Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor-RePack

Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor CODEX

Fight through Mordor and uncover the truth of the spirit that compels you, discover the origins of the Rings of Power, build your legend and ultimately confront the evil of Sauron in this new chronicle of Middle-earth.



About the Game

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor explores what happened in the land of Mordor as Sauron prepares his armies for The War of the Ring.

You are Talion, a Ranger of the Black Gate, keeping watch over Mordor which has remained undisturbed for ages. In the blink of an eye, everything is taken from you – your friends, your family, and even your own life. Resurrected by a vengeful spirit, you must now embark on a relentless vendetta against those who have wronged you. Fight through Mordor and uncover the truth of the spirit that compels you, discover the origins of the Rings of Power, build your legend and ultimately confront the evil of Sauron in this new chronicle in Middle-earth.

“AMAZING” 9.3/10 – IGN

“Revolutionary” 5/5 – Joystiq

“Remarkable” 4.5/5 – VideoGamer


Talion is resurrected by a powerful Wraith and he has reforged him as an undying spirit of vengeance

The Wraith is a mysterious spirit that possesses Talion. His motivations are unknown.

The Dark Lord Sauron claims Middle-earth as his rightful dominion.

Uruk Captains oversee Sauron’s Army, construction, craft battle plans, and enforce discipline.

The common Caragor is vicious, disgusting, and a relentless killing machine.

Graugs are a beast of destruction. They’re feral beasts, naturally combative and highly territorial.

Title: Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor

Genre: Action, Adventure

Developer: Monolith Productions, Inc.

Publisher: WB Games

Release Date: 30 Sep, 2014

rar file

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setup fix please replace it with the New setup



OS: 64-bit: Vista, Win 7, Win 8

Processor: Intel Core i5-750, 2.67 GHz | AMD Phenom II X4 965, 3.4 GHz

Memory: 3 GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 | AMD Radeon HD 5850

DirectX: Version 11

Network: Broadband Internet connection

Hard Drive: 40 GB available space


OS: 64-bit: Win 7, Win 8

Processor: Intel Core i7-3770, 3.4 GHz | AMD FX-8350, 4.0 GHz

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 | AMD Radeon HD 7950

DirectX: Version 11

Network: Broadband Internet connection

Hard Drive: 40 GB available space

Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor CODEX

Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor CODEX

Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor CODEX

Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor CODEX


  • Ahmed

    size ????

    • coliotte

      for info just click on “NFO” tab

      • Ahmed

        ok Thank you guys you are the best

  • jason

    no links?

    • coliotte


  • Ghani Amazigh

    thank you staff dzrepack for your job.

  • Claude Speed

    Hd textures addon are hd in the packet repack ?

    • coliotte

      No because you Will need i7 , 4GB Gpu and 8gb of ram in order to run the game with HD textures
      and most of the people Don’t have That
      but i will make a repack for the pack alone

      • Gareth

        thank you for all your hard work

  • DEJJo

    How much till the upload is done?

    • coliotte

      almost done

  • Jeffry Bahari

    upload Single Link please 🙂

    • coliotte

      Working on it

  • Zahira

    19GB repack? :/ wasteland had it to 2GB

    • Gareth

      last I checked Wasteland wasn’t vanilla 40GB

      “21.52 GB” for the Codex version for Wasteland 2.

      then Compare the quality of both games….obviously better graphics and more …just more “Game” there than Wasteland..

      • You don’t know nothing or you really stupid. How you can compared these two games. ?

  • astaise

    Is this include DLC ?

  • yjgyjgg

    how many hours left to upload the game on a single link

    • coliotte

      3 to 4 hours . Sorry About that But our server is too slow today

      • astaise

        just to confirm ,your direct link can resume download right,as its 20 GB ?

        • coliotte

          Yes you can resume what ever you want

          • astaise

            ok thanks,will wait today or use yr torrent tommorw :>

          • astaise

            i was downloading CS:GO -yyour direct download dont let me resume man-it strted over so i hv to use torrent ,pls correct it :<

          • coliotte

            use IDM to download from the Direct Link

          • astaise

            Ya i was using IDM and its shows Resume as No

          • Uninstall and install the latest version for IDM.

