6.1.7601.
    Id. de configuración regional: 3082
    Información adicional 1: c970
    Información adicional 2: c970c263d0de2a26f69f1a77d87c3cd1
    Información adicional 3: dbe8
    Información adicional 4: dbe8155ff478aa00c77453c602160420

  • is it work on my laptop vaio, ram 2gb, icore3 dear?

  • Ion Jauregui

    I got to make it work:
    corrected this error BEX64:ntdll.dll error ;adding this in the CMD in admin mode: DEP feature is disabled using command ==> bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff
    And corrected

    this error: BEX64: StackHash_c970. Installing Visual C++ Redistributable para Visual Studio 2012 Update 4

  • flyingdutch42

    so the torrent on kickass got pulled a while back, luckily i got it somewhere else. so someone please help with a step-by-step, i unzipped, copied the contents of the Updates folders and merged, and got the “Origin not found; Origin Needed” error, after installing all the old C++ packages (would’nt work until I installed all of them). Then I installed Origin, and got one step farther, but now Origin asks to Activate the game when I run the .exe (I am using the plain Launcher.exe and it displays the Cracked by GlowStorm and running as Admin.) I thought the crack was integrated into that launcher, and surely Activating the game online through Origin will get me a ban, report, ect., so I didn’t do that. But now I haven’t a clue as to what to do???

  • paulo

    plz re-upload the direct link, the torrent link sucks.

  • Juan Olguin Mtb

    i unistall origin but i cant play, what i should do? 🙁

    • medhat

      try to run it as administrator it should work and you will pass the activation process

      • muyto

        Doesn’t work with the admin rights either.

  • gerger

    please reupload direct link? :(((

  • John

    Hey guys.. I have downloaded this game and my specs are

    I7 1.73ghz

    ATI 5470 1GB

    6gb Ram

    500gb HDD

    Win 7 Home Premium

    I have a problem… The game works perfectly, ran surprisingly good… but some heavy frame rate drop in some area… still its playable with my specs.. My settings are

    Everything is either low or off except post process on ultra (doesnt take much memory but makes the view more bearable)

    and Post process antialiasing at low

    My screen resolution goes to 1024×765 (lowest resolution possible)

    and my Resolution scale is at 60 (Yeah not good but still with my spesc, its a wonder it still works)

    Most area goes to 28-20 fps

    Heavily populated area goes 25-17 fps

    (In one mission where you meet the grey warden with hawke, heavily frame rate drop there… dont know why..)

    Anyway… my problem here is everything works ok but the ambience sound, combat sound went missing… Dialogue went fine (except the party banter which most of the time everyone is silent like for every 10 minutes) i can here everything but the background sound… is there anyopne having similar problem as me? please, need help…

    • John

      Sme prob here, anyone could give us any thought here pls… the combat sound does not sync with mine too.

      • Hansel

        Yo me too mate, ur gpu though mate its pretty old. pls the fix peps

  • Juan Olguin Mtb

    guys.. i have install the game and the crack,but i think i have a problem with the graphics, take a look when i will played 🙁
    (srry 4 my bad english)

    • Sol

      Update your drivers.What graphic card do you have?

  • Futtermunchken

    I have no idea what I’m doing wrong i downloaded it then when i tried installing it it only goes to a maximum of 40% completion and no futrther can some one explain what is happening to it :<

    • Juan Olguin Mtb

      u have to wait..

  • Arnata

    Whats the song in the installation?

    • Edem

      Seconded, where in the world did you got the music for the installation….like…. I was hesitant to press next because I didn’t want the music to end. ohh and I was able to download the game thanks guys

    • SpaceWalker189

      Bweni Mzouri

      • Edem

        any minus one or instrumental you’ve found?

  • koray

    this is not suitable for 32 bit !!!

  • Darkkiraz

    Long waiting for the installation, is normal?

    • koray



    Is asking me for activation, and I’m runing it as administrator.

  • Jonny McKee

    ive installed,when i launch the game it dosnt do anything

    any advice?

    • chongo

      before installing shut down your antivirus

  • chongo

    updates links are dead , we need new link’s please

  • koray

    I get this error, what should i do?

    • Nanocigt Carlos

      dude use the laucher for play

      • Mike Leo

        dude, i have the same prob, ran the launcher as admin, deactivated my anitvirus/windows defender and still nothing.

        • Myuto

          Same problem. And the update links are broken too T_T

  • Akhmal

    Updates and Crack link are DEAD please fix

    • Bit_Pulsar

      Sad. This game would be better with update. Please hear this man, uploader. We beg for your help

  • Mehmed

    any other people here have no sound during combat?

