MAFIA III Digital Deluxe Edition RePack


It’s 1968 and after years of combat in Vietnam, Lincoln Clay knows this truth: family isn’t who you’re born with, it’s who you die for.


Updates :

Update v1.01 /  519MB
click here to download



extract inside the game folder
enjoy !


getting msvcp140.dll/Vcruntime140.dll errors ?
download this and unpack inside the game folder


OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Processor: Intel I5-2500K, AMD FX-8120
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: 2GB of Video Memory & NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, AMD Radeon HD7870
Storage: 50 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX Compliant Sound card

OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Processor: Intel I7-3770, AMD FX 8350 4.0 Ghz
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: 4GB of Video Memory & NVIDIA Gefore GTX 780 or GeForce GTX 1060, AMD Radeon R9 290X
Storage: 50 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX Compliant Sound card




  • Berkay

    wow man awesome ,please be quick

  • Berkay

    and one more question,how many gb for this game

  • fazmie fauzi

    dear DZ-ADMIN when can i start download.

    • in lees then 2 Hours

      • Zum Zam

        You said 10 h ago we can download in 2 h ! but can’t i click on Direct lnk but nothing happen !

        • Saad Kashmiri

          hey zum zum just shut up and appreciate them for their awsome work thanks dz 🙂

      • yaya

        pls i wanna ask you something the update patch 1.0.1v i lunch it or i copy paste it on the folder that i installed the game

  • Mahmut Kaya

    ??? still waiting

  • Walid Chaouaou

    Thank you man ….. you are the best
    can i run it with core i5 and gtx 660 ?

  • elkom

    than you Admin , still waiting for the links 😀

    • almost am testing installation
      it’s at 70%
      Will keep guys updated here
      as soon i pack it into iso
      dz direct link wll available first then torrent
      then archive link after

    • elkom

      great work Admin Coliotte
      I like dzrepack server , its faste than other server

  • Gen


  • Blaairghh

    Does this include the FPS patch fix, which removes the 30FPS limit or sets to 60?

  • Ahmed

    its been 3 hours man wheres the links

    • almost iso is ready
      now am uploading

  • Bilal Dz

    how much size it will take after install??

  • Shubham

    fps fix included?

  • muka kamu

    how long to instal the game ?

  • update: adding codex crack to the repack

  • Shubham

    how much time for direct link?

    • added refresh the page if you can’t see the links

  • fazmie fauzi


  • mayur

    how much more time???

    • the wait is over 😀

      • mayur

        yoooo!!!! downloading!!!

  • Jan Razůrek Štekl

    Please add link

  • dzrepack direct link + torrent added !
    now working on archive link + kbagi

    • Jan Razůrek Štekl

      Thank you!!!

    • elkom

      download in progress …. thanks

    • Ramy Ibrahim

      great work

  • hussam

    have you tested your repack ?

    • of course that why it toke long to upload it


    thanks dzrepack 🙂

  • loccdogg

    but works this iso :D?

  • wellthisisnotwhatiwanted

    i get only 100 kb/s down speed , at other torrents i get even 5 mb/s , its from the seeds or somenthing ? please help , much appreciate.

    • it’s a new torrent
      the speed will get batter in an houre or less

      • wellthisisnotwhatiwanted

        so if its that , i should retry to download it in the next hour , or should i let him download till then ?

        • sameguy

          it gets lower and lower , i should panic lol ?

          • ok i will get a seedox now to boost the speed

      • dodotravis

        man speed is not good 5ko/s

  • archive direct link added

  • Zum Zam
    • hithere

      what’s the program you’re using dude ?

      • Zum Zam

        IDM dude …

        • wellthisisnotwhatiwanted

          it is better then uTorrent ?

          • Zum Zam

            It’s not for torrent ! only download links..

          • noshit

            this is awkward….

    • try archive link

      • Zum Zam

        Yes ,, i did and now 14Mb ..thanks

  • Andrea Melis

    only eng?

  • abhishekjainseo

    Is it 30fps capped version ?

  • Drake

    does the graphics and audio sucks when it says lossless? i know it makes size smaller, but are there any compromises? and is it visible especially in graphics?..

    thanks btw!

    • lossless means untouched

      • Drake

        ow.,. thanks sire! haha guess i aint computer tech savy xD

    • LONER

      loseless means nothing changed 🙂

      • Drake

        ow.,. thanks sire/maam! haha guess i aint computer tech savy xD

  • realxp33

    in skidrow-games the size of the game 40 gigs why in your website says repacked size.: 30GB, is there any different ?

