HOW TO FIX ISDone.DLL or ISArcEXtract.dll Errore

[stextbox id=”black”]First.Β  turn off your anti virus before starting the setup and if u are using windows 8.1 or 8 search for windows defender and disable it[/stextbox]




[stextbox id=”black”]like you see in the pic :Β  0.2% from the game files are missing . Utorrent will download the missing part and fix the game for you[/stextbox]






  • killerelite

    i installed it with the isdone.dll error but it runs perfectly any chances of future problems

    • Ajmeer

      i tried it as shown in the video but still
      stop at 38.6

  • Kalwinder


  • the_alpha

    You dont know how much u helped me !!!
    Thank U
    Nyc Video
    It worked

  • 1st-gamer

    its works now awesome !!
    i was downloading using IDM and its seems that he skip’t some pieces . anyway i did waht you says and it worked !

  • ask

    Hi I have a problem when I start the game it says: “The procedure entry point is UPLAY_ACH_EarnAchievement not found in dynamic link library”
    if anyone has the solution … thank you

    • coliotte

      off your anti virus before starting the setup and if u are using
      windows 8.1 or 8 search for windows defender and disable itarch for windows defender and disable it

      • Guest

        i turn off your anti virus but it doesn t works (i use windows7 )

        • ask

          sorry i turn off my anti virus but it doesn t works (i use windows7 )

        • ash

          just rename the app and that uplay…exchange their name

      • haseeb

        am using window 8.1 i do that all stuff that yew said but it does,nt working still giving error isdone.dll don’t why πŸ™
        really am too much sad……….

  • geo

    what can i do if XINPUT1_3.dll missing(call of duty bo2)

    • coliotte

      install Direct x

  • Aznil FakhRi

    I can’t play the game fifa 2014, i’m open the game and have a choice launch game or quit. i choice launch game but game can’t running.
    please you support .

  • Wunan

    i already done this step but still not fix.. same prob occurs.. pls help me..

  • Tomas

    hi, i downloaded GTA4 2013 repack (8GB) and during the decompression i reached 53,3% (threetimes yet) it stopped continuing because decompression fail :/ how can i fix it ? thank you

  • BahamutESPER

    Final fantasy VIII can’t install, isdone.dll error, already done the utorrent thing, but it still can’t install. any suggestion?

  • Mohamed Omar

    guyz will it work EVEN on minimum on these specs intel core 2 quad Q9400 @ 2.66 GHZ 4 GB RAM AND MSI NVIDIA 9800 GT OC EDITION 512 MB WITH 1.4 Vram and plz reply

    • coliotte

      no . sorry , you will need a GDDR5 GPU

      • Mohamed Omar

        ok thnx bro gettin a new one soon πŸ˜€

  • sALf0ris

    hi coliotte,, please help,, i’m having a huge lag when i started the game, my specs is corei7 4th gen 16ram amd radeon 8850m 2gb ddr5,, please reply,, thank you in advance..

    • coliotte

      laptop ? :p

  • Tommy

    Help Help… I did everything posssible for clearing this problem, but still i keep getting error messages….

  • kami

    its an eror seculauncer faild to start the application {2000}
    can u help me ?

    • coliotte

      install VC++

  • rishan

    the fixing is not downloading

  • rishan


  • Haris Uddin

    GTA 4 REPACK 2013
    Still gets this error after following the video….
    Please Help

    • peasoff

      i used “arc.exe” from the program freearc to install my gta4 repack

  • Haris Ahmed

    unarc.dll error showing..

  • Allan V Steve

    i have downloaded GTA IV 2013 edition RePack – 8GB
    How can i fix the error unarc.dll
    PLease Help this video doesnt help at all!!

    • jabaz

      it cause by win 8 or 8.1 os only u can easily install in win 7 without ISdone.dll error

    • Rai

      download Ccleaner
      then scan for dll errors
      then save the registration key after that
      open the reg key and add it to the rededit
      then download the game again

  • saf

    I downloaded grid autosport through the direct link and got the isdone.dll error but the torrent provided was for the part download may you please put a torrent for the direct link please would realy help

  • Ryoujin Hatake

    can someone please help me? i am getting the same ISDone.dll error i have it already on my system32, i can’t see or understand a thing about this video the quality is extremely lown and is quite fast too, can anyway advice me? i don’t wanna download naruto all over again…

    • sadiik

      mate i got the same problem dont have no idea to fix it?

    • jabaz

      it cause by win 8 or 8.1 os only u can easily install in win 7 without ISdone.dll error …….

  • x

    Win 7 64 bit Game doesnt install help its always isdone or unarc problem
    P.S. i have reinstalled them twice

  • Yoichi Fernandez

    can someone help me when I setup The Sims 4 it gives me an error isdone.dll error code -6. Something like that. HELP!

