The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt RePack

Posted 18 May 2015 in PC REPACK


The Witcher is a story-driven, next-generation open world role-playing game, set in a visually stunning fantasy universe, full of meaningful choices and impactful consequences. In The Witcher, you play as Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunter tasked with finding a child from an ancient prophecy.


About the Game

The Witcher: Wild Hunt is a story-driven, next-generation open world role-playing game set in a visually stunning fantasy universe full of meaningful choices and impactful consequences. In The Witcher you play as the professional monster hunter, Geralt of Rivia, tasked with finding a child of prophecy in a vast open world rich with merchant cities, viking pirate islands, dangerous mountain passes, and forgotten caverns to explore.


Trained from early childhood and mutated to gain superhuman skills, strength and reflexes, witchers are a distrusted counterbalance to the monster-infested world in which they live.

Gruesomely destroy foes as a professional monster hunter armed with a range of upgradeable weapons, mutating potions and combat magic.
Hunt down a wide range of exotic monsters from savage beasts prowling the mountain passes to cunning supernatural predators lurking in the shadows of densely populated towns.
Invest your rewards to upgrade your weaponry and buy custom armour, or spend them away in horse races, card games, fist fighting, and other pleasures the night brings.

Direct Link

 Direct Link#1          or    Direct Link#2          





OS: 64-bit Windows 7 or 64-bit Windows 8 (8.1)
Processor: Intel CPU Core i5-2500K 3.3GHz / AMD CPU Phenom II X4 940
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GPU GeForce GTX 660 / AMD GPU Radeon HD 7870
Hard Drive: 35 GB available space

OS: 64-bit Windows 7 or 64-bit Windows 8 (8.1)
Processor: Intel CPU Core i7 3770 3.4 GHz / AMD CPU AMD FX-8350 4 GHz
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GPU GeForce GTX 770 / AMD GPU Radeon R9 290
Hard Drive: 35 GB available space



Posted by coliotte
  • Azei

    so hype at this game but.. i have a dual core 🙁

    • zed

      Me too but i want to see did my pc just gone or game work in minimal ;] better dl and test that buy and can’t play ;]

      • Azei

        yea better try than cry lol

  • Roez Khan


  • stranger

    is the game good optimizied ?

    • Lukasz

      yes becasue is PL :3

  • Мохамед Ахмед

    is it a full game or u cut the +18 Shots in it ?

    • full game i didn’t even delete other languages

  • Atul Goel

    Please upload the direct link

  • Dany Vily

    Thx man! You re doing a great job!

    • Dany Vily

      And no direct link is needed.torrent is good enogh for me.people should try to learn to download with utorrent instead of begging for direct lazy can some be..

      • Mark Lombard

        it takes to long like days

  • muhammad ameer khan

    cracked already or need to wait??????

    • install and play

      • muhammad ameer khan

        ok thanx you so much

      • zed

        1.01 and 1.02 need to be installed?

  • Rakeen Ali

    direck links are not working

  • Nathan Algren

    links not working

  • Abhinav Kagdiyal

    direct link not working plz plz update it

  • Johnathan Hunt Ewards

    Please update the direct link.

  • Game Freak

    The Direct link is dead…. please fix it….. and the Torrent is slow too..!! 🙁

  • Мохамед Ахмед

    Direct isn’t Working Guys Whats Wrong With the Directs This Days

  • Ankur Sathwara

    links are dead

  • James M. Labiaga

    Direct link not working 🙁

  • Dave Smallz

    direct link plsss

  • inner

    Direct shitttt!!!??

  • Lukasz

    Coliotte what about DLC? you will add here link for it or what? because 2 DLC are available from today but what with this 14 ?