    • because we do not include other languages
      and they are : spanish / German / France / Italian

      • мариам чарун

        rip useless audio,cutscene,radio,npc voices,ultra texture etc make it more small

  • Zum Zam
    • Walid Chaouaou

      hey men ….. gimme 1 mb/s only hhhhh
      my speed download is 64kb/s

  • Raj Khatri

    Is this repack purely based on codex crack or contains any instances of voksi crack?Also can we apply updates to this repack after codex crack them after release?

    • this is the unlocked version with codex crack in it
      i didnt download voksi crack at all
      yes you can apply updates to it later just like any copy

  • kiran sai

    what about 30fps lock?? in this version

  • Ajaz

    Can u put 1 or 2 GB partition.. thanks for your efforts

  • Zum Zam
  • daarksoul

    item is archieve is missing admin ? how ?

    • link deleted By dmca
      well our link wont be removed so you can resume from it if you already started downloading

  • Lakers24

    Is there no problem with this repack? like from what i’ve heard that this is 30fps locked? Thanks for this dzrepackteam

  • Kiko Kiko Kiko

    can any one confirm?
    is it working?
    it s highly compressed
    what s the instalation time?

  • Kiko Kiko Kiko

    can any one confirm?

    • daarksoul

      confirm what ?

  • Praful Gupta

    Torrent speed is still down plezzzzzzzzzzz seed this biatchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zum Zam
  • PR

    can DZ repack new mirror edge ?

  • super hero

    Can you re-up on archive? DZ servers very busy. getting very less speed. Just make sure you name it like “dz-m3rpk” the dmca won’t even recognise it and it would’nt get deleted. this trick works always. Thank you for the repack 😉

  • Jan Herbst

    archive server is down please fix

    • ok but it may take time
      you can also resume from our link

  • Dan

    languaje pack please

  • mahmoud pc

    can DZ repack new mirror edge ?

  • torrent speed boosted

  • Gaming TR

    pls fix archive server

  • Lord Sith

    coliote please fix archive server


    • uploading
      upload speed is 2mb/sec somehow
      it may take some time
      pls resume from our direct link to save time
      after the new archive link is posted you can resume back from it

  • super hero

    kbagi link?

  • Jason Sapkota

    can i continue from 97% says creater refreshing page

  • Jason Sapkota

    did archive server fix

  • Karam Bdwoe

    fix archive server


  • Andrea Melis

    hello and thank you for your work .. but you could load the language packs that you deleted? to me serves Italian. thank you

  • dodotravis

    i want to download this its smaller compared to skidrows but i m afraid it wont work can you pleasre tell me why there is a big size diffrence ,
    does it work

    • joseph

      yes it works so well

      • dodotravis

        thanks mate

  • guest

    archive server yet?

  • d

    fix archive server

  • tetomaman

    The Hype!!!
    W8ting for the Archive upload.
    Mafia III Weekend incoming xD
    And a lot of thanks for the upload 😀

  • elkom

    archieve server was deleted , you can use kbagi , partgora , kutucugum , diskokom for uploading the files , dzrepack server get slow speed this time

  • abbas al aboode

    Thank you so much Dz Repack

  • zok brom

    fix archive server and kbagi

  • Soma

    thos servers are to bad dont give you full speed

    • this is a 10gbs server
      however there is over then 6k downloading
      so the that server is super overloaded i can’t even access it at the moment

      • dodotravis

        thanks for your effort anyway great job

    • dodotravis

      hey use idm to download it (direct link) it ll give you full speed

  • dodotravis

    seed please 5 ko/s

  • arvhive uploading …

    • Arie Pradana

      i’m still waiting 🙂

      • Felipe

        waiting too

    • ahmad assi


  • ahmed neim

    First of all thank you alot
    Start download hope it willl be ok but torrent is very slow plz fix it

  • nice DZ you made my day again..:D

  • why so slow at ARCHIVE SERVER download speed? usually I get there speed at 2-4mbps but now 200-300kbps?how and why? 🙁

    • ahmad assi

      me too, i think there is heavy load on the server

  • Andrea Melis

    upload pack language?

    • il venditcatore

      scaricati il torrent da sk..row vai su editaudiopackage e ti scarichi solo l’italiano

      • Andrea Melis

        Sono 3gb di roba circa?