    • SiElWhy

      Same problem πŸ™

    • Frank

      I have an “It is not found any file specified for is7zipextract” error πŸ™

      • Filipe Xavier

        Me too Frank, but my game is Farcry 4… I’m using windows 10 32b.



  • Samiur Rahman Zaki

    hello if i get isdone.dll error code7 in one of ur repack in windows 8.1 if i change the os will it fix the error plz reply

  • Ezio Auditore

    help pls

    • artbo20

      its an eror seculits an eror seculauncer faild to start the application {2000}

    • mohsin

      easy just change name of folder having setup in it

  • CJ

    Wow. Thank you so much! I thought the error is in my laptop.

  • Malik Farhan

    farcry 4 torrent link is not wroking

  • Sofija Brzakovic

    This wont work for me,it doesnt make a new folder!

  • Teenesh Sham

    WINDOWS 8 OR 8.1 Users
    go to setup properties and then compatibility mode
    choose run this program in compatibility mode for windows 7 πŸ™‚

    • FrewCen

      May you, your children, your grandchildrean and their children be blessed. You’ve just completely saved my day, man. Thanks!

    • Diego Polanco


      • Bruhbruh

        Omg thank you

    • Jomar Francisco

      How do you do that?

    • Priyanshu

      I tried these step on windows 8 but it again show isdone.dll error

  • artbo20

    its an eror seculauncer faild to start the application {2000}
    can u help me ?

  • Fernando Oliveira

    HEEEEEElp pls !!! :((((((((

    pc: 32bts

    • zzz

      have you found the solution yet?

  • ganesh619

    iam installing aliens isolation game but there is an is done.dll error

  • Vivek

    while running the game”Bound by Flame” d3dx9_43.dll

    is missing from your computer and install DirectrixX also but nothing happen do something .please

    • Sachin Sahu

      download d3dx9_43.dll file and paste the game installation file

  • Mshahrukh Khan

    Please Reply ASAP

  • Mshahrukh Khan

    See both pics Ty

  • oussama

    call of duty black ops II

    • moujib mohesni

      change name for folder and install πŸ™‚

  • iOffice

    GTA IV.
    Error “cannot start d3dx9_37.dll missing” , so i download “d3dx9_37.dll” from google and paste it.
    Now i have the other error “application unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)”.
    I tried all suggestion ;download lastest firmware, directX, chkdsk, reinstall game, microsoft c++, disable antivirus ,etc. but still got error.

    My spec :
    Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit
    Core i5
    NVDIA 840M 2Gb
    4Gb RAM
    DirectX 11
    Microsoft C++ Lastest for 64bit

    Help me pls, and thank you πŸ™‚

    • Jan Kristoffer Adam Manaloto

      Try installing DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010).

      • Aboy O. RaΓ±a

        OR TRY INSTALLING GTA V. why installing GTA IV? LOL

  • Shailesh Kannan

    HEY wwe 2k15 setup stuck at 29%

  • Akanksha Rathore

    help me with this
    tried installing in safe mode as well as copying isdone.dll and unarc.dll in sys 32 and syswow64

    • Utsav

      Same error as you have.

  • Akanksha Rathore

    help gta 5 repack by rg steamgames

    • widuth sehan

      same error in project cars

    • widuth sehan

      actually most repack versions have this problem time dont get them. clearing enough space in c drive may work but that cannot be done ???

  • Atief Redhwan

    please help…

    • Atief Redhwan

      dying light please help

  • SunNy AraiEn

    help plzzz

  • manish bhaskar

    please help in gta 4 installation

    • Ahsan

      same πŸ™

  • Play wwe

    Why? Not does match checksum!

    ISDone.dll and Unarc.dll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eric Ostoni

    hardline crack plzzzzz

  • Eric Ostoni


  • Molin

    I Fix it, all files from DVD1,DVD2 folders move to one folder with np. setup.exe and autorun.inf

    • Molin

      ou, sorry this is for .dll missing πŸ˜‰

    • sergio

      tried it still give the same error “ISDone.dll error” I’ve tried everything help me plz

  • clement

    guys jst finished downloading gta v but its giving me an error wen tryin to install ….
    runtime error (at 379:1219):
    internal error: ExtractTemporaryFile β€œunarc.dll” was not found
    need help

    • FREE some space on your c:/ drive for the temp files

  • aa


  • Ahsan Khan

    i have 8 gb of gtaiv 2013
    repack but its same error ?

  • vikas

    gta 4 special edition hang on 0.1 pc/texture….. help sir

  • vikas




  • Wai Shan

    How can i fix?

  • iliess
  • mohanvasu

    assaian creed black flag game missing isdone.dll

  • mohsin

    help me
    it comes it is not found any file specified for isarcextract at the end of installation of gta v at 99.9% at all windows win7,8,10
    plz help me to solve it