FIFA14 + UPDATE 1-2 (CV5) (ENG) [RePack]

FIFA 14 Ultimate Edition   MULTI 14   UPDATE 2   CRACKED

Experience the emotion of scoring great goals in EA SPORTS™ FIFA 14. The game plays the way great football matches are contested, with innovations to the award-winning gameplay that inspire fans to build play through midfield, dictating the tempo of a match.


About the Game

Experience the emotion of scoring great goals in EA SPORTS™ FIFA 14. The game plays the way great football matches are contested, with innovations to the award-winning gameplay that inspire fans to build play through midfield, dictating the tempo of a match. Feel the tension as chances are created, and experience the thrill of hitting the back of the net. A new feature called Pure Shot and a brand-new ball physics system will transform shooting, making every shot attempt feel real, and when players connect with the perfect strike, feel exhilarating. FIFA 14 delivers engaging online features and live services that connect fans to the heartbeat of the sport — and to each other — through EA SPORTS Football Club. FIFA 14 is football’s social network, where fans connect, compete and share with millions of others around the world.


 all updates and Crack v5 are included

Fixed all bug and crash.
For win 8/8.1,try to put in compatibility for windows 7


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OS: Windows Vista (x86 or x64)

Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 | AMD Athlon II x3

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 260 | AMD Radeon HD 5800 series

DirectX: Version 10

Hard Drive: 7GB available space


OS: Windows 7 (x86 or x64)

Processor: Intel i3 2100T | AMD Phenom II x4 or higher

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 560 | AMD Radeon HD 6800 series or higher

DirectX: Version 11

Hard Drive: 7 GB available space


  • chicken97

    when install an error occurred when unpacking

  • ganesh

    `can i get only the updates????plz help,….

    • coliotte
      • Timi

        Please help I can play the game but it keeps crashing after some time. why? Also I cant apply the update it says Core/Activation.dll is missing

  • sarel

    Hi i keep getting ISDone.dll error an error accurred when unpacking!
    Unarc.dll retured an error code: -1
    ERROR: archive data corrupted (decompression fails)

    • coliotte

      ISDone.dll or Unarc.dll error means that

      something wrong with installation make sure you have more than 8GB of free space on your C:/ drive. If you do. go to utorrent and recheck the download

      • Player

        if this problem i got when installing the game from the CD, how to fix me pls..

      • Timi

        At all download unarc.dll form the internet put it in systme32 or syswow64

  • blablabla

    How to use the update ? Help ?

  • Bivash Chowdhury

    is this update 2 will update the team squad???? like ozil, kaka, bale plz rep

  • Faiz Khatri

    I am not getting any response when double clicking on Crack FIFA 14 -3DM after installing the game. Plzzzzzz help

    • sasuke uchiha

      have you got the solution

  • bhismaraj rana

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  • abdulaziz sayd

    i install the game completely , even coping the crack and pasting in the game folder, but it says reinstall from the origi, wat does that mean. reply to the question

    • Amir Syak

      same to me…what does origin mean???

    • Rahul

      Same prob here.. Please help

  • hasan

    update paste na korle ki prob ase?????

  • asad

    how do i change graphics?

  • Rahul

    After installation when trying to click on icon.. opening an window.. When I am clicking on “Launch Game”.. Getting error as “Not find Fifa14.exe”.. What should I do? Please help. Thanks,

    • Michael

      same problem here, anyone found a fix?

  • Rahul

    facing the error when trying to run the game… “The program cant start because Core/Activation.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem” .. I have reinstalled again. Still same issue. Please help..

  • STM

    can i get crack only v5?

  • zitro

    the game got crashed every time i play. so what can i do to solve this?

  • butohski

    can i get the update only ?how do we install it ?

  • zakaria

    the game crashed in free kick

  • kk

    orgin no installed how to fix it.. ??!

  • mat

    i have already installed fifa14. when i want to play it will be fifa 14 has stop working. what should i do

    • Surazz Uprety

      same problem bro help me 2 plz

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    Please Help Me Guys!
    I Need A Protect Key ! 🙁

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    can you tell the process for installing

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