  • Master Deltaz

    will you upload the HD textures in MEGA servers?

    • coliotte


      • Master Deltaz

        Thank you.. any estimated time for the rest of MEGA parts? I got 1 and 2

  • Mateusz

    5parts on mega ?

  • okol

    last links are part6 to part 20 ?

  • Chino

    have subtitles in spanish?

  • WildTurkey

    Would it be easier to download this via torrent or individual links. If I do use individual links, when I unrar the files will they all combine or do I need a special program. Sorry I am a noob >.<

  • uukuuk

    how many more hours left to upload the direct/single link
    please reply back

  • rigon

    how many hours left to upload the game on a single link

  • bighorse

    MEGA only 10part?, or still uploading?

    • Lucas Trevisani

      Probably still uploading.

      • AbueloPower

        u sure?

        • Lucas Trevisani

          yep, i’m downloading too. now have 11

  • AbueloPower

    How much for the direct link

  • AbueloPower

    Every single one with captcha i hate it i cant go to sleep because i have to put the captha so it keeps downloading anyone with a solution?

  • Matt

    not working on 20 % instalation there is error idone.dll 🙁

  • Yo Bro please upload Firedrive or as soon as you can upload the Direct Link. Thank you. 🙂

  • Dave Smallz

    direct link pleassssseeee

  • Dave Smallz

    is any body else having problem with mega,mine seems to load but shows black transparent page after reloading several time

    • Dexter Low J K

      my setup is not working for both the originial executable and the other executable in the redist folder…

  • Master Deltaz

    I just downloaded the entire game via MEGA, Thank you DZ.. Waiting for the HD Textures Addon!

  • Mazhar Munir

    this game like assassins creed :/

    • Keo

      appreciate it.

  • okzz

    single Direct link please

  • Keo

    Mega downloads are great! thank you!

  • Waiting for a Direct Link. Can you upload as you can hurry up. ? Thank you. 🙂

  • Dexter Low J K

    after downloading from mega, my setup is not working for both the originial executable and the other executable in the redist folder…pls help

    • coliotte

      it is important to disable your antivirus before installing the game

  • Nidz91

    unable to start game…

    Failed to initialize client- unable to load game resources

    • coliotte

      are you on x64 ?

    • The game is the only working 64 bit. Check your OS.

    • panos

      I have the same problem (already checked registry,check firmware,and im way above min requirements) and I cant find a solution anywhere

  • II12yanII

    getting the ISArcExtract error with bot setups

  • ANOblkstrMALY

    can someone upload setup-3.bin? i downloaded the mega links and parts 16 and 19 got corrupted. it seems i need that file or both parts

    • coliotte

      you Can Download the other parts from other server because all LINKS are INTERCHANGEABLE

  • Mordor



  • bighorse

    Please help T_T

  • Its not found any file specified for isarcextract pls help PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • isdone.dll

    isdone.dll message in language i dont understand popup…help?

    • coliotte
      • isdone.dll

        it’s working but it keep going,is this normal,lol….by the way thanks for your hard work man

        • coliotte

          lool this is not how he should work but that’s ok just leave it . you will know when the installation is completed

          • isdone.dll

            ok thanks

          • Panfukacz

            I have a continuous charging if i end first mission :/

        • coliotte

          please Delete this setup it will not extract the whole game i made to fast for you and i forget something
          This one is perfect http://rghost.net/58323370
          sorry about that. and i’m here for help if got any other probelms

          • isdone.dll

            ok thanks

    • coliotte
  • When the direct link ready for download. ? I need know this. 🙂

  • eujgasujef

    Will some one seed? retards…

    • coliotte

      am Seeding 5.2MB/Sec But there is a lot of Leechers .

  • koolboi22

    when is the direct link gonna be up? i tried all the torrents but i cant get past 70/kbs..

    • coliotte

      Our Server was Down

      But it Up now and I’m Uploading it Should Takes 2 Hours max

      • You’re the only one admin ? or have an other admins. ?

        • coliotte


      • koolboi22

        thankss! thats wonderful news! cant wait!

  • 315% installing….. know why?