  • ahmed hamdy

    refresh direct link GTA V please

    • fixed with direct link hosted on private server

  • OmarMan Programmer

    direct link is not working because the pc which carry the DL is sleeping now . hahahaha

  • Fbjdhdfhhf

    Direct link is not working admin

    • i know i’m working on it

      • Cristo

        admin can u plz reupload wwe 2k15 direct link

  • Gonzalo

    why all of u want a direct link?? use the torrent is very usefull and efficient

    • Lukasz

      direct link + IDM faster download

    • yoLverine

      I used torrent and now it is %50 and 25kb/s

      • zed

        For me in last 14h is 2% xD

  • kj jordan

    why the direct link dont work?

  • direct link is working now

    • Jaypee Espiritu

      thank you so much for the effort!

    • Lukasz

      Coliotte do I say that before ? you are the best!

    • OmarMan Programmer

      thank you Man

  • Kalwinder

    Thanks for fixing the link bro..

  • OmarMan Programmer

    I hope the Game works without any errors , anyway you are the man , thank you for fixing the DL

  • Ebrahim Fayez

    arabic lung in it ?

  • Happy

    Please fix the link


    Direct link not working Admin…

  • Game Freak

    The Direct Link is broken again!! 🙁

  • Rey09912

    It has only been 5 hour since the direct link been fixed and now they are down again PLEASE FIX IT


    Stuck in 67%.. Please fix the line…

  • mr siaumi

    direct link dead again pliss fix thanks in advance 😀

  • Gcjbgg

    Please reupload direct link please admin

  • nietroboy

    is this contain (1.02+2DLC )

  • Rados Mijatovic

    i download torrent and on install it stops on 58.95 % ???? what to doo???

  • ffaktorr

    Downloaded the game via torrent and when i start it from any icon it wont start…nothing happens…any ideas?

  • ahmed hamdy

    fix direct link gta v pelase

  • Hud Jiro

    link has been removed again.. please fix im at 91% already 🙁

    • dont worry it will be fixed

      • Hud Jiro

        ok i love you man

  • Item not available
    The item is not available due to issues with the item’s content.

  • Francisco

    98% aaaannnd link not avalible again aff

  • Zander van Bruggen

    Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! Links down again

    • because they got deleted it will be fixed

  • SINDBAD1917

    I have xc000007b problem witch game 🙁

  • OmarMan Programmer

    Link is down now , please fix it Admin … thank you

    • ok re-uploading

      • OmarMan Programmer

        Love you Brother

  • Мохамед Ахмед

    Direct Still Not Working -_-


      pls wait for 40min to 1h

      • ghfhfhf

        how many more minutes left to upload witcher 3 direct link admin please reply back to me

  • ghhf

    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt repack direct link is not working admin please fix it

  • OmarMan Programmer

    Admin , you are so nice because you always respond to your fans , whatever I am stuck on 63.73% , whatever we will get the file or not you still gentleman , really thank you , and I enjoyed all of yor games , thank you again

  • mike

    How to install other language pack?

  • OmarMan Programmer

    Come On! Come On! Man ,,,, I am On Fire for the wild hunt ….
    Love You Man

  • aizat jauhari

    already dead link?

  • OmarMan Programmer

    2 Hours man , come on , hurry please
    Thank you

  • Gonzalo

    In the tutorial there are problems to unsheathe the sword

  • direct link has been fixed
    if you are resuming your download
    idm will tell that the name of the file has been changed and if you wanna start downloading from the beginning be careful and click no to resume

    • OmarMan Programmer

      Oh God !!!
      Love you really , Resuming , thank you brother

    • ghgjg

      why does the link or file keep on getting deleted admin please explain it to me

      • OmarMan Programmer

        we are resuming the download now man , right now , s the problem may related to your PC , firewall , or anything else
        again , I am resume the download right now

      • some haters or other groups keep reporting our direct links to archive because upload game is illegal of course so archive has to delete them

        This is why i’m buying soon a 4TB private server to host files on it so you can download directly from our server and no one can delete them forever

        • Fgvvcf

          How do they report the file please explain to me admin cause I don’t get it please reply back to me

    • Gonzalo

      man why i cant unsheate the sword im playing the tutorial part

  • Hud Jiro

    the link is broken again? 🙁

    • Hud Jiro

      ok false alarm. it worked 🙂

  • Game Freak

    Thanks for the fix and the super fast torrent. Pleass don’t let them break again.. :)… and can you fix the DL for Project cars too?

