Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 + DLCs RePack


Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 promises to be the ultimate sniper experience you can buy for the PC. Building on the suggestions of over 3 million fans who bought the original Ghost Warrior, CI Games utilized the phenomenal CryEngine 3 and worked hard to implement changes and redesign the game so it can better meet the sniping fan’s taste.


Motion Sense Trigger System: an innovative first in which the way the player touches the controller influences the on-screen shot. Like in real-world sniping, in-game shooting requires a steady squeeze of the pad’s trigger so that when the round is fired, the rifle is more accurate. Jerk the trigger and the round is thrown off, thus missing the target and alerting a highly motivated enemy to your presence.
Realistic Ballistics: the hallmark of the Sniper franchise is the realism of its shooting dynamics. Wind speed, distance, gravity and bullet-drop all play critical roles in the performance of your shot.

Release size…………:07.80GB
Repacked size ……….:05.65GB

 DLCs :
Pre-Order Pack                         
Collector’s Edition Pack                  
Multiplayer Expansion Pack               
Siberian Strike                          
World Pack Hunter

Download Links :






Release size…………:07.80GB
Repacked size ……….:05.65GB

  • Muhammad Firdaus RazorSight

    Hey Admin,will you be uploading Batman Arkham Knight soon?

    • You do know that the game is not cracked and there is a big chance it won’t be for a long time ?
      anyway i’ve already made a repack for it 3 days ago i will post here later today

      • Muhammad Firdaus RazorSight

        Oh sorry,I was just asking.I thought it was cracked already since the game has been released 2014.

        • are you talking About Batman Arkham Knight
          or Batman Arkham Origins ?
          becasue Batman Arkham Knight just released a weak ago

          • Muhammad Firdaus RazorSight

            I was talking about the Arkham Knight.The game where batman got this completely new batmobile and is the last of the Batman Arkham series.Mind if I ask of you for the link?I only found Arkham Origin in the site.

          • Batman Arkham Knight is not cracked and you can’t even play it from steam if you buy it because steam remove it because the game have many bugs on pc
            you can play it PS4/xboxone
            or you can wait few monts until they released it on pc again

          • Randa Bibicha

            but why skidrow & reloaded web site has been add batman arkham knight and the users says it worked perfectly but you say the game is not cracked, can you explain this to me ????

          • TABI

            They Use it in Steam

          • Randa Bibicha

            ahh okay and then now steam remove it …… anyway we’re waiting dor the second new one

  • rafik khaldi

    what about la noire

    • i will post it later after i run some test on it With windows 8.1

      • Deepak Hunter

        wht about windows 10 ?

      • Afief Aziezan

        it seem windows 8.1 is not going with this…the quality is not good…I already dwnld n run with windows 8.1

  • Jan Michael Gloria

    uhmm. game run once but after i restart it it wont start and stucks and not responding

  • Jan Michael

    can you upload Clive Barkers Jericho? i know it’s a very old game, i’m just hoping if you have a copy of it. thanks and good day ^_^

  • Randa Bibicha

    hi coliotte i wanna to tell the game is awesoooome thanku so much love (kiss)

    • thank you so much for this lovely feedback

      • Randa Bibicha

        love you so much my wlid bladi and here’s another kiss mouaaaaah

        • DZGamer

          xD coliotte 3ado y7bok lbnat hhhhhhhh

          • Randa Bibicha

            lol lol <3 <3

        • mohamed

          anty 3arabya??

      • Matthew Comor

        Please fix the archive download link. Usercloud is very slow and limited

  • Clemen Ong

    im having issue with the audio. suddenly after a few missions the sounds just cut off completely.

  • blackwite

    please help how to fix the program can’t start because fmodex.dll missing from your for games Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Siberian Strke

    • Garry SB

      same problem..any solution?

      • Ripples

        same here

  • nayr

    having a black screen when i start the game. need help

    • Rosťa Rupeš

      Same,help !