  • coliotte

    if got a problem with the setup you can replace it with this one : http://rghost.net/58323370

    • Francisco Adrião

      do i have to delete setup-1? or stay both 1 and 1a?

      • coliotte

        just copy and past and click yes when the windows ask you to replace

        • Francisco Adrião

          TY 🙂 i will keep you posted during installation

    • red

      can u reupload the setup file? the link so down.

  • I need help theres no exe to launch the game checked everywhere tooked like 1 hour or more to install

    • Please?

      • coliotte

        use the new setup on rghost


  • Keo

    ISArcExtract error?

  • Error

    tried new setup still getting isdone.dll any help?

  • azzawa jalius

    direct link plz

  • azzawa jalius

    im not install this game yet but if this about isdone.dll just download isdone.dll and replace it with the old isdone.dll at system32 and syswow64 and restart your pc

    • Keo

      tried, not working.

  • please helpme


  • Lucas Trevisani

    The portuguese-brazilian voice pack and subtitles are included in the repack too? (sorry for my bad english)

    • coliotte

      no it’s on english Only

  • vanraj taram

    please upload direct link soon +hd textures addon

  • Still uploading direct link. ?

    • coliotte

      yes 51% now :p

      • Keo

        Sir, is there anyway to fix isdone.dll or ISArcExtract ? Cos I’ve switched off all my existing anti viruses, windows defender, replaced my own isdone.dll s. Please reply. Thank you.

        • isarcextract its because youre not replacing your old setup archive i dont know about the isdone.dll

          • Keo

            well i replaced it already.

          • well if you have a solution for my problem ill be glad to help.

  • coliotte

    Please Use this setup : http://rghost.net/58323370

    • that what i used

    • still no exe to run the game

  • installed it and reinstalled it still no exe i dont know what to do…

    • iniloy19

      disable your antivirus before installation

  • Ricky

    I used the new set up because I was getting Isdone error…. This happens

  • Ricky

    This happend after I used the new setup due to isdone error… its at 300% right now.

    • Dexter Low J K

      still the same now ? i m currently at 120%

      • Keo

        120% also, but I think just let it sit for another hour? LOL because it seems that it’s still extracting files.

        • Ricky

          Well its complete now it went to 500% for me lol, but now whenever I start it I get an error saying “failed to initialize client – unable to load game recources.”

          • coliotte

            1. make sure you are on x64 windows
            2. Update Your GPU Driver

          • Ricky

            Im using 64 bit pc, and I am in the x64 folder for the game launcher. Gpu is up to date as well.:/

          • Ricky

            Apparently it just started working randomly once I tried it.. This game is so weird..

          • coliotte

            New setup (progress bar fixed) .

        • gay

          Happend to me two Just leave the setup open until he says it complete and you will find the icon on the desktop

  • ahmad khalaf

    is this same as the PREMIUM EDITION ??? with these

    The Dark Ranger Pack – Exclusive playable character skin + ‘Test of Power’ challenge mode
    The Captain of the Watch Character Skin
    The Hidden Blade rune
    The Deadly Archer rune
    The Flame or Arnor rune ??

    • Skon Melliti

      i think it has all of these:

      -Test of Power
      – Test of Speed
      – Test of Wisdom
      – The Dark Ranger Character Skin
      – Orc Slayer Rune
      – Guardians of the Flaming Eye
      – Endless Challenge
      – Season Pass

      or at least i hope

  • Keo

    Okay guys,

    after replacing the new installer you’re good to go… When you come to installing it just sit and wait until it ends. Ignore the % of the setup… Just let it finish it’s extracting and all…

    And after it’s done… Run the game as ADMINISTRATOR. Or else you’re gonna get “failed to initialize client – unable to load game recources.” error. Hope this helps. peace.

    • shadowjose

      Launch it via the exe in game folder

      • faniki

        its not helping for me…

    • unnamed

      how u fixed ISDone.dll ?
      help me please

  • Weslei Silva

    Here the game installed works well, however sometimes it gets laggy and one locked … my PC has the requirement to play

  • Weslei Silva

    the game crashes after five minutes or even less

    • Weslei Silva

      For crashes ….. 🙂

      1. Roll back your nvidia drivers (if you don’t know how to do this, google it. it is different than installing old drivers.)