  • OmarMan Programmer

    Why stuck on 99% for 2 hours ?
    downloaded 18.542 of 18.542
    shall I update the link address ?
    Admin help me , Thank you

    • Arpit

      bro if you’re using idm just pause and resume it it worked for me

      • OmarMan Programmer

        yea worked here Man , but another reason for that is the required free space for the file parts merging process , but anyway ! downloaded , extracted and I hope it installing without errors
        Thank you , you are so nice

        • arpit

          yup installed perfectly no errors

  • Abhishek Thakur

    Can you please tell me which website is hosting this super fast torrent ?

  • Muhammad Farid

    which one should i download RAR file or Torrent Super fast ?

    • Hud Jiro

      yo go download RAR if you use IDM

    • OmarMan Programmer

      but don’t pause and resume the download many times , that kills the file

  • Alip

    Will the patch V1.03 be added?

  • OmarMan Programmer

    the witcher 3 has stopped working

    what I miss here?
    is the game size after installation is 24.6 GB? or no
    thank you Admin

    • OmarMan Programmer

      Oh God , Fixed

      I have CPU : Core i3 , with VGA : Intel HD 4400 with 6348 MB GPU Memory , and VGA : AMD Radeon R5 M230 With 2GB GPU Memory , RAM : 8GB

      when I start the Game , the fuckin message appeared (the witcher 3 has stopped working) and game closes

      but when I assigned the (witcher3.exe) as high performance to let the game runs under the Strong VGA card (AMD) the game starts with no errors and was very fast , no lags

      so for all you must have strong VGA card to be abble to run the game , Else , the game will crach
      thanks for accepting my advice

      • Taufiq Faryadi

        youre something else………..

  • MACK986

    How long does the installation take?

    • OmarMan Programmer

      depends on your PC speed
      with Core i3 and 8GB RAM toke about 30 Min

  • neo

    I redownload alll again and till having this issue !! Pls FIX the Installer pls admin im just 14mb away from playing this game -.-

    • neo

      Found the solution. if anybody having the same issue, pls make sure ur pc region and language set to English before install this game.

    • Kennie

      Simply change the install location to something else that don’t have special characters.

  • pacope

    How can we install the 1.03 update in this version?
    The .reg file doesn’t work. I’ve tried everything!

    • pacope

      OK, my problem was in the folder directions of the .reg file because you must write double \ for the folder destinations.

      • ariel

        can you share .reg file to us?

  • Dave Jigar

    m already plying this game.but it lags alot, how can i add update to this game? Does this update include lag fix?

    i play shadow of mordor smoothly in average Graphics

  • OmarMan Programmer

    How can we install the 1.03 update in this version?
    Admin , please Explain the installation process because the .reg file and how it works
    Thank you

  • GeT #REKT

    somebody share the .reg file please ….

  • Gonzalo

    i edit the registri and run the patch i recieve a error installation not found please reinstall what i need to do

  • Gonzalo

    man explain how to edit the reg file and how to install the path step by step the people here is desesperate

  • OmarMan Programmer

    we still wait for any explanation

    • Kennie

      All the paths have to link to the location you installed the game to. I installed it to “E:The Witcher® 3 – Wild Hunt” so in the .reg file I changed these.