        • il venditcatore

          si , se noti la cartella delle lingue prende piu di 20gb,

          • Andrea Melis

            Si ho visto ora. 18 gb di lingue. Ora sto scaricando questa ISO da 18gb più 3 di lingua. Sperando che funzioni

          • il venditcatore

            dovrebbe funzionare, se il gioco crea il file reg. si può cambiare lingua dal registro di sistema o dal file steam presente nel gioco , mo vediamo le soluzioni

  • Rodrigo

    Have a PT-BR text? translate? pls awser me!

  • Felipe

    Arquive server uploded?

  • abbas al aboode

    Surfer very slow Please help

  • New archive link added !

    • Soma

      thank you so much now is better

    • abbas al aboode

      thank you

    • how about my pass download I already download at 20%? it will be continued at idm?

    • ahmad assi

      it doesnt even open the site n start downloading!

  • Ange Anhe

    hi please the repack is in multi language voice and text??

    • il venditcatore

      no multilanguage

  • Tarun Gavara

    What about the kbagi link?

  • Jeet Parikh

    Will it work for sure??

    • of course check users feedbacks

  • Guillermo Garcia M

    Could you please upload it in parts too? Sorry i just don’t think my internet is going to be able to download 18gbs without it failing along the way.

    • Rishav Kumar

      U can use idm…….Internet download manager

      • Shujaat Khan

        Don’t, this only works if you are downloading it under like 10hrs or some shet. Resuming in IDM 3/4 of the times won’t work as a “download link” often gets reset/expires( I’m not talking about the hosting download page, but the “link you copy paste into idm”).

        That’s why people still request in parts. Because not everyone has like 10Mbps connection to download fast.

        • with us direct download links won’t get expired or deleted since the files are hosted on our machines

          • Shujaat Khan

            If you are 100% confident this download is resumable even if I left it standby on IDM for like 10days and come back( in the case of 1Mbps users), then it’s fine.

            Ofc exclude from the probability the fact that the file gets deleted or there’s a prob on server, that’s understandable. I just want to be sure IF there’s NO problem or w/e we can still resume on ANY day without it being unresumable or restarting to download.

        • Rishav Kumar

          i don’t know how people face that problem…..i have a 2 mbps connection & the speed in idm is 250 kbps.
          still, i m able to download or pause/resume the download multiple times without any issues !! 🙁

  • Rishav Kumar

    Im not getting the max speed of my internet from your server or the archive link…..could it be because many people are downloading the game right now from your server ??

  • vikash singh badal

    mafia 3 final size is 50 gb and your mafia 3 final size is only 18 gb

    • il venditcatore

      language packs take 20 gb of space

    • Mike

      Can you read? This is a repack, not a final pack. Once you extract and install it, the game will take 50gb of space.

  • Hunter

    MSVCP140.dll is missing.. how to fix admin

  • Catalin Lucian

    For me afrer the start screen dont work,any idee how to fix???

    • il venditcatore

      scheda video?

      • Catalin Lucian

        HD 7950 3gb

    • install / update direct x
      and Your Gpu drivers

  • Skyrow

    seed please !!

    • am seeding from 4 servers
      there is nothing else i could do

      • Skyrow

        Ok , Thanks .

  • Skyrow

    Please at least 300 Kb .

  • Mazen

    is any file touched or removed ?? Fast reply please

  • Perfect_Pixel
    • thank you for your feedback 🙂

  • RodneY

    Here at the facility, reaches 50% of a mistake, says the setup stopped working, as I do to fix this?

    • rehash the files

      • RodneY

        as well?

  • hey guys
    i forgot the set the correct shortcut for the game after installation
    just go to C:DZ_GamesMafia 3 or what ever path you installed the game in and launch it from there.

  • harmabe

    Hi admin, I tried to google for “rehashing” but I dont really find anything useful or related on this, or simply to say that, I have no idea how to rehash, can you provide a guide on it? i got errors like MSVCP140.dll missing and the launcher just now showing anything after clicking “start”

    • MSVCP140.dll means you dont have vcredist installed on you computer
      try to download them from microsoft site

      • harmabe

        which version? sorry i dont really know about these stuffs

  • archive
    our server is still overloaded
    actually it got more worst today
    to many downloaders :p

  • RodneY

    properly downloaded the ISO performs normal, but when he gets 50% of the installation, a window appears with error in Setup, how do I fix it, wanted a solution and no more doubts, please know what it is to fix would be very grateful.