      2. In the Nvidia control panel under 3d settings select Shadow of Mordor and set the gup power setting to “Performance” and optimise for single display performance if you have two monitors.

      3. Go into your settings config file in the “wb games” folder and change windowed to “1”. set the file to read only. when the game finally boots up you can change it to “borderless” but not full screen

      4. Heres the part that sucks. now that you can boot the game, go into the video settings and set the frame limit to 30 fps… just pretend you’re playing on an xbone I guess. If I run the game in 60 fps lock or “no limit” it crashes within 5 mins. it also helps to turn some of the settings down even if your card “should” be able to handle it.

      I really hope Monolith patches the game or Nvidia release a drive update soon so I can enjoy silky 144 fps.

  • Jonathan Giacomossi

    Setup still passing the limit of %. 140% and going.. 1 hour and a half already =[

  • ryuzuki231

    still no direct link? heard form admin it was gonna be up in 2 hrs casue server was down? is it still down?

  • koolboi22

    idk ive been waiting for the direct link the whole day or 6 hours to be exact

  • ryuzuki231

    soo? can i get an estimation time when the direct link will be up?

  • Jonathan Giacomossi

    anyone having graphical glitch? like duplicate floating screen

  • Guest

    anyone having graphical glitch? like duplicate floating screen

    • sss1

      i get it also
      idk how to fix

    • andrea

      same here!!!! COLIOTTE please help us…..

      • andrea

        i’ve find a solution… turn off the 3d in the nvidia’s control panel…

  • Please direct link.

  • TheMaestro

    The installation of the “updated installer” finishes successfuly at 400%.

    He is just incorrectly calculating installation progress percentage. Every huge ‘.bin’ file has it’s own 100% in the progress report.

    • TheMaestro

      Btw. game shortcut had wrong ‘Working directory’ right after the installation. So RMB, Properties, and make sure the working directory ends with x64

  • unnamed


    An error occurred when unpacking!
    Unarc.dll returned an error code: -1
    ERROR: archive data corrupted (decompression fails)

    any help guys?
    i used the new setup


    • Keo

      make sure u have Setup-1.bin and Setup-1a.bin in the same folder.

      • unnamed

        i already did it

  • Mateusz


  • Direct Link please please please please.

    • coliotte


      • Yes. Finally direct link in here. 😛

      • Cesar A. Garcia J.

        Bud, whats’upwith “mega” mirror? it is down :c

  • le

    thank u soooooooooo much coliotte for the fix

  • coliotte

    New setup (progress bar fixed)


    • Ryan James Robinson

      file deleted

      • coliotte

        try now

        • Ryan James Robinson

          now working 🙂

        • hello coliotte . it gives me an error durring the installation . somthing like microsoft visual c++

    • xedxron

      which is the second torrent file?

  • Javox

    has texts in Spanish?… thanks,

  • Ryan James Robinson

    does this include hd pack?

    • No.

    • coliotte

      i didn’t include the hd pack Because not every body have a pc that can run the game with this pack , it will be compress and upload later

  • seohyun

    Thanks for this!! Hope my i5 4460 and msi r270x will run in in high!!

  • Ryan

    i donwloaded turbobit links every setup has a crc error 🙁 GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  • Ljns23

    An error occurred when unpacking!
    Unarc.dll returned an error code: -1
    ERROR: archive data corrupted (decompression fails)

    can anyone please help, im using the new installer

    • coliotte

      disable your AV or install the game in safe mode

  • Linx35

    MEGA is now DOWN!!! Would Prefer another MEGA link. Thanks!!!

    • linx35

      Correction. Most of the Server links are down. So far Project free upload still works.

  • wewe

    My game crashes at the very start after clicking the icon. Any fix?

  • NikKi Monserrate

    after extracting, a WINRAR diagnostic message appears that setup-1.bin is corrupted. i cant get the “setup-1.bin. already turned off my AV and windows defender. do i have to download it again? can anyone help me please

    • Veralian

      Try repairing the file with winrar.

      • NikKi Monserrate

        still the same 🙁 ill just download it again

  • Mohd Shah Fadhir

    Thanks for the game admin ^^ …i can run it smoothly
    and the game was awesome!!!
    my lp spec only i3 1gb grphic crd..hahaha

    p/s, use nvidia experience to optimize the game..for better gaming and no problem in game..