      “PATH”=”E:\The Witcher® 3 – Wild Hunt”

      “uninstallCommand”=”E:\The Witcher® 3 – Wild Hunt\unins000.exe”

      “SAVEGAMEFOLDER”=”E:\The Witcher® 3 – Wild Hunt\”

      “LAUNCHCOMMAND”=”E:\The Witcher® 3 – Wild Hunt\bin\x64\witcher3.exe ”

      “EXE”=”E:\The Witcher® 3 – Wild Hunt\bin\x64\witcher3.exe”

      “WORKINGDIR”=”E:\The Witcher® 3 – Wild Hunt\bin\x64\”

      Just open the .reg file using notepad and when you are done, save then double click it to import in to the registry. Then install the update.

      • OmarMan Programmer

        OK , I will see , anyway , thank you


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    • Dave Jigar


      • OmarMan Programmer

        is that means the reg file is working?

  • crashwiz

    links are down??

    • Rohan Tomar

      yep bro links r not working

  • Rohan Tomar

    links are down

  • Rohan Tomar

    hey admin please fix the link

    • fixed you can resume now

      • Rohan Tomar

        i can’t resume download

  • crashwiz

    please! :'( fix

  • Rohan Tomar

    please admin fix the links :'(



  • PaFeK

    How to change dubbing ????

  • Game Freak

    Please fix the Direct Link Again 🙁 !!! I’m stuck at 90%…. please fix it fast !!!!
    I’m dying to play this game…… 😀

    • OmarMan Programmer

      hahaha , me too was dying to play it , and now playing it
      don’t worry it will fixed

    • fixed !

      • Game Freak

        I can’t resume the download….IDM says…..

  • OmarMan Programmer

    Wait , the Admin will fix the link problem , be patient , we faced this problem before and the admin fixed it , you don’t worry
    by the way !! the Game is working perfectly but needs good Graphic card
    AMD Or Nvidia , intel will not run it whatever it’s size will not run it

    • Game Freak

      oh thats not a problem for me!!! I’ve got a GTX 690 4 GB!!! but i need the admin to fix the direct link with the previous address to resume download!!!

  • Johnathan Hunt Ewards

    please fix thedirect link….stuck @ 87.3%

  • Yahya Ahmed

    waiting to fix direct link..and thanks a lot

  • direct link fixed

    • Rohan Tomar

      cant resume the download bro

  • Yahya Ahmed

    thanks bro

  • Gravi

    Can you please post another direct link?
    my download has reached 89%, and when I try to resume the file with IDM, it refuses saying:
    “The web site sent a web page instead of a file when IDM requested this file second time. Probably this site uses temporary links and does not allow requesting the same address twice.”
    Thanks in advance.

    • Rohan Tomar

      same here bro :'(

  • Johnathan Hunt Ewards

    please update a stable link… i cannot resume my downoad from 87.3%
    and the new link is not stable 🙁

  • Rohan Tomar

    cant resume download

  • GhosT98

    Can’t resume download

  • crashwiz

    new link doesnt support resume :'(

    • yeah i didn’t know sorry
      i’ve fixed that

  • Rohan Tomar

    please admin fix the link !!
    new link doesnt support resume :'(

  • Mohammod Saffat Ullah

    Dz repacks are awesome. Small repack with short time installation. I have downloaded this game and it runs smoothly. But at some point, it flips back to desktop without any errors or warning. Pls hlp…

  • Rohan Tomar

    pls help cant resume download

  • crashwiz

    so no resume fix?? admin? :'(

  • Rohan Tomar

    hey admin please do something :'(

  • Shailesh Kannan

    Essam Hassan Send The WWE 2K15 New Installer To My E-Mail I Will Give You Amazon 9$ Gift Card
    Send The New Installer To My E-Mail – [email protected]
    After Sending Give Me Your gmail or yahoo E-Mail Id I’ll Send It To You It Is Because I Have Recharged My Sim For 15$ ANd Downloaded The Game
    And Now The Setup Stuck At 29.5% Please Send It To Me. This Is For Who Have WWE 2K15 New Installer For DZ Reapck pLease Send Please I will suurely send

  • crashwiz

    hey admin atleast reply and give heads up please?, will we be able to resume?