  • Deiw

    Hi Admin, i have this issue: application stopped working because of some error 0xc0000142 and I searched and tried everything and nothing worked… any clues how to fix this? Thanks

  • Skyrow

    Language Spanish availiable ?

  • Soma

    hello coliotte: Patch is out now adds 60/unlimited FPS are you going to add it ?

  • YinYang404

    Installing… wish me luck guys 😛

  • Ange Anhe

    can you please give us link for language pack? french for me

  • Salam Moaiad

    Hi Admin, i have this issue: application stopped working because of some error 0xc0000142 and I searched and tried everything and nothing worked… any clues how to fix this? Thanks

  • Ruinedbreak

    can you

    • ruinedbreak

      can you tell me which 60fps patch will work twith this?
      did you already get your hands on the 60fps patch?

  • Kubo Palenčár

    Alreay installed but crash on startup, launcher and mafia3.exe too, pls help? I have newest update on my amd gpu :// heeelp


    The update 1 is already out on skidrow sites. Don’t know whether it will work with your repack or not. may be this is the 60fps update patch. Please confirm or else release your own version.
    Thanx once again Coliotte for the game!

    • it will work the update is cracked By codex and our repack is codex version aswell

  • fae afe

    stuck at mafia iii logo wont launch process becomes not responding

  • Younes Belarbi

    Fix download servers pls download stuck

    • sorry am the one who stoped it
      to fix the server it will be back in 15 mins
      or you can resume from archive link if you are using IDM

    • it’s back

  • working on the update
    the update is huge around 3.5GB i will compress it now
    so you guys can download it as small as possible

  • Licketh Chauhan

    need a patch 1.01
    the game is getting crash randomly

  • Colorer

    thanks for the great work, coliotte!
    the game runs smooth indeed (gives a MSVCP140.dll mistake, but runs anyway lol), crashed only 1 time, other than that – no problems!

    just one question: will it be enough to download the update from you, or we’ll have to download the whole repack again?

  • Mafia III Update v1.01-CODEX added

  • Francis

    The direct link does not work for me?


    • all link works fine from here
      are you using a proxy or vpn ?

      • Francis

        No the problem comes from Google Chrome, by using firefox that works ! Thanks

  • sakib tamboli

    pleeeese…..seeed really already waited long for the game

    • am seeding from 3 server
      also there is 50 other seedrs

      • sakib tamboli

        please upload far cry primal already cracked…..

        • no it’s not

        • Faysal Jamil

          Are you kidding..I spent 30$ to play Far Cry Primal..

    • arslan

      install the vc_redist.x64 to wind 64bit
      and x86 version to win 32bit
      and play the game.

  • Daniel Nouzák

    Is there czech language? Please…

    • as sub

      • Daniel Nouzák

        Thank you for quick feedback…

      • Skyrow

        Language text spanish ??

  • Kay

    there’s no audio…
    help me to fix it.

    • update direct x + your gpu drivers

    • Colorer

      which language? audio is only for ENGLISH, the other languages are removed for size’s sake

  • Skyrow

    xD 20 Kb

  • Akhilesh Kotla

    it is giving this startup error..
    running on lenovo y50 gtx 860m with drivers updated
    pls help… running

    • can you tell me the size of the game folder
      also did apply the update to the game ?

      • Akhilesh Kotla

        22.4 gb after patch
        now after patching the game is opening in black screen and force closing

        • Colorer

          mine is 29 gb after patch, works fine

        • the game did not install fully for you
          go back to the setup files and rehash them using utorrent

          • Akhilesh Kotla

            but i downloaded the iso using idm.
            So how do i rehash it?

  • Ashish Tom

    Will the archive server speed get improved after some time?, I MEAN is it slow now because of more traffic?

  • Caio Vinícius Cardoso Mendes

    It’s working perfectly here on my GTX 970, on Max.
    30 fps lock isn’t that bad people!!
    Thanks for uploading the game so fast!

    • You welcome
      you can download the update to remove the 30fps cap

      • Caio Vinícius Cardoso Mendes

        Is it the one with 3.4 GB, posted in this page?

        • Faheem Khan


        • Colorer

          yes, just extract in the folder of the game and say “yes” to overwrite files. Works for me. My i5 and radeon r9 280x gives around 45fps with the minimal reqs

  • Jakub Fiala

    Is direct link using P2P or torrent servers? Im on college, so i cant download from P2P or torrents.