  • CronXx

    plz mega links re upload

  • M Fandy Sanjaya

    reupload MEGA link please..

    • M Fandy Sanjaya

      MEGA link pliss..

  • Chaitanya Sai Chandra

    I have downloaded the game from direct link and installed it. When I try to run it; I am getting an error-“Failed to initialize client-unable to load game resources”. Can you help me with this.

    • M Fandy Sanjaya

      instal steam

      • Chaitanya Sai Chandra

        Thank you…its working now

        • AneeX

          how did you fix it please

          • Chaitanya Sai Chandra

            try opening the game using the .exe in x64 folder rather than the desktop shortcut

  • Chaitanya Sai Chandra

    Does any one know how to play the game with joystick?

    • Veralian

      did you try x360ce?

      • Chaitanya Sai Chandra

        Yes….did not work

  • AneeX

    I am getting an error-“Failed to initialize client-unable to load game resources”. Can you help me with this

    • Chaitanya Sai Chandra

      try opening the game using the .exe in x64 folder rather than the desktop shortcut…

  • Ryuunosuke

    An error occurred when unpacking!
    Unarc.dll returned an error code: -1
    ERROR: archive data corrupted (decompression fails)

    I got that error massage when installing after 52%
    when i try to install it again i got that error massage after 40%

    What’s the best solution? i’m not using any AV anyway

    Please help thanks

    • Veralian

      Try re-extracting the game or repair the archive if the files are corrupt(winrar or bandizip).I had this problem before,I re-extracted the game and disabled my AV and the install went fine.hope this can be of some help.

      • Ryuunosuke

        I’m using another setup.exe inside the redist folder, when using it, it says “runtime error” i wonder if i can use this setup.exe the instalation can be fine

        • Peroddp

          Have you been able to fix this? I have the same issue, closer to 80-ish percent. I even tried the repaired setup.

          • Ryuunosuke

            Nope, still get that error massage after 63%

          • ahmad khalaf

            same is here but at 10% !! any idea how to fix?

    • Tomas St

      check hard drive format its not going on FAT32 some files is more as 4GB


  • Guest

    whyyyyyyyyyy !!!

  • ahmad khalaf

    whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 1!!

  • ahmad khalaf

    can any one tell me why ??

    • Try the new setup.

      • CronXx

        where is the new setup ???

        • coliotte

          1.disable you av
          2.download the second torrent file and use it to repair the game files because maybe they are get corrupted in the download process

          • CronXx

            thanks for help game running :)) and when update hd addon ??

      • ahmad khalaf

        im using the new setup !! still not working

    • Tomas St

      your hard drive is format in FAT32. got same problem solved

      • ahmad khalaf

        problem solved here after i repair the files with torrent

  • kawoei

    sorry DZ i got a problem when i play it say : installed video device does not support directx 11 features. what is that btw

    • Update your graphic driver or install the latest version on your graphic’s model. Maybe your graphic card driver oldest and out of date.

      • kawoei

        is the lates driver admin i have a ati radeon hd 4870

        • astise

          you can try downloading latest drivers from Ati website maybe

          • coliotte

            You can’t play video games with intel GPU’s

          • kawoei

            it the videocard , that not support direcx11, i buy one that support and it work fine now , thnx for the game and work

      • kawoei

        if i download the HD adon wil it work ADmin?

  • astise

    Thnks for direct link but i m getting this error while trying to start the game –
    Installed video device does not support DirectX 11 features.??

    I have updated video drivers & DX,having intel hd3000 graphics .
    Can this cannot be played without nvidia ???