      • crashwiz


  • cant resume download

  • Rohan Tomar

    hey admin please reply

  • crashwiz

    admin?. its sunday yeah but c’mon :'(

  • Lukasz

    Hi Coliotte 🙂 can you upload DLC? please

  • Game Freak

    Admin, where is the fixed direct link? I’ve been waiting for this all day!! 🙁

  • crashwiz



    • Game Freak

      Nope man… when i refresh the download link, the item is not available on the site!!! Can’t resume 🙁

    • Game Freak

      Can’t resume

    • Game Freak

      Thanks man…. i didn’t know you can paste the new address as the file reference site…… Now it is resumed!!!! I can play it today!!! 😀

  • Game Freak

    Man the direct link is again broken!!! The item is not available !!! 🙁 its almost over (about 96%) and suddenly it stopped!!! and i tried to resume it and then it says the item is not available!!! Please fix it man !!!! 🙁

  • pewdiepie

    please fix the direct link

  • alon

    direct link not working plz fix it

  • Y O N Λ S

    Game works perfectly people, do it via torrent

    • Game Freak

      No man… I can’t. I’m 96% of the download via direct link and i won’t start from the beginning. The DL is broken again and i’m waiting for it to get fixed!!!

      • re-uploading …

        • Game Freak

          ok man!! Thanks again… :). Actually why or how is it being removed from the site?

          • archive sucks i will switch to another host next month

          • Game Freak

            Thanks for the re upload admin. You are great. Guess there won’t be any problem for me now :D… and can you fix the direct link for Project Cars?

  • Rohan Tomar

    hey direct link is not working do something aadmin pls do something

  • donz

    need the new updates,plz upload for this version of repack

    • uploaded

      • Yuri Ruskalov

        where are the updates for this version of the game

    • Yuri Ruskalov

      where are the updates ??????

  • Rohan Tomar

    fix it please

  • Rohan Tomar

    please fix direct link admin :'(

  • direct link fixed
    archive sucks
    files deleted every day
    i will change the host soon

    • Rohan Tomar

      bro dont delete the host soon
      first let my download complete btw thanks

      • am not the one who deleting the files
        the files are getting deleting By archive becasue of DMCA claims

        • ronald stefinson

          Was he trolling? He said not to delete the ‘host’.
          LOL that was funny in any case

    • Rohan Tomar

      new link does not support resume

      • Game Freak

        You have to copy paste the address of the new link in the address bar of the file in its properties in IDM!! Then resume the download!!

    • Game Freak

      Thank you so much man!!! The game is working so smooth and its great!!! 😀 😀 😀 …. and nice setup music man!! Quite enjoyable!!

  • Fareez

    Are you going to upload the v.103 update?

  • Rohan Tomar

    new does no support resume

  • Johnathan Hunt Ewards

    Thank you sooo mch Admin 🙂
    You are the best !!

  • Rohan Tomar

    new link is working thanks admin

  • Bilal Khalid

    Admin is this repack include update 1.03 & 1.04
    Thanks in Advance.

  • Gen

    admin… i got this… am i the only one?

  • poots

    Admin, thanks for all that you have done. Haha, btw direct link for tw3 is down again :(. Thanks in advance

  • approve

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    إلى: [email protected]

    “How To Update to 1.03 guide: 1) Download GOGsetup.reg file: 2) Edit GOGsetup.reg file and then run GOGsetup.reg Basically you need to edit install path in GOGsetup.reg Standard DZ Repack Path is : C:\Program Files (x86)\dzrepackThe Witcher® 3 – Wild Hunt Make sure you have \ not just one ”

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    HowToUpdate to 1.0. (Guest):

    How To Update to 1.03 guide:

    1) Download GOGsetup.reg file:

    2) Edit GOGsetup.reg file and then run GOGsetup.reg

    Basically you need to edit install path in GOGsetup.reg
    Standard DZ Repack Path is : C:\Program Files (x86)\dzrepackThe Witcher® 3 – Wild Hunt Make sure you have \ not just one

    11:48 a.m., Tuesday May 26 | Other comments by HowToUpdate to 1.0.