    • Colorer

      man, it’s HTTP…learn sth about protocols 🙂

    • it’s just a private dedicated server
      i don’t think you will be detected however
      you should use VPN when you download pirated stuff to be safe.

  • Muhammed Tahir

    hey coliotte..thx man, you did a great job shrinking this to 18gb..i want to know whether this release is based on the codex version cause codex have released v1.01 update (that fps update), i just wanted to know if it is compatible with this release..thx again

  • Rutam Prita Mishra

    Thanx for the update Coliotte. But i think there’s some problem with your upload. I have tried downloading the update twice but after downloading the whole of file through IDM it doesn’s get completed. Please help.

    • close idm from task manager and try again

  • Caio Vinícius Cardoso Mendes

    Hey, if I take the update with 575 MB, will it work on the repack version?

    • YES

    • Xiaotin32

      why is the update on this site 3Gb?

  • Dreamer

    Thanx alot ,
    I tried to install the game several times but the installation process goes so quick every time . And the game folder size is about 2.17 GB .
    My question is how can I solve this problem .
    I have about 116 gb free of my hdrive.
    Thanx in advance

    • rehash the setup diles using utorrent i think they got damaged during your download process

      also dont put any load on your computer during the installation

  • Javier

    Hey guys i need help, I’ve already downloaded and installed the game, and downloaded the new patch V1.01 and i still got same issue as before without patch, after i run “Mafia3.exe” the (Mafia 3 window pops up) then a blackscreen and the game auto crash/shutdown without giving any error, I’ve got a Gtx 950 with lastest drivers, not sure what else to do!

    • Jack

      I have the same problem too. Any idea on how to fix this?

      • Javier Roldan

        Hey the problem is that game requires SSE 4.1/4.2 and the Old Amd phenom processors and intel doesn’t support SSE 4.2 that’s why game doesn’t run without giving any warning, for example i got a Phenom 2 x4 945 and it doesn’t support, that’s why game doesn’t run.. we need wait for a patch

  • Caio Vinícius Cardoso Mendes

    Oh Yeah, getting 57 fps on average. Thanks a lot people.

    • Caio Vinícius Cardoso Mendes

      When I maxed the config the game went back to 30 fps. And it’s not because of my pc specs, cause I run The Witcher 3 with 55 fps ultra settings. What’s going on?

      • Kleimor Vergara

        the witcher 3 is way better optimized. It’s probably that

  • Salam Moaiad

    Hi Admin, i have this issue: the exception unknown software exception (0xe0434352) occurred in the application at location 0x000000007421A732

  • Tom

    can u upload beamng??

  • Hâchêm Zîdî
    • dude ! i already replied to you before why are you posting this everywhere

      just install VC++ Packages

      • Hâchêm Zîdî

        still the same problem i installed all VC++ Packages and nothing happen

        • something is wrong with your os
          this error just says that VC++ is missing from your computer

      • Blaairghh

        Install from 2008 to 2013 all the MSVC packages, you’re still missing one. Also, if it is not working, google the dll, and download the dll separately and put it into game folder where mafia.exe is

  • Alex Kim

    it takes 30 days to download this game LOL. is something wrong with the server?

  • aul

    can you divide the into parts
    I have slow connection so I have pause it

  • Shafiq

    Hi there. when I hit START, it’s going to start but then crash. How do I fix that?

    • Genz

      I have the same problem too…waiting for fix this…

      • Jack

        I’ve tried to change another setting such as compatibility, run as admin, but it won’t work too.

    • Javier Roldan

      Hey maybe the problem is that game requires SSE 4.1/4.2 and the Old Amd phenom processors and intel doesn’t support SSE 4.2 that’s why game doesn’t run without giving any warning, for example i got a Phenom 2 x4 945 and it doesn’t support, that’s why game doesn’t run.. we need wait for a patch

  • Adrian Janiszewski
    • windows 7 ? is it x64 . ??

      • Adrian Janiszewski


        • did you download the game using internet download manager (IDM) .?

          • Adrian Janiszewski

            using jdownloader

          • Adrian Janiszewski

            I fix it,I installed the game in other partition

  • Skyrow


  • Ahmad Ismail

    i can’t download the patch can u plz help its look like the link is broken or something cuz when i click it nothing happens ?!

  • ahmed

    api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer ?????

    help ? tried to instal vr x86 2015 and x64 but it didnt work !