  • Nero

    I’m so disappointed :l

    • Don

      Dont activate your anti virus… add exception to your game file.. redownload crack put them in your game folder… and use the launcher…

  • Coolstan

    Anyone on here been able to make it work? It’s quite disappointing to download 18gb and have to wait 5hrs for installation after which the game won’t work

    • Bit_Pulsar

      It’s work, man. I’m sorry to say this, but you need to re-install the game. The problem is, your AV probably deleted the DLL files needed for crack to run. SO, disable your AV while installing and exclude your game folder through AV configuration. Hope it’s help

      • Coolstan

        done that but it still doesn’t work. I’ve also tried every possible solution I’ve seen online like updating all VC (C++) redistributeables on my PC. Ran 3dm launcher as admin too. Game always shows the first black screen like its about to load and then it disappears. I don’t get any error messages too

  • Coolstan

    For those who still can’t run the game and who were experiencing similar problems (The game running in task manager for a few secs/mins and disappearing) here’s how i fixed mine. I tried every possible solution i found online but nothing worked.
    This issue is common with computers with dual graphics. So if you have one you’re likely to be having this same problem.
    1. Update your intel drivers. The best method of doing this by going to Intels website and downloading their driver update utility.
    Just install it and let it auto scan and detect which drivers need updating.
    Then install and reboot your pc.
    2. Update your AMD/Nvidia drivers (Wasn’t necessary in my case as just updating Intel HD graphics drivers fixed it)
    3. Uncheck run as Administrator from the 3DM Launcher (Very Important)
    Yea i know a lot of forums and threads online told you to run as admin. Well now am telling you to do the opposite.
    4. Start the game and enjoy.

    • BooFox

      hello whats is 3DM and how do u uncheck as Administrator?

      • Coolstan

        3DM is a Chinese forum. Simply put they’re the guys that made the crack. You should see a file called launcher.exe in your crack folder along with two other .dll files. That’s the 3DM launcher am talking about. To uncheck run as administrator right click on the Launcher.exe file and select properties. Then go to the compatibility tab and untick run as administrator.

        • BooFox

          thank you very much

        • BooFox

          What do i do if the setup closes itself after a few seconds?

          • Coolstan

            In that case i suggest you disable your antivirus

    • Muyto

      What is the solution for origin problem? It is installed properly but when i run the 3dm launcher(with or without admin rights) or if run the game exe, it opens origin and asks for the origin detail.
      Any help with this? :/

  • Coolstan

    One more thing. I thought DAI is a 3DM show. So why is CODEX unlocking weapons and stuff within my game???

  • LostDamn

    Ummmm,the crack update link is no longer available,can fix it???? XD

  • Janko Muzykant

    Game works fine. Thanks!

    • Muyto

      What did you to make the game work? Mine just opens with origin

      • Janko Muzykant

        I did nothing. Just install repack, and start game from desktop. Before start instal, i turned off antywirus and that’s all.

        • Muyto

          I did the same. But it is asking for Origin details 🙁

  • muyto

    1 day for the download, 5hrs for installation and now it asks for origin details!! Anyone else with the same problem? Any solution so far? :/

  • update link is break..

  • russ02

    it work fine for me,, but the loading times are too long ,, can anyone know how to fix it???

  • Mikael Chuaungo

    Always download pirated games that are few version updated(since you cant update pirated games them later). This one is Full of glitches, bugs, barely playable. Open the map, game crash, Fight starts Game crashes…
    Bioware has put up several patches and fixes.. look for the latest version. This version is a Repack of the launch version and its very very unplayable.

  • Christo

    Can I import my save from the Dragon Age Keep?

    • Christo

      Never mind found a save editor that can change your world state.

      • Yezz

        How? Can you share the details please? thanks

  • Prateek Thapliyal

    waited for 2 months for the game link to be fixed. And finally when it happened the update link is expired…..please fix it…. and i really hope it doesn’t takes another couple of months

  • Franklin

    Item not exist on Direct link & Torrent Crack download….. please fix…

    • Michael

      Item Not Available for Crack Direct and Torrent Link… please fix

  • Rafeeq

    whats the activation code?


    thanks for the game..

  • stirep

    the crack is gone -.-

  • Andi Zehn

    (Direct Link – DAGEDZ.rar)
    is there a downloadrate restriction? oO

  • Yontash

    torrent not working. can u plz reupload?

  • Sworup

    please update the crack

  • Safie Abdullah

    did anyone know the music during installation?

    • look for it on youtube “dz repack song”

  • Prateek Thapliyal

    Guys please fix the “crack” link. Can anyone please post an alternate link to torrentz or anywhere else???

  • dos

    don’t use kickass for torrent it became dmca target

    • added New link for this torrent .

  • Marwan Mohamed

    it says to me at 46.70 error 6 (Closed Anti Virus)

  • ecko Sarmiento

    origin error guys where is the crack can someone help me with this??

  • Amir Shah

    admin , link dead . pls update . thanks

  • all ftp link are dead… pls reupload

  • we still need this game

  • Transient_P

    After creating the character, I tried to start the game. Then it would show me the loading page where there gives some hints. After that, the game will exit rather than start. Who know how to solve this?

  • mohab

    guys you need to restore the cracks link plz

  • Gokul

    Guys which Dlcs does this version have i have installed and its working great please list dlcs included here

  • TK

    Please re-upload the direct link for the main game, my internet’s torrents are filtered and i can only download directly, would be much appreciated.

  • Pramudya Adhi

    please re-upload the torrent link for update adn crack

  • sss

    re-upload direct link please? Tqvm

  • Rishav Kumar

    plz fix the direct link !! ;'(

  • Rizal Shiddiq Fauza’i

    where’s the link