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  • Vergil

    can’t download the game….
    re-upload plz

  • I was on 99% ;(

    Item not available
    The item is not available due to issues with the item’s content.
    File down or temporary error ?

    • fixed now

      • I was on 99% now extracting ;)

        Thanks a lot mate appriciate it 😉

  • Docttor Slem

    Reupload plz 79% and direct link is dead what is going on at all

    • fixed

      • Rohan Tomar

        link is dead dude

        • reload the page and try again

    • Taufiq Faryadi

      im 80% please fix link

  • 1.04 PATCH FIX

    If you are unable to run game after 1.04 patch, go to install folder and search for galaxy.dll – simply change the name of this file to any other name (123galaxy.dll).
    When opening game again it will say ”The program can’t start because galaxy.dll is missing from your computer”.
    Pres OK and the game will load no problem.

  • Rohan Tomar

    link is dead

  • GhosT98

    Please fix the direct link stuck on 95%

    • dude i’ve Alerdy fixed it an houre ago
      and its working

      • GhosT98

        My bad i refreshed the download address and it started downloading, Thank u.

  • crashwiz

    will u upload update 1.0.4?

    • crashwiz

      or if the gog update 1.0.4 works well with it? no extra steps?

  • Taufiq Faryadi

    where do i get the updates and patches from? thanks

  • Vaibhav Manghnani

    how do i install update 1.04

  • Edmund Chean

    i get error when i start the installation,The folder name cannot contain any of the following characters: / : ? ” |.and then installation close,how?

    • tchobaka

      remove the R symbole in the installation path

  • Ӣо Вѳԃў

    hey man plz the game crash when i start it i downloaded it from torrent but it crashs any help plzz

    • tchobaka

      update your video card drivers
      install dx and vc
      renistall your Windows if didnt work

  • GhosT98

    Some know how to install the updates i heard it has a quality boost and fps boost

  • Ali Mari Baloch

    Can someone please explain, does this repack contains patch 1.01,1.02,1.03 and 1.04 and if not then how and where do you download and apply the patches? Help!

    • Game Freak

      Admin has provided the Update download link in the comments a week ago or so. So scroll down and find it out, its there!! I downloaded it and its working good.

  • Vaibhav Manghnani

    plz give the link to patch 1.04

    • Farofa MuitoLoko

      search on torrent

  • i get error when i start installation, the folder name cannot contain any of the following characters: / : ? ” |. and then the install close, how to do

    • That’s easy to fix Please take a look at the picture

      • Mine don have just have ?

      • mine is not R symbol but is ?

        • what ! i should have
          is your windows in english ??
          any why you change the whol thing just name it the witcher 3 or what ever you like
          it should be like : C:Program Files (x86)the witcher 3

          • yes my window in english
            can i put the the witcher 3 file in other hard drive disk ?
            not in C:

          • you can install wherever you want

            Can you take a screenshot of the errore ?

          • how

          • this look

          • pls remove the ? mark it should be the witcher 3 not the witcher?3

          • but later the installation time again it pop up again the error

          • the setup is working with every body but you
            reinstall your windows it will be bater if you install win8 x64 En
            or install the game on another computer than move it to your Computer

          • neo

            Its happen to me too but the way to fix this is making sure ur PC language is set to English. U can change ur pc language from control panel – > region and language.

          • thank you mate i appreciate your help now i can install the game

          • this too

          • Setsuna Seie

            need to change system locale to eng

          • when i press next to installation time the error still same

  • Vaibhav Manghnani

    how to install upadate 1.04

    • Farofa MuitoLoko

      download link plz 1.4?