    • ahmad

      win 7 x64

  • Daniyal

    This file is missing and because of this i could not apply patch or update. When i tired to applying update it showed that file is missing Patch not applied. Plz give me that file

    • what is the size of the game folder after installation ?
      something tell’s me that your installation proccess may got interrupted

      • Daniyal

        24.6 gb game works fine no error during installation.Game working but there are two problem one is no sound in video but in gameplay it’s giving sound like gun firing ,walking etc. 2nd problem is I could not getting the update.

        • it should be around 29.4GB
          your setup files got corrupted during you download process .
          you can fix them By using utorrent
          just download the torrent file from here then click force-recheck and dont forgot to point utorrent to the iso file you have downloaded

          • Daniyal

            But i downloaded from IDM 🙁 single link ISO
            During installation No error found :! How can u say its broken?

          • yeah IDM cause that a lot actually when a file is huge
            just do what i told you will only need to download from 500kb to 30mb only
            meaning idm only downloaded 99.99%
            However even if only 0.01% is missing
            the installer will skip unpacking a whole archive

          • Daniyal

            Okaay just tell me step by step . I will do it
            I never do this before :!

          • Daniyal

            Bro I made it .Now m installing again let’s see what happen.
            Well thanks for your response 🙂

          • Daniyal

            Finally its working properly
            Thanks coliotte 🙂

  • Javier Roldan

    One problem is that game requires SSE 4.1/4.2 and the Old Amd phenom processors and intel doesn’t support SSE 4.2 that’s why game doesn’t run without giving any warning, for example i got a Phenom 2 x4 945 and it doesn’t support, that’s why game doesn’t run.. we need wait for a patch

    • Genz

      ohh i see,
      i just knew that… cz my procie is AMD Phenom 2 too…
      okay thanks for your information. i hope this problem will be solved.

  • Waqar Zahid

    Dude. It’s the first time I’ve downloaded your repack, and I’m highly disappointed. It’s taking forever to install. :/

    • Javier Roldan

      did you set to use all ur cpu? anyway it wont take 5 hours.. just wait u will see, but you need choice to use all cpu cores

  • RJ

    api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer.

    • sarah kenway

      try Downloading & Installing NET4 On Your Machine

      • Akhil Kumar

        I’m still getting the same error after installing .NET latest version

  • Skyrow

    installation from internet ??

    • sarah kenway

      No it’s an Offline installation for What You Have Downloaded

  • Skyrow

    xD 10-25 minutes best lie .

    • sarah kenway

      That’s Actually Depends on Your machine Specs.

  • juba

    patch link broken

    • sarah kenway

      it Seems To Be Working From Here Could You Check Again ?

      • juba

        ok working now, thnx.

  • ahmed neim

    Plz when to install the game i choose path other than c cuz i donnot have enough space on it for example D but still during installation decrease space on c also
    What shall i do
    I cannot continue installation

    • kingsasha

      u need to have enough space in C: Drive so ‘ temp ‘ files can be temporarily placed there until the setup finishes 🙂

  • Hakan

    patch link broken

  • kingsasha

    Good Job Mr.coliotte …. awesome repacks Keep Up The Good Work (Y)

  • Hon Kwanor Maxwell-Colby

    ….when i launch the game,”Mafia III application has stopped working….

    • sarah kenway

      Could You check the Size of The game Folder ?

      • Hon Kwanor Maxwell-Colby 29.2GB…

      • Hon Kwanor Maxwell-Colby


      • Hon Kwanor Maxwell-Colby


  • Ashish Tom

    Does this patch include the 60fps fix?

    • il venditcatore

      choose the settings 30>60fps

  • Skyrow

    Not run, I click the launcher and does not work .

  • Egy Gamer

    When I make the Update of the 60 FPS it Says ISDone.dll Pls i need HELP

  • gray

    anyone had problem picking up magazine? pressed E but notting happened

  • Faheem Khan

    Will anyone tell the use of that 519 patch file? If i download the torrent file, will i get the same patch file when i burn the iso file? What is the use of that patch file?

  • vignesh seenivasan

    why the game movement is very slow ????can anyone have a fix for tat????

    • did you apply the patch ?

      • vignesh seenivasan

        yea installed in game directory…still prob exists 🙁

        • what is your computer specs ?

          • vignesh seenivasan

            i5 processor 8gb ram nvidia geforce 820m 2gb

          • ELectric- Man

            check min sys req

  • Akhil Kumar

    I’ve tried installing the patch but it says unable to find application in chosen directory. But I’ve changed the directory to the correct one.