    • kawoei

      i have search google it is the video card does not support dirextx 11

    • astise

      oh my,i downloaded latest drivers from intel site but still same ,i guess i have to repair my old alienware m14x ,it doesnt boot make noise,sad :<

  • Joker

    How to download other DLC? only dark ranger here wheres the season pass thx btw for the game 🙂

  • ahmad khalaf

    setup crash when it is instaling this “” outro.arch05″” in which part of the 20 part .rar is this file !!! so i can download it again plz help

  • CronXx

    i have a problem isdone.dll download 20gb i cant play game plz help guys

  • X

    can you upload only setup-1.bin? that part got corrupted…(alr tried to repair archive)

  • ahmad khalaf

    can you at least answer me !!!! i didn’t download 20 gb for nothing ::@@

    • coliotte

      your game files are corrupted use this torrent to repair them

      • ahmad khalaf

        thank you so much ^_^ it works !! and sorry for my anger 😀 its 20 gb 😛 it worth to be angry hahaha

        • sniper

          did u download the game again from this torrent ?

          • ahmad khalaf

            i used the torrent to repair the files by checking it and it fix and works fine

          • sniper

            Im sry I didn’t get it my english is bad , how did you fix them u compared the size of the files?

          • ahmad khalaf

            no , u open the torrent file. then choose the folder that u have setup insidhjhe and make it check and after it finish 100% it will repair the broken files and fix it

          • sniper

            thnx for your answer Ahmed but idk how to make it check , Im using bitlord and cant find an option to check 😡 ..

          • sniper

            i fixed it sry for the trouble ,i just downloaded utorrent ..

          • ahmad khalaf

            can u text me at fb/ahmad.i.k ? i tell u

  • sniper

    hi I remplaced the old setup file by the new one but a new error appeared it says :”this application requested the Runtime to terminate it in a unsual way. please contact the application’s support ….” I have the last version of microsoft c++ … help me please !

    • coliotte

      no you need this one http://rghost.net/58335989

      • sniper

        yeah I tried both still tells me ‘Decompression problem:broken…” and I tried to repair with the second torrent but it was no probleme with the files and still same probleme …I disabled all my security softwares still ..cant beleive i downloaded 20 gb for nothing ><' …

        • coliotte

          try to install in safe mode
          or on another computer than move it to yours

          • sniper

            allready done , but still )’= and there is some people said to me its maybe ram probleme but i have 6g ram and my ram memorie stay at 41-42% during the installation ,i event did install isdone.dll … nothing work )’= ,thx for u help btw

  • amine

    i have system x32 how i can play when i didn’t have a system x64

    • coliotte

      you need to install windows 7 or 8.1 x64

  • azzawa jalius

    best game ever but how to play with gamepad

  • Amit Rai Marky

    Dear admin your setup repair link no more working….file is deleted…..plz do something

    • coliotte

      ok i will reupload it

      • Satalin

        Thank you XD

  • Guest

    I downloaded direct link but after running it this is all I got

  • I downloaded direct link but after running it this is all I got, please hlp

  • Guest

    HD pack please

  • Talion

    The installation works perfekt with the new Setup, Thank you for the Upload und repack. Nice Game. thank you -Thank you-.))

  • Yo bro good evening. Alien : Isolation released. Can you repack and as you can as hurry up the upload direct link. ? 🙂

    • coliotte

      our server is Down now :/
      but i will repack the game as soon the server is up

  • Radyt Scorpian Novembry

    Everything is okay but after installation complete i got this. thanks to paid my 3 days download this game

    • coliotte

      run the game as administrator.

      • alpha

        dont Works :/

        • Delete the desktop shortcut and go to the game main folder -> X64 launching ShadowOfMordor.exe file.

          • joe

            hello have the same problem
            just tried does not work deleted desktop, X64 launching ShadowOfMordor.exe file. doesn’t launch game.
            any help please

          • Are you you sure your Operating System 64 Bit. ?

          • Linka

            same problem, im on 64 bit

          • jb

            same problem for me….

          • joe

            yes Operating system 64 bit windows 8.1tried also run as adminstrator from folder x64 shadows of mordor doesn’t launch

        • zizizkill

          same problem when i lunch the game in the directory nothing happends at all not even the ressources loading error appears, please help me

      • joe

        I also tried run the game as administrator from the game folder does not work always shows up
        Failed to initialize client unable to load game resources
        I have window 8.1 64 bit any help ??

    • sc

      I got the same error when I used the shortcut that was automatically put on y our desktop. Don’t use that. Go to your game folder then find the .exe file and run that as administrator.