  • abhishek

    please upload Dying Light: The Bozak Horde Addon

  • Tameem Shahid

    Admin you are doing a great job and i know it’s hard maintaining all of this and i am sorry to ask this but direct link is dead it says item is not available due to the content of the item. Could you please fix this.

  • Vishal

    Direct link not working…!!

  • Abdallah Fathy

    direct link not working pls refresh i am 66%
    it took 10 hours (please refresh)

  • Abdallah Fathy

    it took too much admin please reupload

    • done

      • Abdallah Fathy

        thank you very much 🙂

        i appreciate your hard work 😀

  • smokeyd

    Link is dead admin Plz FIx it

  • A.Selim

    Guys I got This Error Anyone Tell me What to Do .. If you can ..

  • direct link is working now

    • SpongeBob

      Thanks Mate.. Hope it wont get dead again.

  • Azei

    does this one have the free dlcs on it?

  • izio2991

    dude the link is dead , help pls

  • izio2991

    dude the link is dead , help pls

  • Enmanuel Josue Sarmiento

    this game have spanish lenguage?

    • Pacopen

      yes spanish subtitles.

  • djokica

    Any patch from dz repack? Game keep crashing after some time. 🙂

  • GTA

    can i run on those specs amd radeon 6570 2gb vram core 2 duo e6550 6gb ram

  • oblivionskate

    After I downloaded the direct link and installed I got rootkit virus. I could not click on any of my anti virus programs or install any programs. I went into safe mode and the language turned into symbols so you couldn’t navigate and run your antivirus, after a while I navigated through and ran Combo fix. I didn’t download ANYTHING other than this file in the last 2 weeks so I’m almost positive this file is infected,

  • guirapa

    DZ Repack team can you plz upload the 1.05 update and the dlcs of the witcher 3 because the GOG update seems not working on you version
    thanks in advance

    • Taufiq Faryadi

      does the nosteam update work? this game is horrible without patch…… dz rarely updates his games. so idk…. we need to look else where. HELP

      • Taufiq Faryadi

        I can confirm that the nosteam 1.05 update does work! enjoy

        • Lana Mahmoud

          Will you please post the link over here?

          • Taufiq Faryadi

            just go to the nosteam web site. it is under witcher 3

        • superjoe

          bro… can you give me direct link to this 1.05 update

  • Lana

    I successfully downloaded and installed the game, but after some time of playing through, the voices started breaking up. Is there a certain update or patch that you can upload to fix this particular problem?
    Thanks a lot in advance.

  • Taufiq Faryadi

    Can u pls tell us what patches to install

  • Travis Brown

    The torrent works great
    mine is perfect

  • Reza Rusmawardana

    please fix direct link 1 , my download is not finish yet 20% to go, pls, pls , pls 🙁

    • You can resume from the second it’s the same file

  • Leon Iksan

    mine says that i need to insert disk in drive E

  • Leon Iksan

    help pls

  • Leon Iksan

    why my game always crash? and theres always a notice that i need to insert disk E

  • Leon Iksan

    why my game always crash if i tried to swim?

  • Jay Park

    why i cant not installed? it say it is not found any file specified for ISArcExteact

  • Riju M

    Thankzz 🙂 Workz lyk a charm 🙂

  • Arie Cezzers Siluk

    When i try to open the game it gives me this…
    Does anybody know what it means ?

    • Abdul Waheed Laghari

      instal all in one runtime

    • santhosh

      install latest c++ and directx

  • Farofa MuitoLoko

    update 1.6 whit all dlc ?

  • Ben Taarit Nidhal

    please help

    • BalaBalaxD

      turn of your virus program its blocked

      • Ben Taarit Nidhal

        what’s the solution

    • Eminem lover

      your VGA is Low , update you VGA Card

  • Eminem lover

    is this GOG version of the game?

  • link offline

  • Ron

    Offline link