  • Anton

    I have api-ms-win crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll problem what the fix

    • You’ll need this one to solve it:

      • Anton

        i do it but that said ((this update is not applicable to your computer)) what i should do ?

        • something wrong with Yor OS dude
          try windows 10 Pro

          • Anton

            thx pro but now i get api-ms-win file and but it in game folder and i receive new message say ((the application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b) )) any help pro :(??

  • mekul47

    Whenever I launch this game I get “Mafia 3 stopped working” message I checked it twice, even though tried launching from launcher.exe but no luck. Also tried re-installing same issue.

    • what is the size of the game folder ?

      • mekul47

        32.7 GB is the size of the folder after installing the patch v1.01

  • iHackedit

    OMG WORKED very good work!

    • Rishav Kumar

      Hii…….kindly tell me which patch did u use ? What was the size of the patch ??

  • Rishav Kumar

    hiii……..before this also there was a update of size 3.36 gb n right now the update has size….519 mb……..which one do I need to run the game smoothly & which one is better ?? plz reply admin.

  • Adonish Ado

    the application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)

  • Adonish Ado


  • Ján Štec

    i cant run the mafia.exe im getting error The application was unable to start correctly (0xe06d7363). Click OK to close the application.

  • sam377

    i have installed patched and crack after game runs for a moment and the crash my games size 29.2 gb is it completly installed or whats ?

  • sam377

    i have installed patched and crack after that the game runs for a moment and
    then crashed my games size 29.2 gb is its size or something kindly tell me what should be done ?
    my system specy is core to quad cpu ,8gb ram, vga 2gb


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    • Lamia Ali

      What is your GPU??

      • Nox

        r9270 driver updated and dx too im using windows 10 64 bit

  • dwynn villamil

    got blackscreen on start up and crashes how to fix please?

    • install or update direct x / gpu drivers

    • asplayer

      your game files size must be 29,2 GB. if less than that…you need to reinstall game, it’s happen to me too… i use the same iso, but after my second installation it’s work (game size must be 29,2 GB)

  • Jack

    Hey man. Just heard from some friends that their pc infected by cerber ransomeware, after installing repack games. Wonder if it’s from yours 😔😔

  • Praful Gupta

    I have updated my GPU drivers and also applied that 3.5 gb patch u uploaded earlier ,,but still it shut down on startup with black screen plzz help me out

    • Lamia Ali

      What is your GPU?

  • amadeus arya

    I Have Question, is it alright having total size 22.2GB?, and if not how much is the normal size after install?

    • 29.2GB
      some of the archives got corrupted During yur download process
      you can download the torrent file and fix the iso using utorrent
      you may only need to download 1mb~30mb only

      • amadeus arya

        Can the problem came from the installer? because i check the experimental fast install idk what the name is

        • no just do what i told you
          it’s not that hard

  • Rishav Kumar

    hii @coliotte:disqus -for once plz answer me, which update should i use now ??
    the game download completed few hours ago. so, which update should i apply ?? update 2 only or both of them ?
    or anyone else, please answer me !!
    & will u upload shadow warrior 2 ?

    • Lamia Ali

      Do both of them in the correct order

      • Rishav Kumar

        Correct order ?? First update 1 & then update 2…..ryt ??

  • boreum

    why my game no sound :/..pls help

  • Lamia Ali

    Hey, how exactly do I download the latest patch? The first one installed perfectly for me but the second one is just a bunch of folders, where do I go to install it?

    • Haythem BenMimoun

      Just copy, paste and replace or extract and replace

  • RJ

    will the new update fix the issue with AMD Phenom CPUs?

  • daarksoul

    what are these update for . thanks in advance 😀

    • daarksoul

      i mean the second update

  • Coskun Gögen

    I wait since this morning to download the last update

    Is it so important to update Mafia 3

  • Lakers24

    Man.. The latest update dl speed is so slow. only 100 plus kbps. 🙁

    • Rishav Kumar

      Infact other websites aren’t providing this update either

  • Bad boy

    I’m stuck on that mafia 3 santigalo mission
    I killed him and confronted him after that didn’t happened
    No one mission is showing in the map bcoz of fuc*** bug
    I m not able to continue game further.
    Anyone have save game file only of this mission.So plz provide me.

  • AK47

    hi,anyone help i only need to use both update or only update 2 to make the game work?

  • Rishav Kumar

    skidrowreloaded is providing update 2…..will there update 2 work with this repack ??

