GTA IV Final eEvolution 2015 by ABAllA

Historically GTA games have focused heavily on mission-based play, requiring successful completion of fixed tasks in order for players to progress through the game, but this has changed to a great extent in GTA IV. Players will experience an entirely new…


about the game

New high resolution technology brings Liberty City to life with even more stunning graphical detail
Expanded multiplayer will require even more strategy and skill to come out on top
Custom Match allows you to pick your favorite multiplayer options and then instantly find online matches that fit
Record gameplay clips and edit them together with a variety of options using the Video Editor and upload via the Rockstar Social Club
Optimized for PC controls and Xbox 360 controller

important softwares

all credits go to ABAllA . this is not dzrepack work.

game tested works 100%

Direct Link






Requirements -Recommended
GPU : 2GB – OR – 3GB GDDR5
HDD : WD Black OR SSD Size : 20GB


    • Tanjidur Rahman

      love you Dz Repack ……… & also love GTA 4 ……………. 🙂

    • ギター エイドリアン

      please upload final fantasy XIII 2

      • ok

        • ギター エイドリアン

          Thank you admin!! Merry Christmas 🙂

        • bernard no sora

          Best admin ever!!!! merry chirstmas

    • Simone Diego Barbin

      tanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • sagar 4m india

      is it work on 4gb ram

    • Pyromaniac

      How do you go about making the multiplayer work?

    • buggy

      Do we need GTA IV for this?

      • mazdarati2

        nope, this is GTA IV but modded

    • Noureddine Lakamora

      make it MP

    • Гийгүүлэн Бадрууган

      Does it work on windows7 or windows8

      • Fortynine

        What a stupid question.

      • Boosie

        only on MsDos 3.1 Works 😀

    • Thecoolguy

      I need the gta iv game or i can just install it ?

    • ramesh animes

      link was not resumable

    • dennis

      doesnt work for me, seculauncher: failed to start game [2000]

    • Paolo ★★★★★

      same for me, securelauncher failed to start the game [2000]
      gtaiv.exe is not set to start in administrator mode. please help

    • Paolo ★★★★★

      how we do activate the cheat section?

    • Ali

      hi ,, any solutions to Out of video memory Game craash ? thnx a lot AMD 3.8 quad and ATI HD 2 GB card
      last drivers

      • Mohamad Jarmak

        maybe its because u have a 32bit windows?

        • Ali

          no man , i have 64 bit win 7

    • Pyro

      The multiplayer doesn’t work. It just keeps disconnecting me. Has anyone else had this trouble and found a fix for it.

      • CAT

        It’s cracked games. No multiplayer

    • Jack Oosterom

      Hello thank you for the game, but i dont get it working when i startup the game i only see ENBSERIES Intro. after that my screen goes black.
      can someone help me?

      thank you,

      • Paularo

        Same problem i am having

      • Nick Williams

        install all required [EVERYTHING] extras from ‘Extras_’ and del AppDataLocalR* GamesGTA IV, simple… :3

    • David Wolf

      Ho to instal ?

      • Paolo ★★★★★

        holyshit wake up man….merry christmas

    • n1c4

      direcxt 11 support?

    • Paularo

      Hello thank you for the game, but i dont get it working when i startup the game i only see ENBSERIES Intro. after that my screen goes black.
      can someone help me?

      • trix

        instal from Extras_ folder all programs and delete save/config
        C:Users**user**AppDataLocalRockstar GamesGTA IV

        • Paularo

          Its now Perfectly Working… Thanks trix

    • Laxit

      how to install bro.

    • ziad

      it crashes saying low on memory

      • Nick Williams

        use a commandline

    • Ale~x~Press

      Will this mod receive any updates because of the graphic problems it has when going to other cities like you start to lose all details and everything starts looking washed up?

