important softwares




  • narendra

    all links are down

    • coliotte

      all good i check every day 😉

  • staprn

    Hi how do i play saints row 4??? and do i need this thing?

    • coliotte

      download the crack

  • rushaun

    how setting for fifa expanderb14

  • BgBy

    hi i need solidworks 2014

    • Darkxs

      y3tik 3asba ya mnaik

    • fouad

      hhh solide works f sit t3 jeux wlh nta foor
      makanch had programme na9es bezaf hawast 3lih fl bdya t3 l3am wma l9itch

  • Ricardo Salinas

    any where i cand find direcx 11?

  • Ayoub Stars

    when i launch the game “wargame red dragon” i see this message”Critical error: Unable to create graphic device. Reason: ChangeMode failure” what can i do ??, and thanks

  • dilu

    murdered game is not working my laptop

  • dilu

    plze help me to work it

  • Got titanfall, went to authorize and it is asking for the registration code. Help?

  • aran

    fix the links,..

    multiupload gone !!

    • coliotte

      fixed !

  • Geraldo

    I want unarc.dll so my fifa14 setup can run on my computer

  • mskamote

    guys can i ask if ever do you have software for pc to play android games application… beside on bluestack… prefer that can detect video card for better gaming mode

    • aa

      then try youwave.

    • Neo

      try andy os

    • dude

      try bluestacks, its the free and one of the only emulation software i use. It works like a charm.

  • Ashish Bajracharya

    can sum1 generate a fifa 14 pc product key for me

  • Vipul Vaidya

    fifa 14 keygen

  • farhan

    software names plz0

  • Zee

    guys when i install far cry 4 , the installing takes up a lot of space in C drive when i clearly gave the target adress to install in another drive?
    and eventually i run out of space in C and the installation aborts?
    i know i could move my Data from C, But i aint got no space on any of my drives 🙁
    any suggestions?

    • Road Map

      I have enough space, u can share my one…. lol….
      Get a bigger HDD or delete some unnecessary files Brother

    • shark00911

      atleast 10 gb required for cache

  • Nawaf-Zqlam

    best website ever

  • Hadi Prananta


  • Max Bob

    hardline crack

  • Eric Ostoni

    hardline crack plz

  • darwin

    :3 cant download important softwares . any new links ?