    • lol i actually posted update 2
      12 Hours before That site
      check links above

      • Rishav Kumar

        i know u did post !!
        but speed was really slow…so, i had to use the their torrent !!
        & was waiting for u upload shadow warrior 2, but u didn’t !!

  • Mayank Sood
  • Advait MB

    i need help .. it keeps telling me ” the application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007B)”

  • sahi

    thanks a lot

  • YinYang404

    Can you repack the ‘Update 2 + DLC’ file to make it even smaller?
    Thank you 🙂

  • Made in Dz

    Hey coliotte what is the point of the update 2 dlc ?


    All I want is the season pass Please

  • TheBest9911

    Guys im stuck at the confront santigalo mission. I cant interact with him after i beat him… it says press “E” but it wont press… help plz! need A Fix!!!!

  • Abhi

    Mafia.III.Update.2.Incl.DLC link give 404 error. Please fix

  • Ilyas

    not work

    • Ilyas

      a cessé de fonctionner

  • yaya

    Guys .. Update v1.01 / 519MB i need to run it or just Copy Paste it on the folder that i installed the game thx

  • CMk

    hey coliotte the update 2 link is down plz fix it

  • aleesalami

    is it full working ? and plz can you make the updates compatible with utorrent plz ?
    all respect bro <3


    Update 3 is out with DLCs.
    Around 10GB.
    Waiting 4 you to release your version, may be a repacked update 😉
    Thanx Man!

  • mina

    hi man can u tell me please can I play mafia 3 in 800 * 600 screen resolution and thx

  • mina

    hi man again my pc is core 2 duo ram 8 and invidia 610 2 gb I play it in my pc but its very slow is the update will fix the slow or not and thx for every thing

  • Babak Makaveli

    hi. plz answer, im dowload game on dzreapack server now idm show me the error .. is server down or something? sorry for my bad english

  • Jonathas S C

    Do not start here! And the startup procedures do not work and only have 30gb, should not it be bigger?

  • Nox

    the torrent link is not working! 🙁

  • David Bernard

    hi, a master thx for the msvcp140.dll fix, work fine, i finaly can play it !!

  • Rishav Kumar

    hii…I’m facing an issue. In the first mission itself, when I reach the destination & press E to exit the vehicle. nothing happens at all. the character doesn’t leave the car !!
    any solutions for this ?

    • Rishav Kumar

      @admin – i tried a setup of RG Mechancis & it did work.
      turns out that in your setup, i didnt even reach the proper destination & lot of surroundings were missing in your setup.
      dont get me wrong, i love your work & really appreciate it & download any game from your site only if its available. but, mafia 3 didn’t work out that well !!

  • Hildanio Viana
  • Lakers24

    Please upload mafia update 3

  • DragonDwell

    Hello ! Thks for this job ! Can u please update the “Mafia.III.Update.2.Incl.DLC” link. he’s Dead…

  • Archlord

    Hi, can you help me? The instalation was completed without any problem, but after click on launcher file, game run to Mafia Logo and after turn to black window. Any tips?

    • mAfIa14cs

      Set the game display properties to full screen at Nvidia GeForce Experience. Make sure both Nvidia driver & GeForce Experience are up to date too

  • Ahmed Ibu

    The Torrent Link is dead …. 🙁

  • كيّنٌقَ الَــدُارٌ

    there probleThere is a problem installing the game. It is installed in less than 2 minutes and when adding update (1) tells me so( Unable to find applicaiton in chosen directory)

  • كيّنٌقَ الَــدُارٌ

    and the game not working … thx

  • Rafael Zamora

    patch got error.. ” source file error” what should i do?

  • Rafael Zamora

    update 2 error link is dead 🙁

  • Rafael Zamora

    pls update the link

  • Rutam

    The Free Ride And Customisable cars DLC z out. But its for Reloaded n Codex versions. Don’t know whether it works for your version. n its 11.2GB as well. Please release your version asap @ Coliotte

  • Marshall


  • dzjoh

    plz tell me is it based on reloaded or codex version

  • Mustafa Rizwan

    game not starting

  • non0016

    Update 3

  • neo verma

    i am a tray but not success thanks

  • Joseph Aka

    salut hum..j’ai un probleme avec l’installation de mafia III… en fait quand je lance l’installation a reste a 0% pendant au moins une minute et apres l’installation crashes helper for setup wizard a cesser de fonctionner et apres j’ai un message setup 1.bin failed to l’installation se ferme