    • Radyt Scorpian Novembry

      dont use shortcut, use file exe on folder x64

  • arasan

    uptobox links not working ?

    • arasan

      MEGA too not working

  • johny

    hello dear admin , is this game same as premium edition 32 gb ? thx 🙂

    • coliotte


  • Kalai

    uptobox links not working…file deleted or missing …mega link also not working ..folder missing error…

    • coliotte

      try mightyupload

  • Paul

    How to fix this guys

    • coliotte

      if you got an error during the installation process
      1.disable your Antivirus
      2.Download the New setup https://mega.co.nz/#!9FtyBSDa!…
      if you still have this problem :
      3.download the second torrent file and use it to repair the game files because maybe they get corrupted in the download process
      4.run the game as administrator

      • Waqas

        what is the decryption key for that new setup link?

  • Kit

    Finished the game, the story line sucks, I mean wth man it felt like it just started but it had already ended. The time spent playing its not worth my time though. just the killing part is fluent, thats all. Guess Son of Rome would beat this flat.

  • xxmishoxx

    is it the full game or something is ripped ?

    • coliotte

      nothing is rippedred the nfo

      • Mohab Nabil

        game stoped working after about 15 mins what should i do ??

      • xxmishoxx


  • Mohab Nabil

    game stoped working after about 15 mins what should i do ??

  • Amit Rai Marky

    Alian isolation ?

  • mo

    i click on the game but it says failed to initial- cant load game resources ???

    • LieSlash

      just run it with launcher in game folder

  • silverscorpio

    Can you please upload the HD Texture pack as a repack if possible.

  • joe

    I also tried run the game as administrator from the game folder does not work always shows up
    Failed to initialize client unable to load game resources
    I have window 8.1 64 bit any help ??

    • Paulo


  • Musofa

    Dear admin your setup repair link no more working….file is deleted…..plz do something

  • nyurskie

    Please help. There’s no progress bar when I’m installing the game. i don’t know if this is working or not or if I’m near completion. I’m running an i5-4570 with 8gb ram.

    • nyurskie

      I’m running W8.1 x64. please help

    • coliotte

      pls download the new setup !

      • Sourish Das

        where is the new setup??

  • Aqib

    WOW i like this site, much better downloading links then black box and skidrow games. keep the good work

  • badlucker

    i got timeout while downloading and now i can’t resume it, is there any way to continue?

  • Vilo

    ?? i don’t know what’s wrong, when i click the torrent it does nothing, iv tried disabling my AV.

    • Vilo

      and this

    • coliotte

      put the setup inside the folder with data1

      • Riven

        I have this problem as well! and the setup is in the same folder 🙁 using the updated setup. What does this error mean?

  • Waqas

    Im getting Ms visual C++ runtime library error during 1.8% installation. Please help me!

    • coliotte

      pls download the new setup

      • mohamed

        Please can you re-upload the new setup

        • coliotte
          • mohamed

            Thank you

          • tkh

            the file has expired can u please re upload it…..

          • IYasserr

            Please Re-upload Shadow Of Mordor Fix setup it’s expired

  • cr7

    i downloaded it from the Direct Link when it reaches to 99%when i wake up i found it start from the first and i don`t know what happen?????any solutions to restore download files of the game

  • AQ FenDi

    i can play… tq soooo much bro…!!! 🙂

  • LieSlash

    whay when i got tutorial about Interogate enemy the game is frezee

  • Kepçük

    Turbobit’s part12 is missing

  • Al-ex Micheal Raymond Shaw

    I click on the .exe and nothing happens. It shows up on Task manager and then disappears

  • Hernan

    coliotte, the new setup is down, can you re-upload it in mega, or as a torrent file? thanks a lot, hope you fix this

  • James

    There’s no new set up on mega

  • trololol

    Don’t download this piece of crap repack, it doesn’t work and there’s no fix for the installation error on mega uploads, it will just waste your time

  • ramcer

    It works! Thank you! 😀

  • trololol

    how did u make it work?

  • mohamed

    Please can you re-upload the new setup

    • coliotte


  • Chris

    Have u got the dlc packs available?
    Awesome game sbtw

  • hernan

    Thanks for uploading again the setup dude 🙂 hope it works

  • musashi

    where the second torrent file to download ?