    • YanYan

      hi guys? any of you encountering this error upon starting up the game? and adoes anyone know how to fix this? thanks in advance
      i5 2410m
      gtx 560m (driver version 344.11)
      8gb ram
      windows 7 ultimate x64

      latest visual c++ installed x86 and x64, dx9 updated

      • YanYan

        correction: dx11

        • Nick Williams

          install the required 2008 or 5 or 6 / 7 vc and bla bla

    • ahmad khalaf

      drunk cam fix please 🙂

      • Roman Kmeť

        same problem

    • Deucalion

      hey my this game said faild to start seculauncher 2000 please help

    • Kyle

      Okay so at first I could switch between characters, then I turned the game off then back on and now I can’t.Second, I’m at the part in the campaign where I need to get new clothes, but I can’t enter the clothing store. Could someone help me please and thank you 🙂

    • Little Guy

      how to change the video settings ?

    • FrostV

      hey how to change the video mode ?
      fix it please

    • Bhavik Mistry

      i have windows 8.1 and the game is not starting and stating some application error….please have a look at the image and please help.

      • naveed

        download this game crack

        • jackbauer

          where to get the crack..please give us the link ..tq

        • Bhavik Mistry

          where will i find the game crack..please help and reply

      • Venipa

        install directx lol

      • Nick Williams

        idiot, right click on your install folder and check if it is read only else use security tab and own it

      • Nick Williams

        dsound.dll is the .asi loader for scripthook.dll and .asi the problem would be dsound doesn;t have enough permissions to do it

      • Nick Williams

        or create a asilog,txt in your install folder. then #own it #way

    • AAAAAA

      6 hours of installation and it’s on 84% , i will hate you if it doesn’t work :@

    • Harry Huab


    • slk

      3 hours for installing the game , wtf ?

    • BVz

      @slk 3 hours seems understandable. Remember that this is a repack. It would normally take time. I took me like 1hr30ms to install. And I am loaded. Even with a 6GBps HDD it will take time because of the extraction. uh just like Watch Dogs.

    • AneeX

      Help please :/

    • AneeX

      i have this problem

      • helper

        it looks like you have to use another zip program

    • nope

      i ran the launcher and it did run the game, but now its stuck in a forever black screen dz WTF

    • chucky

      how to fix drunk cam??

    • BbKing

      I have the black screen right after I start the game. Is there a fix?


      the screen goes black and then GTA IV HAS STOPPED WORKING it says OUT OF MEMORY PLEASE REBOOT YOUR SYSTEM
      IM HAVING ‘ 2gb nvidia 840 m
      4gb ram
      i3 3gen pros.

      plz help dz

      • Azei

        dude, u need more ram than that.

    • dada

      how to disable enb series

      • nourou

        i search about
        this too

    • kamarul fikri


    • abdo


      • abdo

        plz fix it

    • Js25

      هل العبة تشتغل في ونداوز 7

      • S1rEz10

        اي اخي شغالة عندي

    • S1rEz10

      hey guys does this game works online with patch 1.7?

    • SAMER

      مرحبا بتشتغل اللعبة على CORE 2 DUO E8200

    • elmodmer2014

      هو رابط اللبنك المباسر مش شغال ليه مع انى كنت بحمل منه امبارح بس ومش شغال النهارده ليه

    • PasserBy

      im getting an issue with my graphic memory, it says something like 1200/ 55mb. how do i fix this running on nvidia 820m. thanks!

    • yassou

      torrent link dead , reupload PLZ

    • george bush

      لا يكون لديك علة؟

    • Anonymous

      Direct Link Dead

    • MoHaMeD GaMeR**

      it’s work for intel core 2 quad q9300 2.5 ghz 4gb ram gtx650 2gb ?

    • Gary Estacio

      where can i find the link

    • Gary Estacio

      the link plssss

    • Gary Estacio

      this is what is says



    • Cesar ALcount

      its run slowly…….how i fixed it

      and this screen appears

      • simo didi

        your GPU is low