    • coliotte

      up above the direct link

      • Avanesh

        whwre is second torrent file

  • Jai Gamboa

    do you have the new dlc black hand and epic runes?

  • mera mera no mi

    it says failed to initialize client -unable to load game resources ….what should i do

    • coliotte

      run the game as administrator

      • Hornbear

        but when I do, i have to able the program, and it says the same…

        • Habib Bossman Seidu


          • Machine Gamer

            yes i had this problem too ,but when i lunched the game from the installation location it did work thanks Hornbear.

      • Hornbear

        Oh no it’s okay: If you have this problem, open the source file, and launch from the file.

  • pd

    hi, thanks for uploading this awesome game. I’m having some problems with playing the game, i downloaded everything even the new set up. after installing i started the game everything was fine until the game started, i just messed up blocks of polygons and if i pause the game the options are all fine and normal, except the orcs which only show up as silhouettes. the start screen looks fine too its just when i started to play the game everything becomes a messed up bunch of polygons. My set up is i74710q with 16 gb ram and gt 750m. hope someone can help me, thanks

  • Safwan Elias

    hey admin, i got black screen all the way. what should i do?

  • potdog

    Help pls.. what to do, i’m receiving this when extracting ? Thanks in advance

  • Porky

    Help during the installation he ask this. what to do?

  • Guest

    Help pls, install the game perfect, but when you start from the icon in administrator mode , gives me this error

    • awesomeness

      start the game as admin from the game folder , it will fix it , you’re welcome , i’m awesome 😀

  • Thranduil

    how to activate Lithariel DLC and Season Pass? I wanna see the Celebrimbor mission lol but all I have at the moment is the dark ranger skin

  • manish singh

    Working fine … Love u man and Great single direct link 🙂 keep it up bro … waiting for LORDS OF THE FALLEN 🙂 upload fast as fast u can ..Good luck <3 <3

  • guest

    I can’t get it to work
    -used new setup
    -ran it as administrator in folder
    help 🙁

  • TKH

    New Setup files has been expired can u please upload new ones…..

  • tyrel

    the game starts smoothly and the cut scenes are good. but the game wont play, right after the cut scene the game goes into this mode. you can still here the sound and you can enter the pause menu, but you cant do anything… PLEASE HELP FIX…..

    • tyrel

      Same goes for the trials of war

    • Kev

      same problem here, I am able to see everything up to that point and even at that point I can still go to the menu and quit game but i get that exact screen as you posted

  • Chantien Chiu

    when I click ShadowOfMordor.exe nothing happens, fix?

  • lilbidS kanoS

    Does this include all the dlc’s?? And the hd texture pack??

  • Machine Gamer

    I had no problem with this game neither in the download ,extract ,installation or lunching u should download the game from the direct link i had no problem with it (thanks DZ).

  • Vishnu

    i need the rar password for unrar the files downloaded from mega…plz if anybidy have those passowrds post it….. i remember it starting it with www. thn something…..

  • Phuc Bone

    Can you re-up the New Setup link ?

  • IYasserr

    Hello DZ Repack team Please Re-upload Shadow Of Mordor Fix setup it’s expired

  • Mordor2k14

    what is password???? plzzzz tell…… i dwnlded this game….its 20 gb…. :O

    • anon

      Try dzrepackteam or something like that

  • Mordor2k14

    Plz upload setup fix……. DZ ADMIN plzzzzz

  • Davi Santos

    Plz upload setup fix

  • Mohamed Rashed

    hey . upload fix …………DZ 🙁

  • Mohamed Rashed

    fix link

  • Mohamed Rashed

    plz fix……………………………

  • ayman

    the gome don’t start

  • TJ

    can some fix the setup link or reupload it plz

  • GauravNikoBellic

    Please fix the single direct link … Please bro

  • Joebert Sanchez Valdez

    Hey my game crashes after the cinematic of The Messenger quest. any fix for this please?

  • Hricky

    can anyboy provide the setup fix for this game

  • Hricky

    coliotte please reupload the link

  • Patrick Lestat

    hello. i need a new link for the fixed setup

  • Please new link new link please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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